Tear Jerker / RahXephon

  • Kamina killing a dolem named Vibrato, only to find out that Asahina was linked to it and he just killed her as well, which doubles as both horror and tearjerker worthy. And her last words are "Ayato... I love you", spelled out in the lights of the buildings, and not only that - before Asahina died, one could see how she wrote them out as she was dying, desperately trying to relay her last message while Ayato was killing her without knowing it. The episode really went out of its way to milk the scene for as much tragedy as it was worth, fortunately without going too far and just making it cheesy.
    • Even better, just before Kamina goes off to fight Vibrato, he swears to protect Asahina, and is even screaming it as he's killing it (and by extension, poor Asahina). Cruel irony, much?
  • "It's not fair! You've known him much longer than I have!"
    • "Ayato Kamina! Megumi Shitow used to have a bit of a crush on Ayato Kamina! But she doesn't anymore! That's what she's decided!"
  • The bit in the last episode where Ayato answers the phone in the sea of mud and sees all of his friends giving him support. His facial expression when Asahina appears says it all.
  • Episode 15, the Children's Night. "I wonder if that clay doll ever found its parents." Makoto Isshiki, you are a bastard. Makoto Isshiki, you need a hug.
  • The Movie starts with one, with the shy-yet-chirpy, adorable young Haruka watching in abject horror as Tokyo Jupiter forms right in front of her.