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Trivia / Catherine

  • Actor Allusion: This isn't the first time Laura Bailey voiced a blonde Horned Humanoid.
  • Casting Gag
    • Michelle Ruff and Laura Bailey, who both played the Lovers Arcana characters in their respective game, voice the two eponymous K/Catherine characters.
    • Played with by having Erin Fitzgerald voice Erica and Trisha, though there is no connection between the two characters, despite what one might think.
  • Defictionalization: Atlus's special edition of Catherine comes with (among other things) real life versions of a pizza box from the bar Vincent frequents, one of Vincent's shirts, and even a pair of the boxers Vincent wears in his nightmares.
  • No Export for You: Intentionally subverted. Atlus initially played at the North American fanbase by claiming that they had no plans to release the game outside Japan in a late February 2011 interview. After roughly a day of a raging fanbase, Atlus Faithful members received a cryptic e-mail in Catherine colors with the phrase "Do you still like us?". Whether the teasing was intended to continue or not is unknown, as GameStop accidentally leaked the official release date a few days later. Atlus finally confirmed it with an e-mail announcing the official site and the tagline "...Cat's out of the bag". Clearly they never intended to leave Catherine behind, but they were aware of the trope.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Averted at first with Koichi Yamadera and Norio Wakamoto, who previously voiced Spike and Vicious. Played straight with The Reveal.
  • Teasing Creator: See No Export for You.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: A game with adult situations and a couple of hot babes. Check. Rampant rumors of how to get said babes fully naked on-screen? Check and Check!
  • What Could Have Been: Tutorial icons for a PC version have been found in data, but their placement and name suggests such an idea was scrapped very early.
    • According to some unused dialogue, the man of the Random Couple you see can recite the full code for the Extra Mode in Rapunzel.
      • There was supposed to be more dialogue explaining a few things about the characters. For example, a cut script shows that Jonny is a bit anxious about a company merger.