Recap / Haven S 3 E 6 Real Estate

On Halloween night, a young couple, Tina (dressed as Little Bo Peep) and Chad (dressed as a farmhand), sneak into the Holloway House, long rumored to be haunted. Tina is worried, but Chad convinces her it is okay, as the house has been abandoned for years. Chad tries the light switches, then the fireplace starts up. Chad thinks he started the gas by accident, but Tina is not sure. A chair moves up behind her, knocking her back into it, while the radio comes on by itself. She gets scared and tries to leave, but the front door closes by itself.

The Teagues throw a Halloween party, dressed as old-fashioned detectives. Claire is dressed as a cheerleader, but she pulls out a stake and says she is a vampire slayer. Duke and Audrey are not in costume. Audrey shows Claire that she completed her composite sketch of The Colorado Kid and has been running it through several databases, but so far there have been no results. Audrey wants Claire to try hypnotizing her again. Tina bursts in, on the verge of collapse.

Tina tells them what happened, and Audrey calls Nathan, who is in his office. Audrey says she and Duke will check out the Holloway House while Claire looks after Tina, and Nathan says he will send Tommy as backup. Jordan enters his office and Nathan quickly covers up his notes on the Bolt Gun Killer. She says The Guard was pleased with his help in the prison transfer and gives him a disposable cellphone, saying The Guard will contact him soon. She then asks him out.

Audrey and Duke enter the house while Claire and Tina stay in the car. Duke tells Audrey that 27 years ago, Roland Holloway apparently abandoned the family, then his wife and two daughters later disappeared, and the house has been abandoned since. Audrey tries to call Nathan, but she gets no service.

Nathan and Jordan take a walk sipping beer. Jordan asks what is his relationship with Audrey, and he says she is just a friend. Jordan is pleased and starts to kiss him. Nathan gets a static-laced call from Audrey, begging for help. Nathan says he has to help her, as Jordan gets jealous.

Audrey and Duke notice the walls are covered with mirrors. Audrey looks into a mirror and gets a vision of herself as Lucy Ripley, entering a concealed room in the house. Duke wakes her up and they notice bloody footprints leading down the hallway. They follow the trail and discover Chad, crushed to death in a cubbyhole behind a bookshelf.

Tommy arrives and he, Claire, and Tina hear Audrey calling for them via the intercom near the front door. They enter and find Duke and Audrey, who says she didn't call them. Tina is of course horrified to see Chad's corpse, then the house shakes and she runs off. The group try to find her and discover that the front door has disappeared and all the shutters have shut. Tommy tries to shoot through the window but Duke advises against it. Tommy puts his gun down and Audrey says she and Claire will go upstairs while Duke and Tommy search downstairs. Tommy looks down to find his gun is gone.

Audrey tells Claire that she finally had another vision of her past, and Claire suggests they can be triggered by past stimuli. Nathan shows up and says he got her call, but Audrey points out that she doesn't have any service and hasn't called anybody. They ask how he got in. He says the front door was there when he arrived, so they go back to it, but it is gone.

Meanwhile, Vince and Dave decide to follow the others to Holloway House.

Duke and Tommy realize that they are going in circles, then they hear Tina scream. They find Tina's body impaled on a chandelier. Jordan is examining the body and the floor. Tommy demands she identify herself and grabs her arm, then yells in pain from touching her bare skin. The others arrive and Jordan shows them that Tina's dripping blood has spelled out "This is your fault". Tommy asks what happened to him, and Claire explains that Jordan is one of her former patients and her Trouble is to inflict agonizing pain on anyone who touches her bare skin. Tommy notices Jordan's circular maze tattoo and suspects her of being the Bolt Gun Killer. Nathan reminds him that the Bolt Gun Killer is a man and tenderly holds Jordan's hand. Audrey gets jealous.

Vince and Dave meet Dwight (dressed as a Puritan woodsman) in front of the house. They try to go in but the front door slams shut.

The group splits up. Jordan asks Nathan about the Bolt Gun Killer. He explains that the killer has the tattoo and she angrily realizes that he was using her to infiltrate The Guard. Meanwhile, Duke and Tommy come near an intercom and hear the pair talking. Jordan says Duke is the killer and Nathan should kill him, but Nathan says Duke is with him. He admits he could go to jail if anyone learned he was involved with the prisoner escape. The intercom shuts off.

Nathan tries to assure Jordan that he wasn't just using her, but she angrily slaps him and storms off. He tries to follow her only to find that she has vanished.

Audrey finds the hidden room she saw in her memories. She and Claire find three skeletons and they realize they are Roland Holloway's wife and daughters. The mother shot her daughters and then herself. In her hand is a note saying, "I want you to watch-this is your fault." Audrey gets a vision of Lucy Ripley and the Colorado Kid entering the room, with the man saying they are trapped.

Audrey wakes up and tells Claire that there must be a way out, since Lucy and the Colorado Kid must have been able to do it. Audrey's nose is bleeding and Claire worriedly says the stress of the visions is destroying her. Nathan walks up and frantically says he can't find Jordan. Claire warns him not to trust her. Jordan kidnapped a guy and tortured him for three days with her pain ability until he went into a coma. Nathan says he doesn't care and runs off.

Tommy tries to use the intercom, but it doesn't work. Audrey and Claire walk up to him and Duke. The men tell them what they heard over the intercom. Duke warns them that Nathan has fallen for Jordan and has become compromised. Claire agrees. Audrey angrily tells them to shut up and runs off, then a door slams shut, separating them. Duke forces it open, and Audrey has vanished.

As Jordan tries to find a way out, the intercom rings. She approaches it, then a door swings open and hits her, knocking her down the stairs.

Duke looks into a room to find it empty. However, when he looks back in a few seconds later, Tommy's gun is on the floor. He picks it up and keeps going.

An intercom turns on near Audrey and plays back Nathan and Jordan's conversation that Duke and Tommy heard earlier. She says that's enough and demands whoever is doing this to show themselves. A man appears in a mirror and Audrey realizes he is Roland Holloway.

Claire and Tommy find Jordan's unconscious body and realize they can't move her because her Trouble. Nathan shows up and thinks Duke attacked her. He picks her up and carries her away.

Roland explains that he built the house from scratch. Eventually, his Trouble activated and he became one with the house, able to control the environment within. His wife installed mirrors so he could see and the intercom so he could hear and speak. His family tried to leave him, so he kept them imprisoned. Lucy Ripley tried to help, but his family killed themselves, and now he blames her. Now he will have his revenge by forcing Audrey to watch her friends die. He then shows her images in the mirror of Duke with the gun and Nathan carrying Jordan.

Dwight tries to hack through the wall with his axe, but the blade breaks. Vince and Dave say they need something bigger and ask Dwight if he has any C4.

Tommy and Claire meet Audrey in the secret room. Audrey wants to try to trigger another vision, but Claire warns that it might kill her. Audrey says they have no choice. Tommy volunteers to watch over Audrey while Claire tries to find the others and stop them from killing each other.

Jordan wakes up and tells Nathan she didn't see who attacked her. As he goes to find a cloth for her injuries, a phone cord pushes a gun towards her. She picks it up just as Claire enters the room and she points the gun at her.

Audrey gets the vision of Lucy and the Colorado Kid finding the bodies of Roland's family. The man asks if they will help Roland like they do other Troubled people, but Lucy says she will not help a man who drove his own family to suicide. She calls her partner James. Lucy looks at a mirror and says she has an idea on how to stop Roland.

Claire tries to convince Jordan that she is not her enemy, but she doesn't believe her. Duke shows up and points Tommy's gun at Jordan, then Nathan shows up and points his gun at Duke. Tommy and Audrey, whose nosebleed has gotten worse, show up and tell them about Roland.

Audrey tells them her plan, then Duke, Nathan, and Jordan start shooting out the mirrors and intercoms. Roland appears in a mirror and congratulates Audrey on figuring out how Lucy defeated him the last time. Audrey shoots the mirror. The fireplace goes out, but the gas is still flowing, and they realize Roland is trying to poison them. The house starts shaking, and Nathan volunteers to distract Roland while the others escape. Jordan wants to go with him, but he tells her to go with the others and takes her gun. Nathan runs off, shooting every mirror and intercom in his path, while the others run to the front door, which has reappeared.

They get out just as Dwight was about to attach some C4 to the door. Duke angrily calls him out for trying to blow up the house while they were still inside. Nathan tries to get to the door, but a massive hole opens up in the floor. He manages to make a running leap over it and get outside. Audrey throws the C4 into the house, shouting, "This is your fault!" Everyone runs as the house explodes.

The next day, Audrey is finally able to get a match in the database. The Colorado Kid is James Cogan, reported missing in 1983 and never found. As Nathan goes by, Audrey asks him about the prison transfer, warning him that he could go to jail. Nathan reminds her that he's doing it to help her and catch the Bolt Gun Killer. She asks if he trusts Jordan, and he says he does.

Nathan meets Jordan. She says she hasn't told her superiors about Nathan being undercover and gives him a chance to walk away. He says he has to catch the Bolt Gun Killer and stop his murder spree, and asks her to help him. He apologizes for lying to her, but says that what is between them now is no lie. They kiss.

Dwight puts up a No Trespassing sign in front of the Holloway House's ruins and walks away. The house starts rebuilding itself.