Series: The Doctor Blake Mysteries

The Doctor Blake Mysteries is an Australian television series which premiered in 2013. The series stars Craig McLachlan in the lead role of Doctor Lucien Blake, who returns home to Ballarat in 1959 to take over his deceased father's general medical practice after an absence of 30 years. He also takes up his father's old position as police surgeon. Doctor Blake is a keeper of secrets and a solver of mysteries.


  • Always Murder: Pretty much required, given the nature of the series.
  • Animal Assassin:
    • In "Death of a Travelling Salesman", the salesman is murdered by placing a venomous snake in his car.
    • In "Ties of the Past", bees are used to murder a priest who is allergic to bee stings.
  • Autopsy Snack Time: In "If the Shoe Fits", Lucien arrives at the mortuary to find Gus the pathologist fixing himself a sandwich in the autopsy room with a corpse on the slab.
  • Bothering by the Book: Lucien uses the club's own rulebook to prove that he is allowed to hang a painting of a nude in the club's main lounge.
  • The Cast Showoff: In "Bedlam", we get a couple of long sequences of Blake playing the piano, with the camera circling to make sure we can tell it's Craig McLachlan himself playing...
  • The Coats Are Off: Lucien does this in "An Invincible Summer'' when he confronts a local thug who has pushed Mattie down and slapped Jean. He strips of his suit coat and proceeds to pound the crap out of the thug with Good Old Fisticuffs.
  • Cramming the Coffin: In "Mortal Coil", a coffin is dropped at a funeral that Jean is attending, revealing the body of Jean's friend and the local junk man. The investigation later reveals this is the second body to have been disposed of in this manner.
  • The Danza: Charlie Cousins as Senior-Constable Charlie Davis
  • Ditzy Genius: Simon is a mathematical whiz, brilliant engineer and all-round hyper-intelligent guy, who has absolutely no social skills or manners. He simply can't grasp the idea of why people have affairs, so emotionally ignorant is he.
  • Evil Teacher: The deputy headmaster in "The Silence" is a Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up who still enjoys intimidating children.
  • Foreshadowing: In the pilot, Blake warns Danny not to get in the habit of going behind his superior's backs. No points for guessing how he helps the Doctor out episode after episode...
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Lucien displays some serious pugilistic talent. When he squares off against a local thug in "An Invincible Summer", he drops into a stance that shows he has had proper boxing training and takes his opponent, who is much bigger and heavier.
  • Impairment Shot: Happens in "Death of a Travelling Salesman" when Danny is staggering along the road and collapses after being bitten by a snake. The last thing he sees before blacking out is Blake's car arriving.
  • Intoxication Ensues: In a rare case of a character doing this deliberately, Lucien swallows some pills found on a suspect to prove his theory that they are dextroamphetine in "Still Waters". he is right and he becomes highly agitated and excitable, and starts babbling at a million miles an hour.
  • I Own This Town: Patrick Tyneman; which goes some way to explaining why Lawson hates him so much.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: "Brotherly Love" sees a policeman kicking a suspect who's just been arrested and wrestled to the ground, and having to be restrained. Somewhat justified in that he's apparently just brutally killed one of their number.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: Lucien and Jean are mistaken for husband and wife on several occasions. They don't always bother to correct this.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Blake alternates between this and I Am Not My Father. Somewhat unusual in that Dr Blake Snr is generally seen as a good guy, though it's implied he had some practices Lucien doesn't approve of; hence the oscillation.
  • Mama Bear: Jean to Danny in particular, though Mattie and even Lucien can be this at times.
  • Mistaken for Dying: In "Mortal Coil", Lucien self-diagnoses his symptoms as possibly being cirrhosis of the liver and starts making preparations for his possible demise. However, when he eventually gets blood tests done, it turns out to be the far less serious (and more treatable) hepatitis, which has similar symptoms, combined with additional symptoms from his attempt to quit drinking.
  • Mysterious Past: Between his marriage, his addictive history, his military experience, his connection to the secret service; there's quite a lot that we don't know about Doctor Blake...
  • Mystery of the Week
  • Poor Man's Porn: In "Death of a Travelling Salesman", the presence of a large stack of bodybuilding magazines is taken as evidence that the victim was homosexual. Truth in Television, as in the 1950s bodybuilding magazines were the closest thing to gay porn it was legal to possess.
  • Product Placement: In-universe - The eponymous "Game of Champions" is sponsored by Tyneman Electrics, as the titles and opening sequence and even prizes are keen to remind the audience.
  • Race Against the Clock: In "Brotherly Love", Blake is trying to unravel a case before the suspect is hanged...
  • Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up: In "The Silence", Blake and Superintendent Lawson investigate a murder at their old school. The deputy headmaster is the old school bully who used to torment Lawson and still enjoys intimidating the children. Lawson's confrontation with him at the end of the episode is a joy to behold.
  • Smoky Gentlemen's Club: Lucien belongs to one and delights in pricking the pomposity of the other members.
  • Suicide by Cop: A suspect attempts this at the start of "Brotherly Love". He charges towards the police, waving a gun and yelling that he has just killed a cop. When the police seem reluctant to shoot, he fires a shot into the air to provoke them. He is then shot by the police but survives.
  • Trigger: The "Game of Champions" rigs the game against the reigning champion by using a phrase associated with his scarring childhood bullying.
  • Victim of the Week: It is a murder mystery show after all.