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Headscratchers: Catherine
  • A minor one but still odd. One of the questions that can alter your alignment is whether briefs or boxers look better on mennote . How exactly does your preference in underwear influence your alignment?
  • Who or what does Atlus have to thank for the game's unforeseen success? It sold pretty well for an Atlus produced game and anybody who hasn't heard of Atlus or Megami Tensei seem to know about it to an extant.
    • Sex Sells
      • But with people who have no interest in anime graphics? I still consider that a feat.
      • Maybe rather than sex, per se, it's more the relationship and romance. I know I bought it because I was interested in how you would control the choice between K and C, and how the relationships would play out.
      • Mature treatments of open ended relationships certainly are rare in videogames. Maybe in this case a fresh idea happened to be a winning formula?
    • A new definition of "unforeseen success?" It did about in the same range as the last two "mainline" Persona games, indicating that while the fanservicey packaging drew a lot of interest, sales probably went to the Atlus base.
  • This troper can't see how anyone can like Catherine (aside from the obvious). All of Vincent and Catherine's supposed hookups happen when the former is so drunk he can't remember anything, and that's assuming that sex happened at all in the first place. So either Catherine's raping Vincent every night, or she's tricking him into thinking he's cheating on Katherine with her. Neither option puts Catherine in the nicest of lights.
  • Why do people keep crying Financial Abuse in reference to Katherine? The most she does in relation to Vincent's finances is suggest that he ought to stop blowing cash on useless crap all the time. Even Vincent will comment on his poor financial situation at certain points. But Katherine doesn't even touch his money at all at any point.
    • If I remember correctly, Katherine says at one point that she'll handle the finances after she and Vincent marry, which is apparently enough for some fans to accuse her of being a financially abusive Control Freak.
      • It doesn't help that this is a japanese made game with japan being infamous for such wives. This sparks such fears despite the game being set in the US.
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