Recap / The X Files S 06 E 14 Monday

The episode opens in a bank with Mulder shot and bleeding, while Scully tries to prevent his attacker from detonating a suicide-vest.

She fails, and they are all killed in the explosion.

And we come back from the opening titles to Mulder, waking up late after his waterbed burst and shorted out his alarm clock. He's late for a meeting, but more importantly he has to get his pay check to the bank so he can cover the check he had to write his landlord to cover the damages from the waterbed leak. A woman who claims to know Mulder tries to stop him going into the bank, but Mulder ignores her and heads in - straight into a hold-up and the opening repeats again. And again, as the woman tries again to prevent the tragedy.


  • Continuity Nod: Mulder's waterbed, acquired by Morris Fletcher while he was in Mulder's body in "Dreamland". When queried, Mulder expresses bewilderment as to why he has a waterbed in the first place.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: They are trapped in the time loop, and only one person is aware of it. Mulder and Scully only experience brief moments of deja-vu.
  • Just Eat Gilligan: Viewers can undoubtedly think of lots of things Pam probably never tried. Obviously the situation never depressed her enough to attempt suicide, and she evidently never tried to go in the bank after Bernard left her in the car. Hell, why didn't she just call the police and tell them that her crazy boyfriend wants to blow up a bank?
    • She did. She specifically mentions having tried calling the police and drugging his coffee, but he always ends up in the bank no matter what she tries. And Pam doesn't know her death is the solution, so would have no reason to kill herself.
  • Left Hanging:
    • We're never given an explanation as to how Pam learned Scully and Mulder's names. Undoubtedly from an earlier loop, but still never explained.
    • We're never told, despite how she is always at the house with Bernard before every robbery, how she managed to get away to take the tour of the FBI building to warn Scully.
  • The Teaser: Mulder's already bleeding to death on the floor. The Bomb explodes.