Recap / Haven S 3 E 1 Three Hundred One

Continuing where "Sins of the Fathers" left off, Nathan and Duke grapple and Nathan's gun goes off, hitting the wall. Duke gets several punches in, but Nathan reminds him that he can't feel them, then knocks Duke down and starts strangling him. Blood from Nathan's injured nose drips onto Duke's forehead. He absorbs it, his eyes turn silver, and he knocks Nathan across the room with his temporary enhanced strength. Nathan gets up and Duke's eyes return to normal, but suddenly, they hear a strange noise as every metallic thing in the room gets magnetically attracted to the ceiling. Nathan thinks Duke did it, but Duke reminds him that his Trouble has nothing to do with magnetism and declares that he had nothing to do with Audrey's disappearance.

Audrey wakes up bound and gagged in a cellar. A man comes down, his face hidden in silhouette, removes her gag, and demands to know where the Colorado Kid is. She tells him to go to Hell, and the man angrily slaps her.

Duke asks why Nathan has the circular maze tattoo. Instead of answering, Nathan angrily talks about how the Crocker Trouble is for killing other Troubled people. The magnetic effect ends and the metal objects fall, with Duke catching Nathan's gun. He hands it over, saying someone must have set him up and that he is not his father. After a moment, Nathan accepts the gun.

The magnetic effect had caused damage all over town. Dwight is convincing the townspeople that it was caused by a broken gas line. When Nathan and Duke show up, Dwight angrily throws a manhole cover at Duke who dodges it. Duke figures he's still mad about Duke knocking him into the ocean earlier (see "Business As Usual"). They tell him about Audrey's disappearance, and Dwight decides to check on the cause of the magnetic effect. Officer Stan walks up and tells them that a woman named Roslyn Toomey, the owner of the Altair Bay Inn, is missing.

Vince leaves the newspaper office, being careful so Dave doesn't see him. Dwight walks up and reports Audrey's disappearance. They wonder if Dave is involved. Vince's nose starts bleeding and they don't know why.

Nathan and Duke go to the Altair Bay Inn and talk to Roslyn's son Wesley. Wesley shows them the trail of blood leading from the main room of the inn out to the patio. Wesley dramatically declares that his mother was abducted by aliens. Nathan is exasperated, but Duke plays along and asks Wesley to come to the police station so they can talk. As Wesley goes to pack, Duke says Wesley is obviously cuckoo, but they need to gain his trust as he's so far their only lead. However, Wesley suddenly gets on his motorcycle and drives off toward the woods. The two give chase in Nathan's truck.

As they leave, Audrey is revealed to be in the inn's cellar. The man comes down and again asks her where the Colorado Kid is. Audrey tells him the Colorado Kid died 27 years ago, but the man calls her a liar. He knows she and Lucy Ripley were one and the same and that as Lucy she worked with the Colorado Kid. The man angrily roars, "Did you think you were the only one who loved the Colorado Kid!?"

Nathan and Duke's pursuit is cut short when Nathan's truck goes dead. They check on the engine and find that their cellphones have gone dead as well.

The man leaves the cellar and Audrey hears a woman on the other side of the wall. The woman introduces herself as Roslyn Toomey and says that the man kidnapped her as well. The man kept asking her about the Colorado Kid, but all she knows is that the Colorado Kid stayed at her inn once 27 years ago.

Nathan tries to start the engine and snaps at Duke when he suggests maybe aliens are responsible. Duke angrily tells him that Nathan's feelings for Audrey and desperation to find her are clouding his judgment. Nathan objects, but Duke tells him that it was obvious from day one that Nathan is in love with Audrey. Nathan tells him that he can feel Audrey's touch and only her. Duke is stunned. Suddenly, an invisible force grabs Nathan by the ankles and drags him away and a horrified Duke gives chase. Nathan finally stops and they find themselves in a field of Crop Circles. Their phones turn back on and they figure the truck must be working as well. They look up to see a metallic object fall out of the sky and impact the ground near Wesley's house. The impact is so great that Audrey and Roslyn can feel it, and a kerosene lantern gets knocked over. The fire starts to spread but Audrey manages to knock a bag of cement powder on it with her feet to put it out. She starts nudging a piece of broken glass toward herself.

Nathan and Duke drive to the crater and find Wesley's house. Dwight arrives and the trio enter and find Wesley. Nathan cuffs Wesley and drags him into the truck, while Wesley frantically says the object that fell was a probe and he has to disrupt its signal before it is too late. Vince arrives and assures Nathan that they will find Audrey. Duke explores the house and shouts to the others to look at what he's found. Dave arrives and denies Vince's accusations that he was behind Audrey's abduction.

Duke has found Wesley's collection of tabloid articles on UFOs. Each one matches one of the incidents they've encountered: magnetic fluxes, bloody noses, invisible forces, crop circles, a probe crash-landing. Nathan points out that none of them are real but the Teague brothers warn that it doesn't matter as long as Wesley believes them. The remaining two articles talk about lights in the skies and an enclave being leveled. The group figures that the two incidents will occur next and realize that all of Haven could be leveled.

As night falls, Audrey uses the glass shard to slowly cut herself free. Her hands are now very bloody. She talks to Roslyn about herself and the man she loves, Nathan, and comments that her real memories only go back about six months. Roslyn starts screaming as the man comes in and starts beating her. Audrey begs him to stop, but the man ignores her and drags Roslyn away. Audrey cuts through the last rope, grabs a sickle, and leaves the cellar in search of Roslyn.

The group asks Wesley if it is his Trouble causing the strange phenomenons, but Wesley scoffs and says the Troubles are just a myth. He says that ever since his grandfather was abducted by aliens 27 years ago, he's known that aliens are real. Lights appear in the sky and Nathan realizes the incidents are localized to Wesley's position. He asks Dwight to evacuate the nearby houses, but Duke suggests they deal with Wesley directly. Audrey calls them from the inn's phone and tells them where she is and what has happened to her. She hears the man coming and retreats, while Nathan and the others drive to the inn.

Audrey stalks through the inn, preparing to ambush the man with her sickle, but runs into Duke, who leads her to the others. She and Nathan hug in relief. They fill her in on what has been happening, while Wesley continues to insist that aliens are responsible. Audrey says she and Roslyn were captured by a human, but Wesley scoffs. They smell something burning and are distressed to find Roslyn's corpse (Wesley identifies her by her prosthetic leg) burning in a bonfire outside. Wesley insists that the aliens destroyed his mother because her elderly body was useless to them. Before they can investigate further, the alien mother ship appears in the sky above them.

The group retreats inside and Wesley starts up a makeshift radio, saying he can use it to disrupt the mother ship's signal and send it away. Nathan is willing to let him try since it plays into his fantasy, but Duke says they don't have much time since the mother ship is powering up its weapons, saying it is like The War of the Worlds. Audrey tries to convince Wesley that his Trouble is bringing his fantasies to life, but he still refuses to believe in the Troubles. Duke says he should just kill Wesley so his Trouble can erase Wesley's, but Nathan says to let Audrey try to get through to him. Wesley admits that almost everybody in his family is just as obsessed with aliens as he is, and Nathan gets an epiphany: that the abduction Wesley said happened to his grandfather 27 years ago was caused by the Toomey Trouble. Nathan tells Wesley that his grandfather offered himself to the aliens to convince them to leave Haven in peace. Wesley believes him, and figures he can do something similar to save the town again. Believing that his grandfather is still alive and they will be reunited soon, he steps outside. The mother ship beams him abroad and departs.

Duke is disgusted by what Nathan did. Sure he saved the town, but for all they know, the aliens Wesley created might kill or experiment on him. Nathan points out that Duke was willing to kill him, and says Duke is like his father after all, but Duke calls Nathan a hypocrite. Audrey is worried about how her abductor seemed to know more about her than she does. Audrey orders Vince and Dave to tell them if the Colorado Kid is alive and if he and Lucy Ripley were in love. They say they don't know if they were involved and Vince says he helped bury the Colorado Kid in Plot 301 in Potter's Field. Nathan says they will check it out later and takes the exhausted Audrey home. Dave tells Vince they should put aside their differences and work to find out who abducted Audrey and how much he knows.

The next day, the group except for Duke goes to the Colorado Kid's grave. As Dwight and Nathan dig it up, Dwight asks Nathan why he has the circular maze tattoo. Nathan says he wanted to be able to kill Duke if that should become necessary to protect Audrey. Dwight warns him to be careful, to some, the circular maze tattoo is a symbol of evil. Audrey calls the forensics office and asks how Roslyn's body could have been reduced to bone by the fire in the short time between when the man dragged her away and when they found her body. They open the coffin to find it is full of bricks. They clear away the bricks to find the words "Find him before the Hunter." scratched in the bottom. They wonder who wrote it, and Audrey says, "I did. That's my handwriting."

From a nearby building, the man observes them with binoculars. His face remains hidden.