Tear Jerker / Sly Cooper
aka: Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves

"I'm sorry, Bentley. I tried to save you...But I just wasn't strong enough."
  • Bentley's reaction to Penelope being the Black Knight in Thieves in Time certainly serves as one. He retreats into his shell for the remainder of the episode, until he finally comes through at the last minute to stop her from crushing Sly, earning himself a Crowning Moment of Awesome as well.
  • Sly's backstory in general. His parents were brutally murdered by the Fiendish Five, and he was sent to an orphanage. On the day he was finally going to inherit the Thievius Raccoonus. Which itself was ripped apart and taken by his parents' murderers, depriving him of even a memento (since he likely would have been allowed to keep it as it's a family heirloom).
  • The end of Sly 2. Bentley goes to grab the Hate Chip that powered Clockwerk, then BAM! He becomes crippled. Murray tries his best to save him, but all Bentley can cry out is, "Pick me up! I can't walk!"
    • The ending to "Menace in the North, Eh?" also counts. Jean-Bison sells away all the Clockwerk pieces, thus ruining all the hard work the Gang has done getting them. It is pretty heartbreaking to see them so defeated, and Murray even loses his prized van along the way.
  • The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue of the Cooper Ancestors as you slowly realize that sooner or later, Clockwerk is going to kill them.
  • The climax of the Arabian level in Thieves in Time. Ms. Decibel was completely devoted to Le Paradox, and fulfilled the most crucial role in his master plan. But not only did he callously toss her aside when she was beaten by Sly, he cruelly pointed out that he never loved her to begin with. Villain or not, you have to feel at least some sympathy for poor, besotted Mz. Decibel.
  • When Bentley walks into General Tsao's Palace, you hear him refuse to let his betrothed, who is the Panda King's daughter, Jing, be released from prison just to talk to her father. Just hearing her crying about his cruel treatment is enough to put a tear to your eye.
  • If you've followed the progress of Sly and Carmelita's complicated relationship in the first three games, the events of Thieves in Time are particularly painful to watch: Carmelita, angry at Sly because he faked amnesia at the end of the third game, refuses to hear him out when he tries to explain everything, going so far as to flirt with his ancestors, and remains abrasive to him for much of the game. All we get are subtle implications that she still has feelings for him up till the end. Seeing their relationship take such a huge backward step can be painful, especially for fans of the SlyxCarmelita pairing.
  • Sly's ancestor Rioichi earned the loyalty of a shark he caught while fishing after he spared it. The shark served faithfully as his mount in war for years. After growing to old to fight and seeing that Rioichi wanted to open a sushi restaurant he asked that Rioichi kill and turn him into sushi so his master could open his restaurant. Rioichi agreed, crying as he turned his friend into his restaurant's first meal.
  • The opening cutscene of "Honor Among Thieves" chapter of Sly 3. Sly, who believes he is going to die by some Dr. M's freaky mutant, mourns the botched Cooper Vault job and the fact he never got to see what's in the vault, thinks about his legacy and finally laments how he never took a chance with Carmelita and thinks that he would want to put their "professional differences" behind if he ever meets her again. Even though things turned out well for him in the end, those were his thoughts when he was certain he was going to die.

  • So many villains have tragic backstories themselves. Some are outright cruel and evil, but some were either poor in childhood or ridiculed and mocked when young.
    • Don Octavio started out as a famous opera singer. But then Rock music came in and no one wanted to listen to opera anymore.
    • Mz. Ruby never had any friends growing up, due to her voodoo upbringing scaring other kids away.
    • Muggshot started out as a poor pup who was always bullied and picked on. So he kept exercising and eventually got big and strong enough to take revenge on those who picked on him. And now he himself picks on anyone else he thinks is beneath him. He has become what he truly despised.
      • What's even more tragic is that this is all too realistic. Many real-life criminals have had terrible childhoods themselves.
    • Jean Bison tried to strike it rich during the Gold Rush of 1852, but wound up flash-frozen in an avalanche, waking up 150 years later. All he wants is to tame the wilderness, as men like him did back then, but the problem is his way of thinking is highly outdated.

Alternative Title(s): Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2 Band Of Thieves, Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves, Sly Cooper Thieves In Time