Awesome / Kingdom Come

  • The Bar Scene: The Question talking to Rorschach in the background. Next to Sherlock Holmes.
  • Atom Smasher telling Marvin to "SHUT UP!" and sucker-punch him for disrespecting Superman.
  • Billy's final decision.
    and when he cries...
    Billy: Shazam.
    ...Seven thunders utter their voices.
  • Shazam. Shazam! SHAZAM!!!
  • Clark Kent with glasses and overalls dragging a giant plow in Kansas.
  • Superman's initial return. There's something that just screams 'Hell yeah! Awesome!' when a blur of blue and red comes to stop some psychotic anti-heroes from killing everyone. The best part of that scene is that between the blur and the actual sighting of Superman, we see a crowd of ordinary people whose expression of shock gradually changes to an exultant, jubilant joy, as they turn their faces towards the sky and McCay states the simple reason: "We knew... We remembered."
    • In the Novelization, the Metropolitans quickly remember their "role", and say, "Look up in the sky!" "It's a bird!" "It's a plane!"
  • Magog's Character Development. At the end, he's smacking Swastika upside his head when he fails to show respect for Diana and the ceremony at Paradise Island. According to the Novelization, he becomes a Dean of Students there.
    • This one is particularly amazing because it takes place almost entirely in the distant background of a big fight scene in which the reader is probably not looking at Magog. And in this huge battle, what is Magog, until then the most "anti" of all the Nineties Anti Heroes, doing? Not fighting at all. In fact, he saves half the people who end up surviving the fight. Like a true hero.
  • Seeing Phil Sheldon sitting near Norman in the restaurant. Somehow, having two of the best Badass Bystanders from the DC and Marvel universes together just made it that much more awesome.
  • Years after Superman's retired, the mere mention of his name is still enough to make Lex Luthor have a brief freakout.
    Kobra: And in the meantime, we have nothing to fear from the League? Not even from...Superman?
    Luthor: HE WILL NOT TOUCH ME! HE WILL NOT!... he... He cannot.
  • When Batman and his allies capture the MLF, the aged Selina Kyle socks Tula and almost gets away.
  • "They won't forgive you for this, Clark. Forgive yourself."
    • This scene truly is amazing. Norman McCay, an elderly preacher with no powers or skills of any sort, talks down an enraged Superman (who is also implied to be even MORE powerful than in his youth) who is going full RROD. This is, of course, after effectively flipping the bird to and lecturing the embodiment of God's Wrath on morality.
      Spectre: Judgement has been passed. I am no longer needed. Farewell, Norman McCay.
      Norm: Farewell? Farewell?! You think you brought me all this way just to watch people die? Think again! You want to confront evil? Then get us the hell to the UN... now! You saw Superman! You saw an anger that could twist steel! If what happens next happens the only way it can... and you let it... that is evil!