Recap / Lunaverse S 1 E 3 W 1 Trixies Winter Wrap Up

Trixie: You got me out of bed, made me work with this crazy fashion mare, and spoke of how much pride Ponyville had when it comes to making Winter Wrap Up a community effort, yet you've been late for the past decade, and in fact have no direction whatsoever? Am I correct in this, Miss Mayor?

Written by Blackbelt

It's Winter Wrap Up day in Ponyville. While all the other ponies go to the town square to receive their assignments, Trixie remains slumbering in bed. The singing of her friends briefly wakes her up, but she opts to remain in bed. Her plans are thwarted, though, when the Mayor knocks on her door. She informs Trixie that, unlike in Canterlot, the Ponyville residents don't hire crews to handle Winter Wrap Up, but instead do it all themselves. Additionally, Luna contacted her and ordered her to ensure that Trixie actually contributed. Defeated, Trixie goes out to help the others.

Trixie winds up helping Rarity make bird nests. Though she is aggravated by Rarity's theatrics, as well as by her insistence that no magic is to be used, she shows immediate proficiency at making the nests with her hooves. Even Rarity is impressed, and the two begin making them quickly. After some time, though, they run out of red ribbon. This causes Rarity to panic, but Trixie doesn't care and just keeps making nests.

At the end of the day, Trixie finds that she's made more nests than Rarity, and her nests look better too. Even Rarity grudgingly admits this. However, Trixie is annoyed to realize that they were the only group to finish their job. They go to complain to the Mayor,who admits that no one is in charge of the day and she just lets everyone do what they want. Trixie yells at her and announces that she's going back to bed.