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Funny: Kingdom Come
  • At the end when Clark, Bruce and Diana show up in civilian clothes at the superhero-themed restaurant Planet Krypton.
    • Clark's gaze at the long-haired teenage Superman causes Diana to giggle, "Be nice, Clark."
    • One of the tables appears to be Plastic Man.
    • The Power Girl chicken sandwich. The cut is breast.
    • Hell, all of the epilogue is pretty funny. From the guy who asks Bruce for Ketchup, the Spectre's reaction to a "Spectre Platter", to Bruce needing a drink once Wonder Woman and Superman break the news to him... considering it's the epilogue of a rather tragic epic story, it's incredibly funny.
    Waiter: Hello, I'm Robin.
    Bruce: Of course you are.
    • The cake definitely goes to Batman for being the grumpy old snarker he has been all his life.
    • The look on Diana's and Clark's faces when Bruce correctly guesses that Diana is pregnant, this a few panels after them saying there was no way he could know that.
    • A late middle-aged Fire looking for Booster Gold, who owns the restaurant.
  • Superman does a Stealth Hi/Bye to Batman, who gets the point.
    "So that's what that feels like..."
  • One of the side conversations from the staff of the Superhero restaurant.
    "Someone stole my handcuff arrow again."
    "So? Just get another from the back."
  • Monstrous as the action is, Vandal Savage killing the maid in the middle of his conversation for such a petty reason is pretty damn funny simply for how dark it is.
    King: You ham.
  • In the Novelization, Flash dousing a raging fire, then a split nanosecond later leaving a sign at the fire department reading, "LATE AGAIN, FELLAS".

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