Film: Track of the Moon Beast

"Your movie this week is Track of the Moon Beast. It stars nobody and features nothing. I hope you gag on it."

Track of the Moon Beast is yet another transformation movie where radiation from a meteorite strike causes a professor to be turned into a murderous monster. This time the bland, uninteresting scientist is some guy named Paul; beyond that, no one knows anything about him, including the screenwriter. There's also a bland, uninteresting Love Interest dressed in terrycloth named Kathy. Their bland, uninteresting romance is hampered by Paul's refusal to just stop transmogrifying into a killer lizard, meaning the intrepid, stew-making shaman Johnny Longbow has to step in and move the plot along.

Can Paul be cured? Can Longbone save the day? Do we really care? No, yes, and no, respectively, but don't miss a special performance from The Band That Played California Lady -featuring the talents of The Fish-Lipped Guy, The Eskimo and The Friendly-Looking Backup Singer- playing their #-1 hit "California Lady." Or do; whatever's cool.

For the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version, please go to the episode recap page.

Tropes present in this film:

"Moon rock? Oh, wow."