Funny / RahXephon

  • From Episode 5:
    Megumi: I can't believe you're already here!
    Ayato: What do you mean by that?
    Itsuki: What she means is that you're staying at her house.
    Megumi: It isn't my house, it's my uncle's, all right? I just happen to live next door, so keep your pants on, okay?
    Ayato: That shouldn't be a problem here.
    Megumi: What's with the attitude? *notices Ayato's borrowed pink suitcase* Wow, talk about bad taste.
    Ayato: Talk about anal compulsive.
    Itsuki: My, what a sweet little couple you make.
    *Ayato and Megumi recoil in horror*
  • "You're from the future?"
  • "I guess he had a hissy fit."