Tear Jerker / Ragnarok the Animation

  • Ragnarok: the Animation has one such moment when Alice, Maya's friend, is forced to become a monster and Maya-chan kills her with her own hands before realizing who she is. The subsequent episode is a tear-jerking episode after Maya realizes what she's done and apologizes to the already dead Alice.
  • Jiltus' act of Taking the Bullet for Maya inflicts serious injuries to her. Despite that, she manages to use her last strength to conjure a barrier that protects Maya and Poi-Poi from Zephyr's Lord of Vermillion, which results in her death. This leaves a heartbroken Maya behind.
  • Keough's final farewell to Yuufa in episode 26. All of it.
    • This part is extremely heartbreaking:
      Yuufa: Where are you going, Nii-san?
      Keough: Yuufa, I can no longer be with you, from now on, stay with Roan. He will protect you... indefinitely.