Heartwarming: A Goofy Movie

A Goofy Movie

  • The song "Nobody Else But You." And right before that, Goofy and Max are having a heated argument while going down the rapids, which calms down just as they begin to reconcile.
    Max: I'm not your little boy anymore, Dad! I'm grown up! I have my own life now!
    Goofy: I know that! I just wanted to be part of it! (long pause) You're my son, Max. No matter how big you get, you'll always be my son.
  • Three words: "Hi Dad" soup.
  • When Max and Goofy have already gone over the waterfall, and Goofy's fishing rod's handle has just broken, sending him down into the abyss, Max whirls the broken rod around, copies Goofy's "Perfect Cast" absolutely flawlessly and ends up saving his father. The resulting pride brings Goofy to tears and leaves him all but speechless.
  • The montage where Max lets Goofy choose the stops on the road trip, because his dad was taking him where he wanted to go up to that point. Specifically the part where, after seeing Goofy having a hard time at the monster truck rally, Max decides to take him to a house of yarn.
  • I love Max and Goofy moments, but what about all those cute scenes with Roxanne? Funny/heartwarming all the way.
  • Early on, Goofy mentions mambo king Xavier Cugat and even does a dance, embarrassing Max. Later when Roxanne accepts Max's invitation to go with him to watch the concert at Stacey's party, how does he react? Yells "Everybody mambo!" and does the same dance. Guess the apple doesn't fall too far!
  • When Goofy and Max appear onstage, Powerline, who was obviously surprised that they were there, doesn't complain or call security like most performers would do, instead he lets them dance with him and seemed pretty impressed with Goofy's moves.

An Extremely Goofy Movie

  • The scene from near the end where Max moves towards the finish line with Goofy happily looking on.
    Tank: That's some kid you got there.
    Goofy: You're wrong, Tank. He's not a kid anymore.
  • For Goof Troop fans, the love stories in the sequel may both qualify. Goofy, who had been a single father for years, found a girlfriend right at the time that his son left the nest, so that Goofy won't have to be lonely in the following years. And PJ's Earn Your Happy Ending was a significant payoff to anyone who wished he'd just catch a break. Actually, his Character Development itself might count as a Heartwarming Moment, especially if you were familiar with the chestnut speech in "O R-V I N-V U", which is listed on the Heartwarming Moments page for Goof Troop.
  • Early on, Goofy hands down Max an heirloom, an old-fashioned counting machine. Even though Max is less than impressed with the gift, he still thanks Goofy and tells him it means a lot to him.
  • When Max gives Goofy the X-Games trophy, telling him to read the inscription, which is a Call Back to the first film: "I might not be your little boy anymore, but I'll always be your son." (Cue big hug between the two)
  • When Max threatens to transfer, PJ immediately runs over to stop him, relapsing a bit from his Character Development. Even when everything's going right for him, he still shows Undying Loyalty to Max. When he doesn't succeed, Bobby and even Beret Girl do their best to convince him to stay. Max assumed PJ and Bobby didn't want him on their team because he lost at his best event but that group of friends is tight.
  • When Max is packing for college, Goofy places Old Stuffed Bear in his suitcase, only for Max to take it out. Even with Goofy's urging, Max still refuses to take a teddy bear to college and even goes as far as to throw it at the wall. But right when Max is about to go to sleep, he picks Old Stuffed Bear off the floor and holds it close, deciding to sleep with it one last time.