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Shout Out: Kingdom Come
  • "Who Watches the Watchmen?" is written on the wall of a building.
  • Under the Hood can be seen in a bookstore window.
  • Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids are shown running away from a Bat-Bot.
  • Green Lantern's Emerald City incorporates the ELO spaceship as part of its design.
  • The Beatles can be seen at "Planet Krypton"—sort of. From the knees down. There was also an attempt for Sgt. Pepper Humongous Mecha in the final battle scene, but that reference is nearly too subtle, even with annotation.
  • At one point, the Kanji for "Heaven and Earth are Useless" are seen as graffiti. These are commonly read as "Tenchi Muyo!".
  • The "LOBO WUZ HERE" graffiti on the ruined Statue of Liberty.
  • When a huge number of super-powered people are charging in the gulag rebellion, several tiny Marvel characters can be made out, including Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor.
  • Storm can be seen in the bar scenes.
    • As can Rorschach.
      • The Wonder Twins are also bartenders.
  • The Bjork poster.
  • Columbia and Riff Raff from Rocky Horror also appears at the gulag.
  • The Bat-Bots are modeled on the mecha from Patlabor.
  • When Superman meets Scott Free and Big Barda, the jailers from Monty Pythons Life Of Brian are in the crowd.
  • One of many cameos, a Background character in the gulag battle was visually baised on XO-Manowar of Valiant Comics. At around the same time as Kingdom Come was being published, Mark Waid was also signed on the write the Acclaim Era Reboot of the character, XO-Manowar: Rebirth.
  • While Magog is mostly based on Cable, he has elements of other Rob Liefeld characters as well. Most notably, his helmet is based on that of Shatterstar's with the addition of horns.
  • The center section of the Gulag is designed to look like the Hall of Doom from Challenge of the Superfriends, and the UN building looks like the Hall of Justice.
  • Captain Marvel Jr looks just like Elvis Presley. A Recursive Adaptation in that Elvis originally modeled his style after Captain Marvel Jr.
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