Recap / The X-Files S06 E18 "Milagro"

Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders in which the heart was removed from the victim with no apparent incision. A writer who lives next door to Mulder seems to have some connection to the case, along with an unsettling obsession with Scully.


  • Adult Fear:
    • At the beginning of the episode, Scully takes the elevator in Mulder's building. In the elevator with her is a man she doesn't know who stares at her openly, obsessively and in a generally scary way. The elevator ride seems to go on forever, and then he gets off on the same floor as her before following her down the hall. She knocks on Mulder's door and has to wait for a few long, long instants for Mulder to get to the door while this guy is staring at her like he's going to eat her. He goes into his own apartment (right next to Mulder's) a few seconds later, but it's the kind of unsettling experience that happens to women all the time. And then, of course, he becomes Scully's Stalker with a Crush, which also falls under the rubric of Adult Fear because it's a problem that is much more common and widespread than a lot of people think—it's not just something that happens on a TV show for one episode to heighten the drama and then quickly goes away.
    • A teenaged couple in a car at Make-Out Point has something of an argument because the guy wants to get more physical than the girl does. Tired of him pressuring her, she gets out of the car, and he runs after her. It seems like his sexual frustration is going to take him from subtle attempts at coercion to something more aggressive, possibly physically violent — until he happens upon the killer who tears out his heart.
  • Cry into Chest: Scully to Mulder at the end of the episode.
  • Foreign Language Title: Spanish for "miracle".
  • Male Gaze: There's a close up of Scully's mouth, when Padgett is staring at her in the elevator.
  • Mind Screw
  • Monsters of the Week: Padgett.
  • Most Writers Are Writers: Mulder's next-door neighbor, Padgett is a writer who turns sinister when he reveals he's writing a book in which Scully is his love interest and he moved next door to Mulder in order to see more of her. Then the murderer from his novel shows up on his doorstep and demands that Padgett reveal the killer's motivation. Padgett says, lamely, that the murders happened so he could get Scully's attention. The murderer tells him that's a dumb excuse, not a motivation, and expresses frustration the author doesn't even know his own characters.
  • Psychic Surgery: This is how Padgett's protagonist kills his victims.
  • Rewriting Reality: Padgett does this.
  • Serial Killer: One that takes hearts with his bare hands.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Padgett. And he's apparently had his eye on her for awhile. He performs a disturbing Sherlock Scan on her when he runs into her in a church, and later reveals she lived in his old neighborhood. He moved into Mulder's building because there was nothing available in her building, and because she spends most of her time with Mulder, anyway. She is the love interest in his book, including a graphic sex scene. Scully is alternately intrigued and disturbed by the attention.
  • Wham Line:
    Padgett: In my book, I'd written that Agent Scully falls in love. That is obviously impossible. Agent Scully is already in love.