Funny / Darwin's Soldiers

Disruptive Selection

  • Shelton's reply to an intercepted thought message by Achilles.
    Achilles: Not going to stop me. I'm not afraid of a pussy
    Shelton: It's Commander Pussy to you.
  • Dr. Landon's sarcastic comment about an in-universe movie about the first RP:
    Dr. Landon: A lewd 12 way followed by a battle between three different dimensions, led by a guy dressed like the guy from Animal House screaming "Toga! Toga! Toga!"
  • ROSS has a lot of great lines being a dick to Shelton over the thought network. Like the time Shelton was trying to cobble together an emergency weapon under fire:
    Shelton: ROSS, I need help! What can I do with a propane tank, any pieces of an unloaded firearm, a repair kit, a first aid kit, and...some graham crackers?
    ROSS: You could make s'mores. The propane tank would help if you had anything such as a Bunsen burner.
    Shelton: No, I need to make something that kills people!
    ROSS: Hmm. How old are the graham crackers?
    Shelton: ROSS, goddammit!