Recap / Haven S 3 E 12 Reunion

Continuing where "Last Goodbyes" left off, a horrified Audrey asks the Bolt Gun Killer when Claire was killed and replaced. The killer says she killed Claire recently, and was able to pass as her because Claire kept a very thorough journal and notes on everyone she meets. The Bolt Gun Killer says she is the true victim, but then recalls from her observations as Claire that Audrey doesn't remember what Lucy Ripley did to her. She talks about James Cogan and The Barn and hints about knowing how to stop the Troubles, then smashes her gun against Audrey's head, knocking her out cold.

A few minutes later, Nathan comes to visit and wakes her up. They wonder why the Bolt Gun Killer didn't kill her. He briefly suspects the killer is wearing her skin, but Audrey touches him and he feels it, proving it's really her. They figure the killer wants Audrey alive to find The Barn, and will have to change skins now that her Claire disguise is compromised.

In the high school, a teenager runs into the gym, chased by an unseen figure. He tries to hide behind the bleachers, but his pursuer pushes the bleachers against the wall, crushing him to death.

The next morning, Audrey and Nathan are called in about the dead boy. The coroner thinks the boy had stolen his father's wallet, but a shocked Nathan looks him over and says he actually is Paul Sullivan, his old classmate. He's somehow reverted in age. Audrey looks around and realizes Nathan's high school reunion is being held here tonight. Three of Nathan's old classmates, the ones organizing the reunion, walk up. Denise, former Queen Bee and bully, still stunning. She hits on Nathan, even though she had mocked him back then. Robert Taylor, former dork, now a motivational speaker and very buff and attractive. And Jeanine, former Prom Queen, now fat. Robert says he and his two companions had dinner with Paul the night before. Paul mocked Jeanine for letting herself go before leaving.

Nathan and Audrey meet with Duke, Vince, Dave, and Dwight. They inform them that Claire is dead. Nathan says he's entered all the victims' missing body parts into his computer and the composite sketch program is just about finished putting together the Bolt Gun Killer's custom disguise. It gets... Arla Cogan, the Colorado Kid's wife.

Meanwhile, the Bolt Gun Killer has finished sewing together the various body parts. She puts it on and the stitches vanish, leaving the skin flawless. Arla Cogan is reborn.

Duke figures the Bolt Gun Killer was Arla Cogan the whole time. She had disappeared when James Cogan was supposedly killed so she probably waited 27 years for her Trouble to reactivate so she could see him again with her own face. Everyone leaves to do research. Audrey is determined to fight; this is the last day before The Hunter.

Later, Duke goes to The Grey Gull. Jeanine walks in and hits on him, and he nervously tries to brush her off. Arla walks in and discretely shows Duke that she has a gun, so the two leave together. Jeanine, thinking Arla was Duke's girlfriend, gets angry and jealous. Robert walks in and Jeanine tells him what happened.

Arla tells Duke that she wants to end the Troubles and to do so, she has to get to The Barn. She wants Duke to help, aware of how he feels about Audrey, and reminds him that Audrey is in love with Nathan. Duke isn't interested at first but Arla figures that Duke plans to work with Nathan to stop Audrey from going back into The Barn. Duke considers and then asks Arla what she wants him to do.

Vince and Dave check their records and find an article saying a woman's burned body was found near the fishing shack shortly after the Colorado Kid murder. The brothers figure that was why "Tommy" was so familiar with their shack, because it was the site of Arla's first murder. Dwight comes in and warns them that The Guard is preparing to move against Nathan and Duke if they try to stop Audrey from going into The Barn. After Dwight leaves, the brothers figure that Arla is also tailing Nathan and Duke, and decide to try to catch her on their own.

Nathan and Audrey go back to the high school when they receive a report that Denise is dead. She was scalded to death with hot grease in the kitchen and she has also been transformed into a teenager. They figure that someone from the reunion is out for revenge and Nathan suggests that Audrey deal with wrapping up her personal issues before she disappears. Audrey assures him that she'd rather spend her last day with him.

The officers meet Robert and Jeanine and tell them about Denise's death. They say a Trouble is involved, but despite what happened to Paul and Denise's bodies, Robert and Jeanine scoff and say the Troubles are just stories. Robert admits that both of the dead classmates were bullies in high school and someone they went after could want them dead. Nathan suggests not cancelling the reunion, to keep the potential victims in one place, and they agree.

Duke goes to the docks and finds a box. Curious, he opens it and finds a snake inside. As he draws back, someone hits him over the head and knocks him into the water. He swims back and finds that he's now a teenager.

Audrey and Nathan look over Nathan's old class photos and she's amused at how he looked like a dork back then. Duke walks in and explains what happened to him. Nathan points out that Duke once put a snake in somebody's locker, but Duke says he doesn't remember who he did it to.

Later, Dwight visits Audrey and reports that Arla contacted The Guard 27 years ago and begged them to help her bring The Barn back, but they refused, both because they didn't know how and didn't want to. Audrey asks what his connection to The Guard is. He says he was once a member, but quit after he realized how corrupt they were and after they caused the death of his daughter Lizzie. He asks if she will go into The Barn when it arrives and she says she doesn't want to, but she will if there is no other choice.

Nathan meets with Jeanine at the park and questions her. She admits that she does have a Trouble, but it has nothing to do with making people younger. Her Trouble is that any food she touches turns into cake. That is how she got so fat. Nathan says he believes her and she leaves. Duke walks up and is worried that he'll be stuck like this. Nathan says to appreciate it, as he has the chance to redo the next ten years of his life and wishes he could do the same with Audrey. Arla stalks them from the bushes when Vince and Dave capture her.

The brothers tie her to a chair in their newspaper office. Rather than answer their questions, she asks why they didn't turn her in to the police. The Teagues refuse to answer and ask why she wants to know about The Barn. She says she wants to be there when Audrey goes inside, as there is another way to stop the Troubles. Confused, Vince asks what this other way is. Out of nowhere, Dave hits Vince over the head and knocks him out. Dave says he will let her go if she tells him what the other way is.

The reunion goes underway. Jeanine is confused at Duke's appearance and he hastily says he is Duke's son. She turns a piece of broccoli into a slice of chocolate cake and offers it to him. "On Bended Knee" by BoysIIMen plays and Jeanine asks Duke to dance. Audrey asks Nathan to dance. He says he isn't very good, especially since he can't feel his feet. Audrey sighs and asks, "Why do I always go for the shy ones?" just like Sarah did in "Sarah". He goes to her and they slow dance. Nathan suddenly realizes Robert was bullied back then and might be the killer.

In the hallway, Robert meets Becka and Chaz. Chaz remembers Paul playing a prank on Robert where he convinced him that Denise wanted to meet him under the bleachers. Robert defensively says that he got locked in and complains that he got detention when he didn't show up for the next morning. Laughing, the two tell Robert that he's a loser and go to the boiler room. Robert tries to hold his temper in, then turns into a teenager.

Arla enters the high school.

Chaz and Becka start making out in the boiler room and find that they've been locked in. The boiler starts to overload and pipes burst. The heroes spot the teenage Robert running away. Audrey pursues him into the gym while Nathan and Duke break the door down and save Chaz and Becka. The people panic and run away except for Jeanine. Audrey tries to convince Robert to stop, and that killing his old bullies doesn't make things right. He says she has no right to tell him what to do, and says he bets she was pretty back in high school like his bullies. He grabs her hand, but to his shock nothing happens. In a rage, he tries to attack Audrey with a wrench, but Arla shows up and shoots him. She smirks and leaves. Audrey calls an ambulance.

Duke and Nathan arrive and Robert reverts to his adult self. They find that he has no memory of his younger self's actions. Nathan figures that Robert's Trouble activated when he came back for the reunion and remembered everything that happened to him. Robert realizes what he's done and blames himself, but Jeanine steps forward and says that she knows how he feels. He figures she never knew he existed in high school, but Jeanine assures him that she noticed him and thought he was cool. Robert tells Jeanine that she's still the prettiest girl in the as far as he's concerned and they take each other's hands... and Duke is restored to his normal age.

Dwight takes Robert and Jeanine out of Haven. Audrey, Nathan, and Duke figure they should get some sleep before The Barn arrives. They promise to try to prevent Audrey from going in, even if they have to fight The Guard to do it.

Audrey goes back to her apartment to find Arla waiting for her, having killed the bodyguard Duke posted there. Arla believes that James will come out of The Barn when it returns, because Lucy Ripley took James' corpse into it 27 years ago. Lucy believed that The Barn would heal James' mortal wound and bring him back to life, and offered to let Arla come with them. Arla's Trouble manifested shortly after James died and her skin fell off. She instinctively killed a woman to take her skin as she didn't want James to see her in her new condition. Lucy was disgusted by her casual attitude towards the murder. By the time Arla got to the barn, Lucy had already gone inside with James and Arla couldn't get inside before it disappeared.

Now Arla wants Audrey to take her to The Barn so they can meet James when he comes out. Audrey refuses, saying she's not letting Arla go anywhere near her son, but Arla says James knew a way to end the Troubles for good. If Audrey helps her, then Arla will have James back and the Troubles will be over forever. If she doesn't, then Audrey and everyone she loves will die.

As The Hunter meteor shower begins, The Barn materializes in a field. James Cogan and Agent Howard step out. Howard asks James where he wants to go. James runs toward Haven.