Recap / Haven S 3 E 13 Thanks For The Memories

The next morning, Duke and Nathan come to Audrey's apartment to find the bodyguard dead and Audrey missing. They figure that Arla took her and Nathan is upset, thinking Audrey may have already disappeared. Duke says if she had, the Troubles would be gone. Nathan angrily slaps him and accuses him of being selfish, but Duke tells him to calm down and think. Since Nathan didn't feel it, then it means the Troubles are still here and Audrey hasn't gone into The Barn yet. They figure The Barn will appear on Kick'Em Jenny Neck and try to leave, only to find Duke's motorboat has been taken.

Audrey and Arla take the motorboat to the island and find Agent Howard in safari gear, bird watching. He offers to take Audrey to The Barn and tells Arla that James went into town a while ago. James isn't aware that 27 years have passed and is struggling to adjust to the changes, but Howard gave him a cellphone. Arla excitedly calls him and says she will meet him soon. She goes to the boat and leaves. Howard tells Audrey they have some catching up to do.

Howard takes Audrey to his campsite and pours her some tea. The Barn appears and Howard says it comes for her, but she has to leave of her own free will. She says she doesn't want to go. Howard says that is understandable and encourages her to find another way to end the Troubles, but she'd better do it soon, or else The Hunter will destroy Haven.

Duke and Nathan steal a boat and go to the island. They find Audrey, and she turns around to find that Agent Howard and The Barn have disappeared. She decides to find Arla and James, remembering that Arla said her husband knew of another way to stop the Troubles. As they return to the mainland, a meteor falls and destroys a building.

Dwight finds Vince loading up his car. When Dwight asks to borrow a jack, he hears a noise from the trunk and Vince reluctantly opens it. Dave, bound and gagged, is inside. Vince explains that his brother attacked him and then released the captive Arla. Dwight says that it's too dangerous to leave Dave in the trunk now that the meteor storm has begun, and Vince reluctantly agrees. However, as soon as Dwight leaves, Vince slams the trunk shut and keeps packing.

A single meteor falls every once in a while. The trio go to the bakery where Arla and James were to meet but find that they already left. A waiter says James was looking sick. Nathan figures that if The Barn brought James back to life he may be dependent on it to survive. Duke says he will hack the security cameras to look for them, while Nathan and Audrey put out an APB on the couple.

Arla takes James to a boarding house she is using as a base and tries to treat his fever. He asks how she still looks so young and she brushes the question off. He asks where his mother is and she says his mother will never hurt him again. A cellphone rings. Arla checks her purse full of stolen cellphones and answers Claire's phone. Duke tells her that Audrey won't go into the barn until she knows James is safe, and suggests that Audrey will summon the barn to save James. He tells Arla to bring James to The Barn and meet him there, and he'll take care of the rest. Arla asks why she should trust him, and he says he's sick of the Troubles and also doesn't want the town to get flattened by the meteors.

Dwight goes back to Vince's car and finds Dave is still in the trunk. He lets Dave out and Dave explains that Vince tied him up because they disagreed on what to do about Audrey. Vince wants Audrey to end the Troubles by entering The Barn but Dave is sick of using Sarah/Lucy/Audrey as a 27-year stop-gap. Fifty-four years ago they tried to keep Sarah out of the barn and it didn't work. Dave figures that they need to find Vince and assures Dwight that he knows where his brother is going.

Arla meets Duke in a field and they carry James to The Barn, which has materialized there. Duke asks why she's killed people so wantonly and she says she did it for love, and that he'd understand if he's ever truly loved someone. Audrey and Nathan meet them in front of The Barn. Arla threatens them with her gun and orders Audrey to take James into the barn so he can be healed again and then to bring him out. Duke reveals that he secretly removed the bullets from her gun. He says he does want the Troubles to end, but not at Audrey's expense. Audrey tries to wake James up, who is unresponsive. Arla begs them to save him before The Barn disappears, but Audrey says the The Barn will stay until she leaves of her own free will.

Suddenly, James revives and runs into The Barn. Audrey prepares to go after him, while promising that she won't disappear unless she wants to. Duke guards Arla while Nathan goes with Audrey. Duke makes Nathan promise to get Audrey out again. The pair enter The Barn. To their shock and amazement, while the outside looks like an average wooden barn, the inside looks like a bright white endless hallway (as in it's a lot bigger on the inside), with many, many doors. Nathan says his sense of touch is back and they figure The Barn negates the Troubles of people inside. He suggests they try to destroy The Barn.

They suddenly find themselves outside. Young versions of Vince and Dave drive up with Sarah. Audrey and Nathan realize they are seeing the past. The brothers plant dynamite on The Barn, but the explosion has no effect. Sarah thanks them for trying but says she has to leave. She thanks them for helping her get her son adopted. They sadly ask who James' father was, and she wistfully says he hasn't been born yet. Audrey wonders what her past self means, while Nathan realizes that Sarah was talking about him.

Agent Howard (back in his typical suit) walks up and they find themselves back in the white hallway. He says he showed them Sarah's memory to prove that it is futile to try to destroy The Barn. Nathan says it could be fake, so Howard says there is a memory that Nathan knows cannot possibly be fake. The pair find themselves on a beach. Nathan realizes where and when they are and desperately tries to stop Audrey from looking around. They find Nathan and Sarah in her car making love. James walks up and runs away when he sees them.

They try to follow him and Nathan finds himself alone in the maze-like hallway. James walks up and asks who he is, and Nathan says he is his father. James is mildly surprised and says he did wonder a little who his father was. When Nathan tries to assure James that Audrey is trying to help, he insists that Audrey plans to kill him. James says that in 1983, he and Arla came to Haven in an effort to find his birth mother Sarah Vernon. They found Lucy Ripley instead, and helped her with the Troubles. James found out that if Lucy killed him, it would end the Troubles for good. Before he could process this, somebody attacked him from behind on the beach (the site of the Colorado Kid murder). Audrey walks up and James runs away again.

Outside, Arla mocks Duke for being so in love with Audrey that he'd do anything for her even though she loves Nathan. He tells her to shut up and then Jordan and many members of The Guard arrive. The Guard points guns at them and say they are there to make sure Audrey doesn't leave The Barn. Despite being surrounded and outgunned, Duke prepares to fight. Jordan asks why he is opposing them when he wants the Troubles to end as much as they do. Arla says it is because he loves Audrey. Jordan mocks him and says neither Duke nor Nathan can have Audrey.

Nathan confesses to Audrey that he did sleep with Sarah during his trip through time (see "Sarah"), making him James' father. Audrey says she isn't mad, because at least she has a legacy to leave behind when she disappears. Nathan promises that she won't disappear and tells her what James told him about ending the Troubles with his death. Audrey calls for Howard, saying she won't make a decision unless she sees her son. Howard and James walk up, but James demands to see Arla and ends up punching Nathan when he protests. Audrey gets an idea and says she will get her.

Dave is running through the woods when Vince shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. However, it's a trap: Dwight grabs Vince and Dave reveals he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Vince insists that Audrey has to enter the barn and stop the Troubles, but Dave refuses to keep using her and wants to give her a chance to find an alternative. The trio go to The Barn and Vince orders The Guard to stand down and leave. They obey and start walking away. Confused, Jordan asks why they are listening to this old man and Vince says he is the leader of The Guard. He rolls up his sleeve and the circular maze tattoo materializes on his left forearm. He says this time, they should let Audrey make her own decision and Jordan reluctantly leaves. Vince tells the wary Duke that his influence was the only reason why The Guard hadn't tried to kill him, since everybody in The Guard hates the Crockers.

Audrey comes out and tells Arla her husband wants to see her. She happily comes inside with Audrey, but to James' horror, her skin now looks dried up with the stitches visible. Audrey explains that Troubles don't work inside The Barn, so her stolen skin has gone back to normal. James asks if it is true that Arla killed several people to take their skin. Arla says it is true, but it doesn't matter. James is disgusted and shoves her away. Furious, Arla draws a knife and lunges at Audrey. James tries to stop her and Arla accidentally stabs him in the gut. As he falls, Arla yells that it is Audrey's fault and attacks her again, but Audrey swiftly defeats her and stabs her with the knife. Nathan carries Arla's corpse out of The Barn to prevent her from resurrecting while Audrey attends her son. James admits that Arla lied about Lucy being the one who killed him back in 1983. He tells Audrey that Lucy was the one who told him that her killing someone she loves would stop the Troubles for good. Since Audrey doesn't love him because she doesn't know him, she can't kill him to stop the Troubles. He asks her who she does love.

James disappears and Howard says The Barn is healing him. Howard explains that Audrey's energy is amplified by The Barn to end the Troubles. However, the energy starts to run out after 27 years, so she has to go out into the world to recharge on love. Audrey asks if she is being punished and if she is even human. Howard answers, "Oh Audrey, that's your problem. You are very, very human." Now that she knows the second way to end the Troubles, she must make her choice, before Haven is completely destroyed.

Audrey says she must say goodbye to her friends first, so she and Howard step out. She explains that the second way to end the Troubles is for her to kill the person she loves. She can never kill Nathan, so she has no choice but to go back into The Barn and disappear. She says goodbye to Dwight, Vince, and Dave. Vince and Dave admit that after going through this twice (in 1956 and 1983), it still hurts. They and Dwight sadly leave. She hugs Duke and kisses him on the cheek, whispering that they'll always have Colorado. She then kisses Nathan passionately, saying she's sorry that she won't remember them when she comes back in 27 years. Nathan begs her to take him with her, but she says it is in Haven's best interest that he stay. It will be okay, because she will be with their son. She hands Duke her gun and orders him to make sure Nathan doesn't follow her. Nathan tries to push past Duke, but Duke says they have to respect her decision, no matter how much they both hate it.

Nathan realizes Duke is in love with Audrey too, and yells at him for being willing to let her go. He shoves Duke away and takes the gun, but Audrey enters The Barn. Nathan tries to get in but the door won't budge no matter how hard he hits it. Howard says they already established that The Barn is indestructible. Nathan says he bets Howard isn't and points the gun at him. Suddenly, Jordan appears and shoots Nathan in the back. Nathan ignores it and shoots Howard several times, making him fall. Jordan shoots Nathan a few more times and he collapses. Duke catches him and uses the gun to shoot Jordan.

The Barn fills with light and starts to slowly implode, like a black hole. Duke looks up in horror and finds that the meteors are now falling faster. Howard's body ruptures with light and disappears. Arla's corpse gets sucked into The Barn. Nathan desperately tells Duke to save Audrey. Duke charges and leaps into the light coming from the now broken door. Nathan tries to follow but The Barn disappears. Nathan bursts into tears and screams, "Audrey!" over and over again, as more meteors slam down onto Haven.

To Be Continued...