Recap: Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 10 E 07 Track Of The Moon Beast

Film watched: Track of the Moon Beast

"The scene in which Johnny names ingredients in his stew quickly became a running gag and one of the writers' favorite moments from the series. Writer Kevin Murphy stated that his world-weary sigh of "onions..." made Johnny Longbow one of the "best" characters they've ever encountered."
Wikipedia on Track of the Moon Beast

Mike, Servo and Crow prove that the whole silly affair involving a one-dimensional scientist turning into a liazrd creature via a moon rock makes for great Snark Bait. Note that, rather improbably, this is actually the fourth movie the show featured about a guy named Paul turning into a monster, preceded by The Crawling Hand, The Projected Man and Werewolf. Shares many odd similarities with Werewolf, in fact - guy named Paul, Southwestern US, Native American folklore, ditzy girlfriend...

Tropes present in this episode: