Recap / Haven S 3 E 11 Last Goodbyes

Audrey and Nathan summon Duke, Claire, Vince, and Dave to the Bolt Gun Killer's lair and show them the skins. They explain that the killer wears other people's skin to impersonate them. In hindsight, "Tommy" made a lot of rookie mistakes, so they figure that the Bolt Gun Killer does not gain the memories and skills of his victims. They need to be careful, the Bolt Gun Killer could even be one of them.

They call in the other cops to dig up the ground around the factory. They find several dead women with various body parts removed.

That night, Audrey goes to her apartment above The Grey Gull and calls Nathan. He says maybe they should talk in the morning. Later, she tries to call him again, but gets his voicemail.

The next morning, Audrey drives to the station. When a car won't move at a green light, she gets out to check on the driver and finds him unconscious. She looks around and finds everybody around is unconscious as well. At the station, everyone is unconscious, including Nathan.

In a flashback, Audrey and Nathan discuss the bodies found. They figure the Bolt Gun Killer was taking body parts off women to build a custom skin. Nathan figures they can ID all the victims and make a composite of the killer's custom disguise. Audrey laments the loss of life, pointing out a woman who had her lips removed and was stripped of all her clothing except one puffin earring. Audrey and Nathan swear to find and take the killer down.

Back in the present, Audrey wanders the streets when a man wearing only one shoe walks up. She draws her gun and demands he identify himself. He says he can't remember anything and he has no wallet. Audrey introduces herself and the man says all he can remember is waking up on the side of the road in this town where everybody is asleep.

Audrey has the man take her to where he woke up and he leads her to a spot near an ambulance. The driver is unconscious and the man's missing shoe is in the back. Audrey figures that the man was being transported to the hospital and was ejected from the ambulance when it ran to a halt. She wonders if he healed himself and the man admits that he doesn't know anything about the Troubles, and isn't convinced by Audrey's story. The man wonders why Audrey wasn't affected if he does have the Troubles and Audrey tries to explain about her own ability. He suggests that she's the one responsible and Audrey tells him to come with her to the station.

In a flashback, Audrey and Claire test each other over their identities. Claire makes a mistake and Audrey draws her gun, but Claire says she was testing her and gives the right answer. After they are both satisfied that neither is the Bolt Gun Killer, Audrey is sad that there are only a few days left before The Hunter. Claire says just in case they fail to find a way to keep her in Haven, she should at least say goodbye to everyone before she disappears.

Back in the present, Audrey and the man go to the station. She tries to look up the 911 records to see who called an ambulance for the man, but there's a power surge and the server goes down. Audrey suspects the man, who gives a medical description of retrograde amnesia. She thinks he might have been a doctor, and asks him to examine Nathan. He looks him over and points out bruises forming on Nathan. He says the people are not asleep, they're in degenerative comas. If they are not woken up or put on life support in 12 hours, they will die.

The man starts to remember bits and pieces of his life and mentions a ram. Audrey gets an idea.

In a flashback, Audrey and Claire test Duke. He brings up how he and Audrey kissed back in Colorado. Audrey says he is Duke. Claire mentions how Audrey will soon disappear into The Barn. Duke gets angry and insists they will find an alternative. However, Audrey doesn't believe that there is a solution. And even if there were, she doesn't want to use it because her disappearance ends the Troubles for another 27 years.

Back in the present, the pair go to The Grey Gull and look at the wall covered with sports team photos. There's a photo of the North Haven Rams and the man is on the team. There's a caption on the photo that identifies him as Will Brady and Audrey gets his address from the phone book.

In a flashback, Claire and Audrey test Nathan. He describes the first time Audrey kissed him (see "Ain't No Sunshine"). Audrey says he is Nathan.

Back in the present, Audrey and Will break into his house. There is a diploma saying Will is an archeologist, not a doctor. Audrey starts to get suspicious, especially since the house is incredibly dusty like no one has lived in it for a while. She finds a puffin earring that matches the one found on the dead woman. She angrily draws her gun and accuses Will of being the Bolt Gun Killer. Will says he has no idea who that is. Audrey explains that the Bolt Gun Killer has been killing people with a bolt gun and skinning their bodies. Horrified, Will says that even if he is, he doesn't remember. He touches the earring and says it belonged to his friend Erin. Audrey thinks he is lying, and says she will take him to see his work.

In a flashback, Audrey and Claire test Vince and Dave. When the brothers give cryptic answers, Audrey says it is them because they always do that.

Back in the present, Audrey takes Will to the Bolt Gun Killer's lair and shows him the dead bodies and skins. Will is sickened. He sees the woman with the earring and identifies her as Erin Sullivan, his best friend. Crying, he describes how he and Erin went to a theater together and watched the classic flick The Mark Of Zorro. While they were walking home, a man jumped them and hit him in the back of the head. As he was losing consciousness, he watched helplessly as the man struggled with Erin. He couldn't see the man's face. The man told Erin "Hush" and then killed her with a bolt gun and dragged her body away. The next thing he knows, he's waking up on the road and meeting Audrey. When Audrey proves skeptical, Will says that he loved Erin but never told her. He spent all of his time waiting for the right moment and never found it. Audrey says she understands and realizes the theater aired the classic flick two months ago. She also realizes the ambulance was taking Will away from the hospital.

The pair go to the hospital. They find a man and woman who Will identifies as his brother Greg and his sister Whitney. They look around and find an empty room with Will's chart on the bed. According to the chart, Will has been in a degenerative coma since the attack two months ago. Will can recall Greg and Whitney's conversations, and they realize Will could hear while in the coma, which was why he had medical knowledge, from listening to the doctors around him. They piece together that Will's family decided to unplug him and let him die. They put on his lucky shirt and was transporting him home. They figure that the trauma of being unplugged triggered his Trouble, to transfer his ailments to others.

Will solemnly decides to sacrifice himself to save the townspeople. Audrey protests, but he says he can't think of any alternatives. He says that if they had a few days instead of a few hours, he would fight this with everything he has. His words resonate with Audrey, since his situation is similar to hers. They go back to the ambulance and Will lies on the stretcher. He says goodbye and falls back into his coma. Everyone in town immediately wakes up. The ambulance driver asks what happened. Audrey says there was a gas leak, and orders him to turn back to the hospital.

Audrey puts Will's body back on life support. Greg and Whitney come in and demand to know what she is doing. She says they can't give up on Will, as he is still aware in his coma. She proves it by repeating what Will told her about their conversations. Greg and Whitney believe her and promise to wait for Will to wake up. Before she goes, she takes Will's hand and says, "See you around."

Audrey runs into Nathan in the hallway and she fills him in. She says her experience has renewed her determination and now she will fight to find a way to not disappear. She apologizes for pushing him away and he says he is with her until the end.

That night, Audrey invites Claire to her apartment to discuss their notes on the Bolt Gun Killer case and their tests on their friends. Claire gives a slightly inaccurate account of Vince and Dave's interrogation. When Audrey points it out, Claire says, "Hush." Audrey remembers what Will said about the Bolt Gun Killer and tries to leave, but "Claire" pulls a gun on her and asks, "What gave me away?"

To Be Continued...