YMMV / Darwin's Soldiers

  • Angst? What Angst? - Zachary gives Shelton a very brief answer to his Stockholm Syndrome issues in the third RP.
    Shelton: Damn it, he was right. I betrayed them, I never thought of it as betrayal, but I did. And now a bunch of them just died for me. I know they're the enemy, but they trusted me!
    Zachary: Fuck them!
    Shelton: ...That's probably the best answer anyone could've given.
  • Awesome Music - None in the fic but several moments demand that you open up YouTube and blast Primo Victoria, Preliator, Schwarze Sonne or Danger Zone at full volume.
  • Badass Decay - Meta example. Dr. Keith Bailey from the rebooted Furtopia RP was just as capable with a firearm as any other character. In the Gang of Five RPs, he is pretty much incapable of fighting.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment - As Drs. Shelton and Zanasiu run away from the exploding Einstein-Rosen Bridge at the end of the first RP, a winged fox swoops down from the sky and flies them to safety. This moment is never spoken of again.
  • Creator's Pet - Dragore from the Furtopia RPs fits this trope perfectly. A Mary Sue and a scrappy with a big role, adored by the creator and steals the spotlight.
    • Lupis from the rebooted Furtopia RP is even worse. He literally hijacks the entire story and the plot shifts from a focus on the terrorists to the rogue scientists, who were originally in the background.
  • Critical Research Failure - Turning a wardrobe into antimatter would not result in it disintegrating. It would result in a massive explosion as the antiparticles of the wardrobe and the atoms of the air around it annihilate each other in a burst of gamma rays.
    • This becomes a Voodoo Shark when the writers try to Hand Wave it by saying it was actually turned into antienergy, not antimatter. And thus completely ignoring what the problem was.
  • Ethnic Scrappy - The Vulpine. Full stop. The fans loathe the fact that their portrayal draws cues from every stereotypical portrayal of alcoholic savage Indians.
  • Evil Is Sexy - Subject 19 anyone? Well, the girl practically wears revealing clothes.
    • Roux, the female Wolf dresses in extremely revealing clothing (namely a pair of nearly see-through thong panties and that is it).
  • Genius Bonus - There are some references that make little to no sense unless one has an understanding of science.
  • Growing the Beard - Shelton in the third RP, literally and figuratively.
  • Ho Yay - During Lab 101's escape, Shelton and Kerzach squeeze into a single bathroom stall and cut their way through to the adjacent maintenance rooms. When it's time to leave back through the bathroom, there are people waiting for the bathroom.
    Shelton: "What exactly are we going to tell them if they ask why both of us were in the bathroom for so long? I mean, I'm all for the new identity, but I doubt they'll believe we were so inspired by the Exodus that we declared our love for each other."
    • Roux and Aisha are a couple.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient - Quite high. Some parts of the RPs and stories get absolutely crazy.
  • Moment of Awesome - At least one per story/RP.
  • Moral Event Horizon - In James' mind, Siberys crossed it in Card of Ten when threatening a child's life to force the king to commit suicide.
  • The Scrappy - Dragore from the Furtopia RPs is utterly loathed by the majority of the players. His constant wangsting is annoying enough but the fact that he's a God-Mode Sue cements his Scrappy status.
    • Aydin from Disruptive Selection is a close contender for the "coveted" title of most "hated character". Being a relatively flat character who shares his creator's views and being a member of a thinly veiled unflattering depiction of modern day Native Americans will do that.
    • Lupis from the rebooted Furtopia RP is the same a Dragore but the negative traits were ramped Up to Eleven.
  • Squick:
    • Where Shelton gets the implantable chips. he removes them from through the noses of his dead teammates.
    • And Dr. Landon's sarcastic comment about the in-universe movie of the first RP:
      Dr. Landon: A lewd 12 way followed by a battle between three different dimensions, led by a guy dressed like the guy from Animal House screaming "Toga! Toga! Toga!".
    • An implied Three-way between Spc. Crota, Zachary and Roux.
    Spc. Crota: What, you want her? We can share; he said multiple partners.
  • Strangled by the Red String - Of the four relationships consummated in the Culeston hotel, only Shelton/Shakila had any sort of foreshadowingnote .