Recap / Haven S 3 E 9 Sarah
Nathan and Sarah's picnic.
One night, Duke is on his boat going through his father's old things. He admires a gold doubloon he finds and pockets it. He examples Simon's journal and finds that his grandfather Roy Crocker used it before him. The last page Roy wrote on says "August 16, 1955: Stuart Mosley". Attached to the page is a newspaper obituary saying Roy Crocker was found dead on August 16, 1955. Written in pen on the back of the obituary is "Killed by Sarah Vernon."

The next morning, Duke looks up Stuart Mosley and finds that he's still alive. He decides to visit the elderly man's house in an effort to find out what happened to his grandfather and finds him working on his garden. Stuart seems to recognize him and asks what he is doing here. He points at Duke and Duke vanishes. Duke finds himself at the beach and figures that Stuart teleported him away. He tries his cellphone and gets no service. He walks back into town and finds that it looks radically different. He talks to a local and discovers that he's in 1955.

Trying to process this, he goes to the bar and orders a drink. The bartender, Junior, pokes fun at Duke's long hair and asks if he's trying to imitate Tonto from The Lone Ranger. A bar fight breaks out between the soldiers and sailors in the bar. Duke quietly sits in the corner with his drink, but when Junior gets knocked back and almost falls on a broken chair, Duke saves him. The police arrives and arrests the troublemakers and Duke, despite his protests. At the station, Duke notices a man with the circular maze tattoo was arrested and figures he's a member of The Guard. The deputy mocks Duke's long hair and says his "fake" ID and money (because of the present dates on them) are suspicious, but he's lucky because Junior vouched for him and bailed him out.

Meanwhile, in the present, Audrey and Nathan are taking a walk and she's about to tell him what they learned in Colorado. She stops and asks why Vince and Dave's newspaper office has been replaced by a comic book store. Nathan has no idea what she is talking about and says that store was always there. Vince and Dave have been dead for 15 years. Audrey realizes that the timeline has been changed somehow, and that she remembers the original timeline because of her immunity to the Troubles.

Back in 1955, Duke asks a desk sergeant to help him find Stuart Mosley, but the man just hands him a phone book and walks away. He looks through it and finds that Stuart Mosley and Sarah Vernon are not in it. He finds the number for Worldwide Post Delivery and gets an idea.

In the present, Nathan says he believes Audrey. He asks if he and Jordan are still dating in the original timeline, and Audrey reluctantly says yes. She checks her mail and finds an old envelope from 1955. Duke had mailed it with instructions to deliver it to her in the present day. The letter has Duke explaining what happened to him.

Audrey and Nathan go to Stuart's house. Nathan finds a photo of Stuart and his family on the front porch and pockets it. Stuart tells Audrey that she looks like his old friend Sarah Vernon. He recognizes Nathan and makes him vanish.

Back in 1955, Duke goes back to the bar and thanks Junior for bailing him out of jail. Junior says it was the least he could do for saving his life. Duke, realizing his present money is useless in this time, asks Junior for some money and offers to trade his gold doubloon. Junior accepts, saying his son is a fan of pirates and will like the coin. Nathan walks into the bar, having acquired a hat at some point. Duke and Nathan share drinks at a table and talk about the changes to the timeline. Duke says the only significant change that he did was saving Junior's life.

As they talk about whether Junior has to die to restore history as they know it, Junior comes over with more beer. Nathan comments on his nickname and the bartender says that his name is really Roy Crocker. Duke realizes that he saved his grandfather on the day that the journal said he would die. Once Roy goes back to work, Duke explains who Roy is and that the journal reveals that Sarah killed him on that day in 1955. Considering the matter, he realizes that if he kills his grandfather then his own Trouble will eliminate the Trouble from the Crocker bloodline... curing Duke. Duke realizes that he has no choice but to kill Roy and preserve their history, and will keep an eye on him while Nathan goes to the station to contact the Guard prisoner that Duke mentioned.

Back in the present, Audrey is trying to find Stuart, who vanished. Claire walks up and asks what Audrey is doing out in the open. Claire says Haven is a virtual war zone now that Reverend Driscoll's men have taken over the town and are rounding up the Troubled and anyone who helps them to be exterminated. Audrey realizes the timeline has changed again and tries to explain that Duke and Nathan were sent into the past, but Claire claims Nathan died protecting Audrey from Driscoll's men. Claire says they have to hurry up and escape the town while they still can.

Back in 1955, Nathan puts on his badge and walks to the police station. A little boy is playing with a toy car on the sidewalk. The car rolls away and Nathan returns it. Impressed by Nathan's badge, the boy says he wants to be a policeman when he grows up, and introduces himself as Garland Wuornos. Stunned, Nathan assures his father that he can be a great policeman and goes inside. He bails The Guard member out of jail and escorts him out, using his circular maze tattoo to pose as a member of The Guard. Nathan asks about Stuart Mosley, and The Guard member says Stuart is a Troubled Korean War veteran who is returning home that day. Nathan says he will look into it and leaves. The deputy was eavesdropping on them and calls Roy. He says there is another Troubled man to kill. Roy reluctantly says he will do it and mails a birthday card to his son Simon Crocker, putting the gold doubloon in the envelope. Duke follows Roy to the docks.

The deputy hands Roy a gun and explains that Stuart is an injured Korean War veteran. Roy is horrified and refuses to do the job. The deputy angrily reminds Roy that it is the Crocker's job to eliminate Troubles and threatens him with his gun, but Duke knocks the deputy out and tells Roy to run. Duke hides the deputy behind a crate and finds Nathan. He admits that he saved Roy again and says that Roy doesn't want to kill people, just like Duke. Duke suggests they can convince Roy to leave Haven with his family.

The ferry carrying Korean War veterans arrives. Nathan and Duke are shocked to find that the nurse pushing Stuart's wheelchair is Audrey with red hair, Sarah Vernon. Nathan looks smitten. As Sarah takes Stuart to the hospital, Nathan says he will follow her. Duke notices the look on Nathan's face and tells him to get his head back in the game.

Roy goes back to the bar and writes Stuart's name in his journal. Duke walks in and says they have to talk.

Nathan goes to the hospital and enters Stuart's room. Stuart is catatonic. Sarah walks in and demands to know what Nathan is doing with her patient. She grabs him by the ear and drags him out of the building (and like Audrey, Nathan can feel her). Sarah says Stuart was deeply traumatized by his experiences in the war and threatens to strangle Nathan if he bothers him again. Deeply impressed by how tough she is, Nathan calls her incredible and starts to leave, but Sarah says that he can't just call a woman incredible and walk away.

Duke tells Roy he and his family should move out of Haven to keep them safe from the deputy and the others who want to use his Trouble for their own ends. Roy says that is not feasible because they barely have any money. Duke offers to give him a foolproof investment tip so that he'll have enough money to take his family to California, and Roy agrees as long as Duke can talk his wife into it. Duke goes to the bathroom, leaving his jacket on the counter. Roy notices a journal in Duke's jacket. Curious, he looks through it, and is shocked to find that it is the same as his own. When Duke comes out of the bathroom, Roy ambushes him and knocks him out.

Nathan and Sarah have a picnic on the beach, where she talks about her wartime experiences. Nathan is surprised when she says that this is her first time in Haven. She is only here to look after Stuart and she's not sure how to help him. Nathan tells her not to be afraid of what she can't understand and confirms that she doesn't know the Crockers. Sarah says that the war taught her to take advantage of any opportunity that passes by and to live every day like it's her last, then tries to kiss him. He nervously tries to leave, and she complains, "Why do I always go for the shy ones?" Nathan turns around and kisses her passionately.

Roy ties Duke to a chair in the back of the bar and demands answers. The journal Duke has is identical to his own, except it has several extra entries (Simon's) and the obituary saying Roy will be killed by Sarah Vernon, who Roy has never heard of. Duke says he is Roy's grandson and Simon's son. Roy says Simon is only eight. Duke says he is from the future and wanted to prevent Roy's death to make his family happier. He explains exactly how the Crocker Trouble works, how if the blood of a Troubled person gets on their skin, they absorb it, their eyes turn silver, and they gain super strength. How if they kill a Troubled person, everyone else in that person's family is rendered normal. Roy says he believes him and he doesn't want Simon to grow up without a father. But then he declares he will do this by killing Sarah before she can kill him. Horrified, Duke begs him to reconsider, but Roy gags him and leaves.

Nathan finds Duke and unties him. Duke says they have to stop Roy before it is too late.

Back in the present, Claire tells Audrey that The Guard is smuggling people out of Haven to save them from Driscoll's men. They will meet a member soon.

Back in 1955, Sarah wheels Stuart out for some fresh air and she talks about how the war records say that Stuart's platoon disappeared while under enemy fire. One year later, they walked out of the jungle and only seconds had passed from their point of view. The shell-shocked Stuart doesn't respond and Sarah tells him that he shouldn't be afraid of what he can't understand.

Back in the present, Claire takes Audrey to see... Garland Wuornos. Overjoyed, Audrey runs up and hugs him. Audrey explains that she is from a timeline where Nathan didn't die. Garland realizes from Audrey's reaction to him that he had died in the original timeline. Nevertheless, Garland promises to help her restore the timeline once they escape Haven, saying that no father should ever outlive his son. Unfortunately, Driscoll's men spot the trio and capture them.

Back in 1955, Nathan goes to the hospital and warns Sarah that Roy is coming to kill her. Sarah asks if this is some kind of joke, and Nathan asks her to use her intuition. She looks into his eyes and says she trusts him. He hands her his gun and asks her to sneak into the basement, where Duke is waiting. Sarah kisses him before leaving.

She goes into the basement and meets Duke, but Roy shows up and threatens her with his gun. She points Nathan's gun at him in response. Duke begs them to stand down and that there is a chance they can all walk away unharmed. They both put their guns down, but Roy suddenly draws a knife and lunges at Sarah. Lightning fast, Sarah picks Nathan's gun back up and shoots him. Some of Roy's blood gets on Duke, making him absorb it and his eyes glow silver. Roy apologizes to his grandson and dies.

Depressed, Duke explains to Nathan what happened and goes to get some fresh air. Sarah returns his gun and asks why Roy, a total stranger, was trying to kill her. Nathan explains about the Troubles and how she can help them.

Stuart is starting to regain consciousness, and Sarah agrees to try to convince him to send Nathan and Duke home. When he remembers that Stuart recognized him in the present, Nathan realizes that it was because they met in 1955. He suggests that Stuart sends people to times that he is thinking of. Stuart sent his platoon a year forward in time because he wanted the war to be over and sent Nathan and Duke back because he was reminiscing. Nathan pulls out the photo of old Stuart with his family and says they can use it to get Stuart to think of the present day. Sarah realizes that if she succeeds then it's the last time that she'll see Nathan. She worries that she can't help the Troubled alone and Duke returns and tells her to look up Vince and Dave.

Back in the present, Driscoll's men force Audrey, Claire, and Garland to kneel and prepare to execute them.

Back in 1955, Sarah shows Stuart the photo, saying it is him. He will survive to a ripe old age and have a large family. He smiles and bursts into tears of joy. Nathan takes the photo back just as he and Duke vanish.

Back in the present, one of Driscoll's men shoots Audrey in the head, but right before the bullet hits, time freezes and then reverses. The next thing Audrey, Nathan, and Duke know, they're standing in front of old Stuart's house. The boys hide before Stuart spots them. He says Audrey looks familiar. Audrey says she was looking for directions and quickly leaves after he gives them.

Duke is sad that he failed to prevent his grandfather's death. Audrey reassures him and he leaves. She asks Nathan about her past self and he says she was a nurse who had just arrived in Haven. She wonders if Sarah mentioned anything about a son and tells Nathan that the Colorado Kid was Sarah's son... and thus, Audrey's.

Back in 1955, Sarah goes to a phone booth and calls her superior, Captain Howard. She says that she would like to stay in Haven and feels she can do a lot of good here. Howard gives permission for her to stay. Captain Howard, the same person as Agent Howard from the present, but wearing an army uniform, is watching her from a distance as he talks to her on his jeep's phone.

Tropes that appeared in "Sarah":

  • A Day in the Limelight: Sarah's only previously been seen in very brief and occasional flashbacks, but this is the episode where her time in Haven is extensively shown.
  • Deleted Scene: Duke is on his boat when he hears someone behind him. He draws a knife and stabs the intruder, then finds that it was Audrey. Duke then wakes up from his nightmare and decides to look through his father's old things.
  • Wham Episode: First extensive look at Sarah Vernon's life, first indication that her History Repeats, and is likely Sarah's/Lucy's/Audrey's first ever case helping the Troubled.
  • Write Back to the Future: One look at a worldwide postage ad inspires Duke to do this to tell Audrey what happened to him.