Recap / Haven S 3 E 5 Double Jeopardy

Lady Justice about to destroy Duke's truck.
A man named Jason Dooley walks through the park, using a concealed camera in his bag to take photos up women's skirts without them noticing. He excitedly goes back to his apartment, barricades the door, and uploads the photos to his computer. An unseen figure grabs him and yanks him back.

Duke is in court for several overdue parking tickets. He starts smooth-talking his way out, taking a moment to poke fun at Lynette, the court reporter. Judge Boone reluctantly declares the case closed, but warns Duke he has until 10 PM to pay $5,000 to renew his liquor license or else he must close The Grey Gull. Lynette glowers at Duke as he leaves. Duke finds an attractive, statuesque blonde in a white toga and sandals next to his truck. He smiles and approaches her, only to see that all four of his tires have been slashed. He asks her who did it, and she simply draws a knife and starts scratching up his paint job. Angry, Duke tells her to stop, but she doesn't react to his words. Duke notices Tommy walking by and asks for help, but when they turn around, the woman is gone. Duke tries to explain what happened, but Tommy laughs and walks away, telling Duke to stop imagining things (and Tommy apparently doesn't care that Duke's truck has clearly been vandalized).

Audrey tells Claire that she's started to have visions of her past as Lucy Ripley, but ever since her dream with Agent Howard, she's been unable to get another vision. Claire suggests drawing a composite sketch of the Colorado Kid now that she's seen his face in her visions. Audrey gets a call about Jason and heads to his apartment. Nathan explains that Jason's apartment was still locked from the inside, yet someone gouged out his eyes with a spoon. Audrey thinks it was the Bolt Gun Killer, but Nathan points out that Jason wasn't killed with a bolt gun and his eyes were very roughly removed, while the Bolt Gun Killer removes body parts with surgical precision. They are informed that Jason is alive and head to the hospital.

Jason, his empty eye sockets heavily bandaged, says that he wasn't able to see his attacker before his lost his eyes, and that the attacker somehow bypassed his locks and security system. Audrey tells Nathan she wants to capture the Bolt Gun Killer so they can force him to tell them what he knows about her past and the Colorado Kid. Nathan talks about how he is slowly gaining Jordan's trust. If all goes well, Nathan will be able to join The Guard and determine if the Bolt Gun Killer is a member. She warns him to be careful. A tech calls and says they were able to get a single frame of footage from Jason's security app. It shows his attacker was the woman in the toga.

That night, Duke says he wasn't able to pay to renew his liquor license so The Grey Gull is closed until further notice. Everybody grumbles and leaves. Duke confiscates the keys of a man who is heavily drunk and sends him on his way. Duke then looks out the door and sees the woman in the toga in the distance. He yells at her to go away for what she did to his truck, but when he looks back, she's suddenly right in front of him. She grabs him and throws him across the room, then draws a scythe out of nowhere and starts smashing the place apart. Duke runs outside and calls the police. The drunk stumbles back towards the building. Duke pushes him against the wall and warns him to be quiet, but when they look inside, the woman is gone.

Tommy arrives. The drunk, who didn't see the woman, accuses Duke of attacking him for no reason and Tommy arrests Duke for assault despite his protests. Nathan and Audrey arrive and Duke tells them that he apparently has a Troubled stalker. They confirm that she looks like the woman on Jason's app and tell Duke what happened to the man. When they get a call about another victim, Audrey tells Duke to come with them for protection.

They meet with a doctor, who tells them that Megan Berlin has had 22 of her bones broken. She was able to say that the woman in the toga beat her up before she passed out. Megan was in trouble with the law before for abusing her child. Duke points out that each attack method was related to a crime that the victim committed: Jason lost his eyes for being a peeping Tom, Duke's truck was trashed for his parking tickets, The Grey Gull was trashed because of his expired liquor license, and Megan was beaten up for beating up her child. Audrey is worried the vigilante will try to kill Duke because he killed Harry Nix (see "The Farmer"), so Nathan suggests putting Duke in a cell for protection. Audrey instead tells Duke to sleep in her apartment tonight. Duke is smug, but Nathan points out she's just using him as bait.

Later, Audrey prepares for bed while Duke gathers some knives. He explains that the woman has super strength, but if he can get some of her blood on him to activate his super strength, he should be able to defeat her. Audrey reminds him that the woman seemingly has super speed or the ability to teleport, so he may be unable to get close enough to cut her. She hands him some blankets and tells him to get comfortable. They will take turns keeping watch as Audrey goes to sleep.

Nathan goes to meet Jordan at a truck stop. A trucker starts harassing Jordan, so Nathan makes him back off. When Nathan asks why she didn't use her ability on him, Jordan explains that she doesn't like inflicting pain on others. She says The Guard still doesn't trust him. He asks what he can do, and she explains that a Troubled man, Duncan Fromsley, was convicted of killing his son when he set his house on fire for the insurance money. He's dying of cancer and refusing treatment, and Duncan's wife wants to meet him and convince him to take the treatment. If Nathan can get him transferred to a low-security facility, then The Guard may accept Nathan into their ranks.

Duke wakes up Audrey and they talk about what little they know about her lost past. She is sad because she apparently once loved the Colorado Kid back when she was Lucy Ripley but now her memories have been replaced. Duke says they both have to fight their fates. He says the Troubles may be a pain in the ass, but he is glad that they allowed him to meet her in the present. He realizes that she has dozed off again and covers her with a blanket, but the woman in the toga suddenly appears and throws him across the room. As Audrey wakes up, Duke stabs the woman in the gut, but she doesn't react and the wound doesn't bleed, rendering his plan useless. Audrey threatens the woman with a shotgun, but she continues advancing on Duke. Audrey shoots her in the arm, and the arm shatters like stone, through the woman doesn't react. Surprised, Audrey shoots her again, and her whole body shatters. The pair wonder what is going on, when the woman reappears good as new and throws Audrey out the window, then beats the crap out of Duke. Audrey runs back in to find the woman gone and Duke beaten up.

The next day, Audrey suggests to Nathan that the vigilante is using the crime blotter in the Haven newspaper to chose her victims, but dozens of people have been reported there. Duke asked Dave to draw a composite sketch of the vigilante and distribute it.

Audrey meets Duke after his hearing for "assaulting" the drunk man. Duke explains that the case was dismissed, but he's still scared the vigilante will try to punish him for killing Harry Nix. Duke studies the sketch of the vigilante and notices a mural in the courtroom depicting Lady Justice looks exactly like her.

Audrey, Nathan, and Duke tell Vince and Dave everything they know about the vigilante. The brothers suggest that the woman isn't a Troubled person, she is a golem (the brothers pronounce it "gollum", and Duke briefly thinks they're talking about the character from The Lord of the Rings) brought to life by a Troubled person to carry out their will. Nathan asks Duke and Audrey to continue while he arranges the prisoner transfer.

Audrey, Duke, and Tommy check the court records. Duke asks Tommy why he decided to stay in Haven, but he refuses to answer. The only thing each victim has in common is that they had been in trials overseen by Judge Boone, and they figure Boone is sending Lady Justice after the people he can't convict.

Boone is hearing a case where five teenage boys cut off the head of a statue. Boone lets them off with a warning. Nathan comes in and asks Boone to authorize Duncan's prison transfer. Boone agrees in exchange for a bribe to be cashed in later and calls the warden, saying it is done and that he sometimes bends the rules to make life easier. As Nathan walks out, Audrey calls him and tells him about her suspicions. Nathan runs back into the courthouse to find Boone impaled on a sword, with the scales of justice in his hand and balanced with his own blood. Nathan looks at the mural and confirms that Lady Justice is no longer in it.

The coroner reports that Boone was killed by having his neck snapped and the rest was decoration. Duke asks Tommy why he's holding the scales with his bare hands, saying that as a cop, he should know that doing that taints the evidence. Tommy shrugs and tells him to mind his own business. Nathan is worried that Lady Justice will go after the teenage boys next and assigns Tommy to watch over them. Nathan talks about Boone's willingness to take a bribe and figures that the Troubled person controlling Lady Justice knew about it because they work at the courthouse.

Nathan goes to the Guns 'n' Roses Diner and calls Jordan as he's walking up. Jordan is surprised that he arranged the prison transfer so fast. She lies and says she is home sick and leaves the diner with Nathan following her.

Audrey and Duke look over the court files and discover that they are time-stamped. The Troubled person knew extremely fast when Duke was charged with assault. They realize only one person could have known about it so fast.

Nathan follows Jordan to a gas station, where the prison transfer truck has stopped for gas. She walks up and flirts with the driver and guard, then grabs them, immobilizing them with pain. Starting to cry, she says it is all clear, then members of The Guard drive up, bust Duncan out of the truck, and drive him away. The prison guard starts to recover and aims his gun at her, but Nathan runs up and knocks him out. Shocked, she asks him what he is doing here, but Nathan just says to run.

Duke and Audrey confront Lynette the court reporter and accuse her of causing Lady Justice's attacks. She's apparently never heard of the Troubles because she has no idea what they are talking about and she is completely unaware of the Lady Justice attacks. Duke gets an idea and confesses to Harry Nix's murder despite Audrey's warnings. Lynette gets angry, calling him a monster who escaped justice one too many times. Lady Justice appears, grabs Duke and holds a sword to his throat, then nods to Lynette, as if waiting for her to give the order for the Death Penalty. Lynette is scared and confused, but starts to give the order when Audrey tells them to stop. She explains what happened in the Harry Nix case, how Duke killed him to save all of Harry's illegitimate children, and that if they kill a good man like Duke then it won't be justice. Lynette realizes that she was about to order the execution of a hero, and starts freaking out despite Audrey asking her to calm down, then screams that she is the one who deserves to be punished. Lady Justice releases Duke, then grabs Lynette and throws her into the mural. Duke and Audrey look on in horror as Lynette becomes one with the 2D image and freezes in place, then Lady Justice steps into the mural and resumes her pose. The pair have become mere paintings.

Later, Duke thanks Audrey for standing up for him. Audrey asks Nathan how the prison transfer went, and he says it went smoothly. They agree not to tell Vince and Dave about her wanting to make a composite sketch of the Colorado Kid, because they feel the brothers can't be trusted. Nathan receives a fax and angrily throws it away.

Nathan goes back to the diner after hours and angrily asks Jordan why she lied to him. Duncan doesn't have cancer. Jordan explains that Duncan's Trouble is that he starts fires when he has nightmares, which is what killed his son. Recently, the prison cut him off from his sleep medication, so The Guard had to get him out before he burned the prison down. Nathan tells Jordan that if she had told him the truth, she wouldn't have had to hurt the guards or ultimately herself. When he tries to take her hand, Jordan objects but he does it anyway. They then kiss passionately before Nathan turns and leaves.

Claire visits Audrey, who's trying to draw the Colorado Kid without success because her memories are already fading. Claire asks her to relax and they receive a message. A woman was shot in the back of the head with a bolt gun and her chin was removed. Audrey gasps, and tells Claire that she suspects that the Bolt Gun Killer isn't doing this to collect trophies, he's building a woman.

The Bolt Gun Killer returns to his lair and gathers up his collection of female body parts.