Recap / Lunaverse S 1 E 4 Griffin Over The Line

Raindrops: You've been nothing but trouble since the day you got here, and it's about time somepony put you in your place.

Written by Emeral Bookwise

Trixie and Raindrops are eating lunch at a cafe. Trixie is additionally discussing her plans for her Evenfree magic show, while Raindrops becomes increasingly bored. She also doesn't like the food, since she allowed Trixie to order for her. Trixie asks for her opinion on her act, but Raindrops grumpily says she doesn't know much about performances. When Trixie asks why she's being so grumpy, Raindrops says that Rainbow Dash has been acting even more lazy than usual. Trixie tells Raindrops that she doesn't care and wants to talk about magic, but Raindrops sees Rainbow Dash napping on a cloud overhead, and goes to yell at her.

Rainbow Dash reluctantly agrees to get back to work and asks Raindrops to help her move the cloud she was napping on. Raindrops agrees, but as she approaches the cloud, something jumps out of it, grabs at her, and screams in her face. This is Gilda, a griffin friend of Rainbow Dash's. As the two congratulate each other on the prank, Raindrops tries to keep her temper in check. She says that she already knows of Gilda; apparently, Gilda and Rainbow Dash pranked Rarity the night before, swapping her body wash with grape jelly. Rainbow Dash then tells Raindrops that she's taking her vacation for three days, retroactive to the previous day. Raindrops complains that vacation days need to be cleared in advance, but Rainbow Dash says that she's in charge and cleared them with herself. She and Gilda leave. Trixie yells at Raindrops to come down so they can keep talking, but Raindrops just flies off in a huff.

Rainbow Dash and Gilda begin pranking the rest of Ponyville. They instigate a spitball fight in Cheerilee's class by firing a spitball through an open window, plaster Bonbon to the ceiling of her store and run over Lyra on their way out, stick a beehive in the mailbox so that Ditzy will be stung (although this backfires when Ditzy treats the hive as a gift and muses that Dinky will love some fresh honey that night, then tracks Rainbow Dash and Gilda as they fly off in disappointment), and flood Carrot Top's barn. The flood knocks around both Carrot Top and Raindrops, who had helped Carrot Top get her carrots to market and was picking up some vegetables as a thank-you. Raindrops gets up and finds Rainbow Dash watching from the base of a nearby tree. She begins to get angry, but Gilda convinces Rainbow Dash to flee, and Raindrops opts to stay behind and help Carrot Top save her crop than pursue the two.

Later, Raindrops storms Trixie's office and demands her help in dealing with Rainbow Dash and Gilda. Trixie points out that she has no authority to do anything; if the Mayor isn't enforcing the town laws, then it's on her. Raindrops wants to know if they can have Gilda kicked out of the country, but Trixie says that the griffin ambassador will never agree to that. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and Gilda freak out the flower trio by putting a caterpillar in one of their garden plots. The two then tease each other about which one of them is faster.

Back in Trixie's office, Trixie says that Rainbow Dash has been legally classified as a natural disaster, so any damage she causes, the town can be reimbursed for. She also says that Rainbow Dash has caused a lot more damage in the past than wrecking Carrot Top's stored crops, and the town survived just fine. A frustrated Raindrops leaves to handle things personally. Back in the clouds, Gilda wants to prank Fluttershy, but Rainbow Dash says no, so Gilda teases Rainbow Dash about crushing on Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash comes up with another prank idea. A short while later, Raindrops is stomping around town when Trixie finds her. Rainbow Dash and Gilda got her hat and cape from the dry cleaning shop and dyed them both rainbow. She says that she wants to stop them now, and that she has a plan.

In Trixie's office, Raindrops tells Trixie that her plan is terrible. Not only is it ridiculously complicated, but she doesn't want to make Gilda and Rainbow Dash hate each other. While that would likely result in Gilda leaving the town, Raindrops thinks it's going too far. Trixie comes up with a second one.

At Ponyville Elementary, Snails has big news — Raindrops and Trixie will be putting on a magic show. Trixie tells Raindrops that she, as Town Representative, just needs to goad Gilda into some kind of competition and win; at that point, Gilda won't be able to bother the town anymore without losing honor. The show is just to lure Rainbow Dash and Gilda to Trixie's location. Trixie launches some magic lights into the sky to simulate a sonic rainboom, which Rainbow Dash and Gilda do see.

Trixie gives her performance, which is all about how another pegasus was the only one ever to perform a sonic rainboom. Raindrops, dressed in a sequin-laden leotard, represents the other pony. Rainbow Dash shows up and begins to argue with Trixie, both insisting that they're superior to the other. Trixie challenges Rainbow Dash and Gilda, saying that she can surpass them in any activity. After she calls Gilda a chicken, Gilda accepts and challenges Trixie to fly. Trixie does so, and with a great number of magical lights and sparks, appears in the air riding an enchanted carpet. Gilda yanks the carpet away, causing Trixie to fall. Trixie manages to cast a bubble spell around herself so she survives the fall unscathed. Raindrops has had enough and first screams at, then attacks, Gilda. The two fight and both land substantial blows, including Gilda throwing Raindrops through Trixie's front window. Rainbow Dash threatens to fire Raindrops if she continues, so Raindrops resigns and continues to attack Gilda.

Eventually, the two combatants tire, and Gilda says that Raindrops impressed her. She tells Rainbow Dash that she's leaving town, then flies away. Trixie tells Raindrops that she just made a new friend, which stuns her. Rainbow Dash tells Raindrops that she's not fired or anything, but can take the rest of the day (and the next one) off. Raindrops nods, thinking that she'll be helping to repair the damage she and Gilda caused in their fight.

The next day, Rainbow Dash returns to work. She checks in with Cloud Kicker, then goes to her station, where she springs a trap that drops a bucket of liquid on her head. She yells at her staff that she wants to know who is responsible, then goes to towel off. Only then does she realize that the liquid has leached all the color out of her mane. As Rainbow Dash panics and screams, an invisible Trixie smiles to herself and sneaks away.


  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Each chapter name is a snowclone of the form 'The (adjective) Jerk'.
  • It's Personal - Trixie finally agrees to help Raindrops when she gets pranked.
  • Mythology Gag - The reactions of Rose, Lily and Daisy to the caterpillar prank resemble their reactions from the MLP episode Applebuck Season.
    • Trixie thinks there might be some neighsayers in the audience.
    • Gilda's line "Oh, you wanna do this the hard way!" is the same as Dash's from the MLP episode Party of One.
  • Rage Breaking Point - you do not hurt Raindrops' friends.
  • Too Dumb to Fool - Dash and Gilda believe this of Ditzy Doo when their beehive-in-a-mailbox trap fails to work on her (Ditzy just takes the beehive).
  • Third-Person Person - Trixie momentarily lapses into this when discussing her 'Masterfully Perfect Plan' with Raindrops.
  • Unstoppable Rage - Raindrops is finally provoked into this.