Tear Jerker / Kingdom Come

  • Many, including the Heroic Sacrifice of Captain Marvel but the book opens with a big one: The Golden Age Sandman dying of old age, with only a handful of people attending his funeral.
  • Dinah Queen is killed by stray gunfire during the final battle at the Gulag. This causes all the archers to stop fighting as her husband cradles her dead body and their daughter stands over, both crying.
    • Shortly thereafter the entire Queen family dies, to a person, in the bomb blast. Human adventurers trying to protect their metahuman friends die in an explosion meant to protect non-powered humans.
  • Magog's breakdown after Superman finds him in the wasteland that Kansas had become. He's been forced to watch for the past ten years what he was the catalyst for, which he hates himself for, especially the destruction in Kansas. He even calls out Superman for abandoning the world and allowing the people he created to run wild.
    Magog: Your fault… you bastard. The world changed… but you wouldn’t. So they chose me. They chose the man who would kill over the man who wouldn’t… and now they’re dead. A million ghosts. Punish me. Lock me away. Kill me. Just make the ghosts go away.
    • Later, Magog inters himself in the Gulag. In the Novelization, it's humorous, but also sad, because you know Magog is still screaming in pain inside his own head.
      Eventually Comet walked up behind Magog in the shadow of the Gulag. Magog turned and smiled lightly, putting his helmet and energy spear on the ground as the older man approached.
      “We’ve not met,” Comet said. “I’m Adam Blake,” and he extended a hand.
      “I’m Magog”, the caller said. He extended his own hand to take Comet’s, the first-time someone had shaken his hand in years, he thought. “I need a place to think. I need a place out of the sun. I understand that this is the village of the damned. I understand that this is a place where I might be welcome.”
      “Yes,” Comet said. “Come in. We’ll find you a room.”
  • Norman to Superman after the climax:
    Norman: "Clark, don’t. You blame yourself for Captain Marvel…for Magog and Kansas…for ten years that ended today. Yes, you’re angry. But in that anger, you’re forgetting once more what humans feel. What they fear. They won’t forgive you for this, Clark. Forgive yourself."
  • Then:
    Norman: Listen to me, Clark. Of all the things you can do…all your powers…the greatest has always been your instinctive knowledge of right and wrong. It was a gift of your own humanity. You never had to question your choices. In any situation…any crisis…you knew what to do. But the minute you made the SUPER more important than the MAN. The day you decided to turn your back on mankind…that completely cost you your instinct. That took your judgment away.
  • Things are still crappy on Apokolips. After ages of battle, Orion had finally overthrown Darkseid from his throne, hoping to free Apokolips's denizens from their slavery. Unfortunately, they wanted to remain in their life of servitude with a dictator-god to appease. Thus, they chose Orion to replace his father. Now, the once heroic New God who tried everything he could to avoid being like his father not only has to take his place, but his aged appearance has transformed him into a near-exact dead ringer for Darkseid. Judging from his one scene in the book, Orion now spends his time on his throne lamenting his new status as a tyrant.