Awesome / RahXephon

  • There are many in the latter half of the series, but the most spectacular ones are
    • Kunugi's long-awaited revenge against Kuki.
    • Isshiki being simultaneously Mind Screwed and Out-Gambitted by Ixtli.
    • Futagami/Jumonji at the end of the series (replaced by Kunugi in The Movie) when he's finally in the right place with all the info to deliver the ultimate denial to Bahbem.
    • Hiroko Asahina gets one that crosses into one hell of a Dying Moment of Awesome. Seriously, how many doomed love interests (of either gender) can keep their wits enough to write a last love message to the person they love as he's killing them without knowing it via pummeling the Golem they're linked to, and finish said message before kicking the bucket so these love words can reach the guy no matter what? Just as awesome as it is heartbreaking.
  • Kunugi gets one in the movie when he shoots Bahbem:
    Bahbem: "As the creator I am beholden to none!"
    Kunugi: "And I say that a God that man can perceive isn't really a God!" <gunshot>