Series: New York Undercover

New York Undercover is a Dramatic Hour Long Detective Drama created by Dick Wolf and Kevin Arkadie that ran from 1994 to 1998 (four seasons). Basic concept is that two undercover detectives in New York City's Fourth Precinct, Julius Clarence "J.C." Williams and Eduardo "Eddie" Torres were assigned to investigate various crimes and gang-related cases by their superior, Lt. Virginia Cooper. Joining them were Det. Nina Moreno in season two and Det. Tommy McNamara in season three.

Along with dealing with the cases themselves, there would also be sub-plots dealing with the personal lives of Williams and Torres. Williams dealing with his ex-girlfriend Chantel and visiting their son, Gregory (just usually called G). Torres usually interacting with his father Mike, a recovering heroin addict. Many episodes feature an R&B cafe called Natalie's, which is just an easy way for musical guest stars to get on the show (Natalie herself being played by Gladys Knight).

By the end of the season three finale however, McNamara and Torres (the latter married to Nina and transferring to a new precinct) were Killed Off for Real. At the start of the fourth season, everything changed, Williams and Moreno transferred to New York's Special Investigations Division answering to Lt. Malcolm Barker (and ultimately writing Cooper out of the show). They also worked with Det. Nell Delaney and Det. Alec Stone. Natalie's and the musical guests that appeared were written out entirely as were any living reoccurring character from the past three seasons except for G. As a result of all these changes, ratings for the show dramatically dropped forcing Fox to cancel the series.

This show provides examples of: