Awesome: Darwin's Soldiers

  • James leading the chase against an entire armed convoy with only a couple Humvees and a pickup truck.
  • Kerzach killing Dr. Gallo with a letter opener.
  • Cale revealing himself right before single-handedly wiping out Ricky's men. In fact, most of the CMOA's in this RP involve one character killing another.
  • Everything Shelton did in Schroedinger's Prisoners.
  • Eddie killing a commando with a mop handle.
  • Werner convincing and leading the Gaman rebellion to assault the nuclear power plant.
  • Hawkeye leaving his cybernetic implants to fly the shuttlecraft while he broke into the security tower and let the others on the shuttlecraft escape.
  • Hans using a MRI machine to disable Subject 19.
  • Shakila defeating Project Zero in hand-to-hand combat with a laptop and the sprinkler system, despite being alone and having no physical combat skills.
  • The grand finale to New Divide, the final fight against Subject 18.
  • Shelton taking a major level in badass and killing a Dragonstorm operative with a coffee maker.