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Trivia: A Goofy Movie
  • Creator Cameo: Kevin Lima, the director, as Lester.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Jeff Bennett plays the female interviewer in the second movie.
  • Fan Nickname: "Cheez Whiz Dude" for Bobby and "Mocha Chino" for Beret Girl. The latter is an In-Series Nickname to some degree as "Miss Mochaccino" was used as part of a derogatory comment by Bradley.
  • He Also Did: The director, Kevin Lima, is also responsible for Disney's Tarzan.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Jason Marsden (from this movie onward) is now the voice of Max.
    • The boy who was making fun of Goofy and Max and calling them names at Possum Park was Digger Sam.
    • Frank Welker plays Bigfoot.
    • The nerd who yells "YO STACEY! TALK TO ME, TALK TO ME, TALK TO ME BAY-BAYYYYY!" is Zuko.
    • Principal Mazur is Rex and Gilbert Huph. Also, although it's above the target audience's age range, parents were probably waiting for him to describe Max's stunt as "INCONCEIVABLE!"
    • The owner of Lester's Possum Park is Pat Buttram (in his final role; released over a year after his death).
    • Roxanne is Becca Thatcher, Christy from the series, and Samantha from the Mystery Woman series.
    • Stacey is Six LeMure.
    • In the sequel, Jeff Bennett plays Bradley.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • A strange case. For his one line in "After Today" the Trekkie with braces is voiced by Eddie Deezen, but when cat calling Stacey he's voiced by Dante Basco.
    • Jason Marsden replacing Dana Hill as Max. Justified as a voice change. Max in flashbacks in the sequel is also no longer played by Dana Hill due to her death.
  • What Might Have Been: Bobby Brown was originally cast as Powerline, but was eventually cut from the production due to drug problems. A couple of the songs he recorded for the part were later reworked as tracks for his album Forever.

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