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Shout Out: Darwin's Soldiers
Since Darwins Soldiers features many, many players, it is natural that the players will include references to their favorite media.

Video Games

  • The character of Ridley is named after a similar character from Metroid.
  • Shelton is disappointed at the lack of a crowbar in the closet when raiding Raulson's lab.
  • The Phase Tank is modeled off the tank from Red Alert 2.
  • Sharon compares the sublevels to Silent Hill and Resident Evil in the first RP.
  • Shelton facetiously refers to himself as Dr. Gordon Freeman.
  • A converted supertanker that is a floating Dragonstorm lab is called Surrounded Sea.
  • The champion of a military themed shooting competition is named Nicholas Parker.
  • Subject 19's claws are based upon Alex Mercer's claws.
    • Subject 19 is given the code name Athena. Alex Mercer was given the code name ZEUS by Blackwatch. Word of God states that it was suppose to be a joke, using another Greek mythological God as Subject 19's code name.
  • Cobalt Leader's real name is revealed to be Zachary Slavik
  • The Human Cobalt Soldier's name is Sharon Redfield
  • The trigger phrase for Kain's chip is Would You Kindly?
  • Kagetora is based on a minor enemy in Ninja Gaiden
  • Neku is named for the main protagonist of The World Ends with You
  • Roux is named for a character in ZZ Gundam and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam


  • The clearance question to auxiliary control references lyrics to "MacArthur Park."
  • American Pie by Don McLean is heard at the beginning of part 2 of Card of Ten.
  • Vic says, "Ground Control to Major Roy," when testing Roy Hawkeye's radio in Card Of Ten.
  • The password to the ADSA HQ is "Shave And A Haircut."
  • Many, many songs are heard on the radio as James and Co. drive to various places in their cars.
  • It is revealed by Hailey that Trinity is a fan of classical music and to the point that Beethoven's 9th Symphony is heard playing with the Trinity Facility as well.

Historical Figures

  • Darwin, duh.
  • Shelton mentions Sacco, Venzetti, and Daniel Ellsberg when Hans asks about his chances at freedom.
  • Shelton himself takes his first and middle names from Rudyard Kipling and Oscar Wilde.
  • Many of the titles of LB&T's works include famous names, like Schr÷dinger and Nietzsche. Others come from famous quotes, like Card of Ten and Ship of State.
  • Not really an historical figure, but Gustave the crocodile is named after the real life Gustave.


  • The Einstein-Rosen Bridge is named after the hypothetical wormhole proposed by the eponymous names.
  • The Double Helix eatery.
  • Shelton mentions Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion when describing how Gamas formed.
  • James uses the Coriolis Effect to select a corridor in Pavlov's Checkmate.
  • Shelton also mentions having an Erdos number of 7 in the first RP. Which is actually a rather pathetic Erdos number.
  • The Cobalt Squad in the first RP had a tendency to use famous scientists' names as derogatory terms directed toward the scientist characters, Examples of names used as such include Newton, Hawking, and Bill Nye.
  • Kerzach is mentioned as having worked on a Small Hadron Collider, which later plays a role in Schrodinger's Prisoners.
  • Rara Terra Smelting from Fool's Gold by Serris is established as lanthanide refinery.
    • Rara Terra means "Rare Earth" in Latin. Rare earth is an old name for lanthanides.
  • Shelton says the Dragonstorm "thought network" was a branch-off of the phone tooth invented in 2002.
  • A scientist named Dr. Dyson Holmes is the subject of a really long and convoluted shout out. Spoilered below:
    • "Dy" and "Ho" - the letters for Dysprosium and Holmium.
    • The lab report he worked on is titled "Toxicity of Lanthanide Containing Alloys In Pediatric Psions" - Dysprosium and Holmium are lanthanides.
    • There is also a reference to Dr. Holmes being "hard to find". Dysprosium is named after the Greek word "dysprositos (δυσπρόσιτος)", meaning "hard to get".
      • LB&T's answer works too. He thought "Dyson Holmes" was a reference to Sherlock Holmes and the Dyson Sphere, since both are "hard to find" (Holmes because he's a detective, good at remaining unseen, and Dyson Sphere because 1] they don't exist and 2] a Dyson shell would block the rays of the encompassed sun making it hard to see from an astronomical viewpoint.)
  • Krebs-Calvin Pharmaceuticals is mentioned in the second RP.
  • James's favorite expression is allegedly "I'll trust you when there are two electrons with the same spin occupy the same atomic orbital". Spoilered below:
    • Electrons cannot occupy the same atomic orbital unless their spin quantum numbers are different.
  • A tiny mining town in Texas is named Platanna Town.


  • Main character Ender McThair from the Furtopia RP.
  • A sadistic canine guard is nicknamed Miss. Cujo.
  • The complete works of Shakespeare play an important role in Card of Ten.
  • Lab 101 was named after Room 101 in George Orwell's 1984.
  • The code used by the Dragonstorm scientists in the first RP consists of multiple references to Homer and the Aeneid.
  • Dragonstorm passed out copies of The Art of War to everyone in the organization.
  • The Anaconda who saves Dr. Kerzach's life by killing Jake Sachs and teams up with him in the story Fools Gold is named Paul Gamay
  • <Characters who use the Dragonstorm thought network are referred to as thought-speaking, and their dialogue is punctuated with triangular brackets, like in Animorphs>
  • The head of security on the Dragonstorm supertanker/lab is named John Cade.
  • In a Gaman library, Dr. Joe finds a book called The Gamas Delusion, referencing Richard Dawkin's book The God Delusion.
  • Shelton mistakes ROSS' name as "Rossum", a name from R.U.R. - Rossum's Universal Robots, the play that coined the term 'robot'.
  • In the third roleplay, right when Calchas is about to finish what he needed to interrogate Shakila...
    Assistant: Mr. Babcock!
    Calchas: Out I say, out!

Film/Live Action TV


  • Shout-outs to weaponry all over the freaking place.
    • One of the soldiers used a Patton tribute pistol in the first RP. It was never explained exactly why he had one of those.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is referenced when James blasts through the floor with a gun in Card of Ten.
  • Shelton's password to the computer system is killapp123, both a reference to killer apps and Lotus-1-2-3, a spreadsheet program and early killer app.
  • Jessica Boyle of Escondido, a play mentioned in the first RP, is named after an actual person LB&T knew in real life.
  • The reference to Ender McThair in Card of Ten established the anti-matter universe the characters were stuck in as synonymous with the Furtopia universe.
  • In Pavlov's Checkmate, James uses "Nigel Munroe" as an alias, which happens to be the protagonist's name of a failed attempt to start a Darwin's Soldiers RP in the Bulbagarden forums.
  • Not really science, but James finds a CD encrypted in BASIC.
    • It's actually binary, Shelton misspoke.
  • A woman named Selina Kyle is mentioned.
  • Shelton mentions being in Mensa in the first RP.
  • The Dragonstorm experiment who first attacks the group is named Magneto.
  • A single shot doctor in the 3rd RP is named Dr. McCoy.
    • I was positive that was a reference to Star Trek's Dr. McCoy, especially since the doctor who discovered the body said, "He's dead!"
    • That works but canonically his first name is Henry but everyone calls him "Hank".
  • Alfred's response to Zachary when he is asked if he can tip a 3 ton truck over.
    Alfred: I exceed the strength of the strongest Human by quite a bit but I am not Colossus!
  • Shelton makes an offhand comment about TV Tropes.
  • Dr. Zanasiu sarcastically calls Dr. Shelton Professor X through the thought network.
  • The fictional actor Stephen Di Georgi is named after two people that Serris knows in real life.
  • Marcus uses the name Logan on his name tag.
  • Stern's two assigned allies in the Schutzhund are competitors 1138 and 1337.
  • After taking out Project Zeta, Shakila says this:
    Shakila: Batman eat your heart out.
  • It is mentioned that Dr. Stan Lee first discovered the mechanism by which psychic powers work in 1963.
  • The first psi-experiment created is named Jean Gray and in a Shout-Out to X-Men: The Last Stand she is eventually put down by the scientists after her telekinetic powers went out of control and killed several scientists.
    • Do note however, that the "telekinetic meltdown" manifested in the form of people getting violently thrown around, not in the form of people and objects getting disintegrated.
  • A Sgt. Frank Castle is seen as a member of the United States Army
  • A Chimera-based Dragonstorm experiment attacks Kiara and Hailey in the 3rd RP
  • A certain elderly Dragonstorm researcher in the spin-off story New Divide goes by the codename of Old Mother Hubbard and she has a canine assistant.
  • Drake has the inventory number of Experiment 626
  • The town of Cornova is named after the author of PokÚ Wars.
  • Shakila gives off the fake name of Violet Parr and the fake number of A113 as her experiment number.

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