Recap: Supernatural S 06 E 18 Frontierland

Recap of Supernatural
Season 6, Episode 18


Written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin.

Directed by Guy Norman Bee.

Air Date: April 22, 2011.

With Castiel's help, Sam and Dean travel back to Samuel Colt's time so that they can retrieve the ashes of a phoenix—the only thing Eve is vulnerable to. Thanks to Colt's journal, they know where and when the phoenix will be. It's just a matter of finding the thing and shooting it within twenty-four hours, which is the maximum amount of time they can stay before Castiel must bring them back or risk losing them forever.

Upon arrival in The Wild West, they witness the execution of Elias Finch, a man sentenced to death for murdering his wife. Shortly afterwards, the judge who sentenced Finch is burned to death by what the prostitute he was with claims was Finch's ghost. The Winchesters visit Finch's grave and find it empty. They figure they've found their phoenix. Sam rides off to fetch Samuel Colt and his gun, while Dean stays in town to join the posse that the sheriff is organizing at dawn.

Meanwhile, Castiel meets with his lieutenant Rachel, who confronts him about certain dealings of his that she has learned about. When he tells her that he will not abandon his plans, she attempts to kill him. Cas manages to kill her first, but he is seriously injured during the fight. He shows up facedown on Bobby's floor and, much to Bobby's alarm, paints a symbol on his fridge with his own blood to hide them.

Back on the frontier, Sam finds Colt and tells him that he is a hunter from 2011, handing over his cell phone as proof. Colt, not terribly impressed, asks what Sam wants. Sam explains and asks Colt to come to town with him, but Colt refuses, insisting that he's retired and doesn't care anymore. So Sam asks if Colt will at least give him the gun. Meanwhile, in town, the sheriff has been burned to death just like the judge. The badge is pinned to Dean, who promptly arrests the third and final man involved in Finch's execution. He locks the man in the prison and waits for Finch to take the bait. Sure enough, Finch appears. Unable to touch the iron prison bars, he appeals to Dean, explaining that he was framed for his wife's murder.

With almost no time left before Sam and Dean are Trapped in the Past, Cas is still too weak to time travel. He can't even call another angel for help. The only thing that can charge Cas up is the power of a human soul. He can siphon power off Bobby's, but it's a very dangerous procedure that, if done wrong, would cause Bobby to explode. They decide to take the chance. Cas touches Bobby's soul and begins to glow with power.

When Dean explains that he still has to kill him, Finch grabs a gun and runs out of the prison. Dean follows, grabbing Colt's gun from Sam as he goes, and confronts Finch in the middle of town. They have a shootout. Finch is killed and collapses into a pile of ashes. Just as the Winchesters are about to scoop those ashes up, they are zapped back to their own time.

It looks like all is lost. They have no ashes, and Cas is too fried to send anyone back again. Then a package arrives for Sam. Apparently, it's been sitting around at the post office for as long as anybody can remember, and it's from someone named Samuel Colt. Sam opens the package. Inside is his incredibly worn cell phone, a note from Colt, and a bottle of phoenix ashes.