Creator: Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba is an American actor born in September 17, 1967. He has been acting since 1993.

Works that he has appeared in:

  • Allegiance: Staff Sergeant Hart
  • Alphas: Bill Harken, which is a lead role
  • Arrested Development: Ice, appearing in the episodes "Amigos", and "Good Grief!"
  • Betty and Coretta: Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Black Jaq: Gregory 'Greg' Franklin
  • Blue in the Face: Watch Man
  • Bull: Corey Granville, appearing in 20 episodes
  • The Celibate Nympho Chronicles: The Web Series: Bustah, appearing in the episode "Bustah Nut"
  • Cool Runnings: Yul Brenner
  • Cop Land: Det. Carson
  • Criminal: Frank Hill
  • CSI: Miami: Reggie Mastow, appearing in the episode "Power Trip"
  • The Days: Gib Taylor, appearing in 4 episodes
  • Defying Gravity: Ted Shaw, appearing in 13 episodes
  • Dreaming in Black and White: Chris Jones
  • Feel the Noise: The Mayor
  • For Your Love: Keith, appearing in the episode: "Divorce-i-versary"
  • Girlfriends: Brock Harris, appearing in 7 episodes
  • Harlem Aria: Luke
  • His Woman, His Wife:Stuart Banks
  • Inseparable: Curtis Raleigh
  • Justified: Toby Griffin, appearing in the episode "Hatless"
  • Kids in America: Will Drucker
  • Kingpin: Bobby Curtis
  • Law & Order: Pat Williams, appearing in the episode "Wager"
  • My Girlfriend's Back: Dereck Scott
  • New York Undercover: Det. Julius Clarence 'J.C.' Williams, which is a main role
  • Nikita: Wallace, appearing in the episode "Fair Trade"
  • NYC 22: Ray-Ray Burnell, appearing in the episode "Turf War"
  • Oh Happy Day: Moses Jackson
  • Personals: Keith Parker
  • Person of Interest: Andre Wilcox, appearing in the episode "Wolf and Cub"
  • Raines: Charlie Lincoln, appearing in 7 episodes
  • Revolution: Jim Hudson, a recurring character appearing in the episodes "Ghosts", "The Song Remains the Same", "Home", and "Clue"
  • Ride: Poppa
  • Rockaway: Case
  • Slur: Jordan
  • Smoke: The Creeper
  • Soul Food: Studio Engineer
  • That's So Raven: Judge, appearing in the episode "Checkin' Out"
  • They're Just My Friends: Pat Black Sr.
  • Thief: Elmo 'Mo' Jones, appearing in 6 episodes
  • Trinity: Sam Davis, appearing in the episodes "Having Trouble with the Language", and "Breaking In, Breaking Out, Breaking Up, Breaking Down"
  • The Twilight Zone: Shawn, appearing in the episode "Developing"
  • Violation: Patrick Matthews
  • Vote for Me: The Professor
  • Where I Live: Fisher, appearing in the episode "Local Hero"
  • Why Did I Get Married?: Gavin
  • Why Did I Get Married Too?: Gavin