Funny / A Goofy Movie

  • Goofy barging in on Max in in his undies in the morning.
    Goofy: Mornin' son!
    Max: (annoyed) DAD! (pulls up pants, embarrassed)
    Goofy: Oops! Sorry!
    (Exits, knocks on the door and barges in exactly the same way)
  • There's a brief scene where Max and gang are waiting in Principal Mazur's office, with Mazur's secretary HAPPILY HUMMING THE FUNERAL MARCH.
  • The scene where Bigfoot finds Max's Walkman, puts it on, and starts dancing to "Stayin' Alive", and then the few seconds when he's dancing in the background.
    • The best part is that it's otherwise a pretty serious moment, with Max and Goofy beginning to open up to one another. Then, during a contemplative pause, Bigfoot disco-dances across the background.
    • Before that, when he starts going through Goofy and Max's things and gets a pair of underwear stuck on his head, then later takes their socks and uses them as hand puppets.
  • The climax of the "Open Road" number features a corpse getting up and dancing on the roof of his hearse. The best part is that it's a background moment.
  • "Goodbye house! Goodbye mailbox! *car runs over fence* Goodbye pile of broken wood!"
  • "My life's a living-" "Hello, little buddy!"
    • *Whap!* Beat it, doofus!
      • Made even funnier by the fact that after the first slap, Max is already gearing up for a backhand.
  • "How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?" "Uh, three and a half?" (beat; Goofy plops back in his seat and snores loudly)
  • We've got a little gem during Powerline's big concert. While looking for Max, Goofy accidentally opens a door revealing a ladies' dressing room. Said room has the same fat lady from the ''Open Road'' musical number in her underwear. Cues a huge scream and an extremely embarrassed face close-up of Goofy in the next scene. Eventually, he gets Punched Across the Room.
  • From the opening song, "After Today."
    Students: After today, our brains will be snoozin'!
    Bus Driver: I'm gonna sit on my butttttt. ''
  • When the Goofs meet Bigfoot
  • Pete panicking and fleeing the woods in his camper the moment Bigfoot barrels toward him, stopping just long enough to save his steaks and his grill but not stopping to rescue Max and Goofy.
  • And not to mention, Goofy getting all pissed off when, after they come to the junction where one road leads to California and the other to Idaho, Max chooses the California route.
    • Although some may actually see that scene as heartbreaking. Or, it could be considered funny and heartbreaking.
  • This exchange:
    Goofy: This isn't just my vacation, it's a vacation with me and my best buddy.
    Max: Oh, Donald Duck?
    Goofy: No, silly, with you!
    • Also, immediately following that, the zoom in to Max's shell-shocked face with overdramatic music right before he faints.
  • Both scenes with Roxanne's Overprotective Dad:
    Max: "Can I talk to Roxanne?"
    Max: (nervously backing away) "Does Roxanne live here? Does she even live on this block?"
    • Then, at the end, her dad answers the door in a hair-net:
    Max: "Hi. Remember me?"
    (Door slam)
  • During the Lester's Possum Park number, every single one of the animatronic figures breaks before the end of the song. One of them explodes.
  • Goofy and Max fighting over what music to play in the car, causing the stereo to explode.
    • Also, Goofy singing along to "High Hopes".
  • Goofy's hilariously nerdy-looking coupe which endures endless amounts of abuse throughout the film; it manages to survive a waterfall only to explode randomly after he and Max meet up with Roxanne.
    • Comes with the classic Goofy Holler.
    • Those who know their cars are likely to take amusement at the fact that Goofy's car strongly resembles the hilariously bulbous AMC Pacer.
  • Lester calling one of the other animatronics Buford just after introducing him as Mordecai.
  • The Possum Park MC thumping the malfunctioning animatronic display without missing a beat.

An Extremely Goofy Movie provides examples of:

  • When Max sees his dad return in 70s clothes and an afro is a good one:
    Goofy: (kicks open the door to the classroom) Hi everybody!
    • Also:
    Max: (to Bobby) "Kill me, just kill me now!"
  • Seeing Max, Bobby and PJ in their dorm room like the college kids they are. The biggest deal is that it's a Disney movie - and yet they suddenly snap out on PJ and show he's slobbing in his undies while panicking about Goofy.
  • The fight between the main characters and the Gammas near the beginning. First we have the more-apt-than-it-looks Description Cut featuring Bobby being as weird as possible, then PJ threatens to hurt Tank with a biscotti (CHOMP!), and by the end Bobby is bragging about being a yellow-belt while being dangled by his ankles.
  • Max pulling off Goofy's afro wig while saying "'re scaring people" and tossing it into a trash can. And then we see Bobby wearing the same afro wig in the next scene.
  • The disco scene has a few:
    • Max making fun of Bobby when Beret Girl makes her choice, particularly the latter's face both before—an astonished wide-eyed jaw drop—and after—a peeved glare.
    • The simultaneous jaw drop when Sylvia arrives on the scene, followed by the DJ popping his gum all over his face.
    • Also, PJ and Goofy dancing, while an awesome moment for both and a heartwarming moment for at least the former, is also quite funny, particularly when Goofy grabs PJ's thumb and twirls him around and the dance moves immediately following that.
  • Bobby has a realization: "Ever wonder why we're always wearing gloves?"
  • Bradley's faces, regardless of his mood, are usually hilarious, mainly because of his flat face and big teeth.
  • Bobby making a dumb joke about Goofy's "pink slip showing" while wearing nothing but pink underwear.
  • Pete getting splashed in the face with potato salad.