Recap: The X Files S 06 E 17 Trevor


  • Intangibility: An escaped convict has this ability as a power, as well as the ability to reduce anything he passes through to ash. It's demonstrated with some Technobabble that it's electricity-based and doesn't work against insulating materials, and he's eventually done in when he tries to phase through a speeding car and gets fatally smacked by the windshield.
  • Mulder Moment: Scully suggests Spontaneous Human Combustion as a possible explanation as a cause of death.
    Mulder: "Dear Diary, today my heart leapt when Agent Scully suggested spontaneous human combustion."
  • Punishment Box: A prisoner is being punished by being locked in a small shed right before a tornado hits.
  • Villainous BSOD: When Rawls sees how much he's terrified his own son, he wanders into the street and allows June to hit him with a car.