Recap / Lunaverse S 1 E 4 W 1 Never Give Up

Raindrops: If you or somepony had stepped in to try to stop the fight, I'm afraid I wouldn’t have been able to tell. I was so mad, so angry, that I didn't care what got in my way. I wanted to hurt her so badly, Trixie, and I could have hurt Rainbow Dash, or the foals... or you.

Written by ColdGoldLazarus

A drunken Trixie attempts to locate Raindrops in the Everfree Forest, feeling concerned about her after the events of Griffin Over the Line. After a brief pursuit through Ponyville, she finds her on top of a hill. Raindrops begins to come clean about her anger issues, and how afraid she is that one day, when she loses control again, she'll hurt someone she cares about.

Trixie tries to comfort her as much as she can, and while her advice isn't exactly great, Raindrops appreciates that she made the effort. She is, however, a little suspicious at Trixie's sudden wisdom, to which Trixie sheepishly admits that she had to get herself drunk just to work up the courage to confront her.