Trivia / Darwin's Soldiers

  • Creator Backlash - Serris, the creator of the Darwin's Soldiers universe hates the rebooted Furtopia RP. In fact he has this to say:
    Serris: One of the characters is a Fur-dragon in a diaper! Scenes of diaper changing and baby care do not fucking belong in a dark high octane RP! And of course, it under-emphasized the role that the terrorists played in the invasion and gave too much spotlight to the rogue scientists.
    • In addition, he seems very loath to discuss the original RP, which originated in Furtopia.
  • Flip-Flop of God - Serris is inconsistent on what the meat in this universe is. He has said that anthro and "normal" animals exist and eating "normal" animals was acceptable. But he has also said to assume that all meat is seafood.
  • Missing Episode: Several writers in the Furtopia RP played out scenes via private messaging and never released the results, so parts of the role play have been lost forever.
    • The final time Mirumoto_Kenjiro rejoined Disruptive Selection, he posted a few times over about a month setting up where his characters ended up and hinting at how they'd rejoin the plot. He then decided to duck out permanently and promptly deleted all these posts.
    • Averted with the infamous alternate ending to the Disruptive Selection epilogue. The group decided it was too obscene and deleted it for a happier ending, but LettuceBacon&Tomato saved it in a Google Doc so posterity could read it.
  • The Other Darrin - Has occurred several times. The most prominent examples are Corporal Stern and Aydin, who were originally played by Noname and later portrayed by Serris and LettuceBacon&Tomato
  • One of Us - The GM, Serris and the most prolific author of the Expanded Universe stories, LettuceBacon&Tomato are avid tropers.
  • What Could Have Been - The first RP was planned to feature an interdimensional battle but it was scrapped after Serris decided that the potential for narm outweighed the potential for coolness.
  • Word of God - there are plenty of smaller proclamations but there is major one.
    • The anthropomorphic animals are not created from humans; they were merely "there" alongside them.
  • Darwin's Soldiers is the only online RPG LettuceBacon&Tomato has ever participated in. He's stated that once it's over, he'll never play another one.
  • LB&T once deflected a request to draw Shelton, stating he thinks characters' appearances should be left to the reader's imagination.note