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Recap: The Simpsons S 7 E 13 Two Bad Neighbors
Episode - 3F09
First Aired - 1/14/1996

During a neighborhood rummage sale, Homer sees a moving van at a vacant house across the street from his home and learns that the new neighbors are former President George H.W. Bush and ex-First Lady Barbara Bush, whom everyone (except Bart and Homer) welcomes with open arms.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: The writers at the time claim they did not know that George H.W. Bush actually had a son named George Jr. (they knew about Jeb, though) — and neither did most of the 1996 audience not living in Texas. So what was supposed to be Homer being an idiot as usual by calling one of the cardboard cutouts "George Bush Jr." nowadays looks like he knew all along.
  • Berserk Button: Homer's rights being violated by Bush after learning what happened to Bart...
    Homer: First Bush invades my home turf, then he takes my pals, then he makes fun of the way I talk... probably. Now he steals my right to raise a disobedient, smart-alecky son! Well, that's it!
  • Cool Old Lady: Barbara Bush is portrayed is being very tolerant, even amused at Bart Simpson's antics, unlike her husband, and forces Bush to apologize.
  • Disco Dan: Disco Stu makes his first appearance as the punchline to the fact that Homer's jacket said "Disco Stu" when it was supposed to say "Disco Stud".
  • Disproportionate Retribution: The cycle of revenge between Homer and Mr. Bush, all over Bush "stealing" Homer's rights.
  • Grumpy Old Man: George Bush, especially with Bart around.
  • Hands Go Down: When Bush gives a speech at the Elk Club with a rainbow wig glued to his head.
    Bush: Any questions?
    (all reporters put their hands up)
    Bush: Keeping in mind that I already explained about my hair.
    (reporters put their hands down)
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Apu sings an off-key version of Cheap Trick's "Dream Police".
  • The Klutz: Both Homer and Gerald Ford discover this as a point they have in common when they both trip simultaneously.
  • Not So Different: Between Homer and Bush (negatively). And also between Homer and Gerald Ford (positively).
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: This episode was based on one of the writers actually playing pranks on George H.W. Bush as a kid and wasn't meant to be a political attack on him. However, since George H.W. Bush and Barbara criticized The Simpsons during its early years for contributing to the alleged downfall of society, a lot of viewers have stated that this episode had political undertones.
  • Serious Business: Homer actually goes through his word in this one.
  • Smarter Than They Look: Homer and Bart coming up with ways to get at George Bush that must have taken a lot of skill and planning.
  • Shout-Out: The episode itself is one to the American version of Dennis the Menace.
  • What Could Have Been: Phil Hartman was supposed to voice Disco Stu, but when the animators needed to do a model change, Hartman wasn't available, so Hank Azaria did it instead.
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