Recap / Haven S 3 E 7 Magic Hour Part 1

Dan and Rica Hamilton look over their daughter Lizzie, who is lying on a table with a broken neck. Dan wants to call the police, but Rica urges him to trust in their instructions and wait. As soon as the sun sets, Lizzie comes back to life fully healed, completely unaware that anything has happened to her.

Nathan asks why Audrey requested a few days off. She explains that she's done research on James Cogan, the Colorado Kid. His parents are Paul and June. Paul has recently died and June is not answering her phone. Audrey intends to fly to Nederland, Colorado and hopefully get some answers out of June, noting that they have 23 days until the Hunter Meteor Storm comes. She has asked Duke to accompany her. Nathan reluctantly wishes them luck and tells Duke to take care of her.

Dan and Rica take Lizzie to the doctor. Dan finds what happened suspicious, but Rica encourages him to accept the miracle, because the person who contacted them gave them their daughter back. In the parking lot, an SUV runs Rica over and drives off.

Nathan and Tommy arrive. They find that the SUV's headlight broke off from the impact and figure they can use it to trace the vehicle. They watch as Dan takes a call and shout out someone before leaving with his daughter. The officers figure that Dan might be involved with Rica's death and Nathan tells Tommy to follow the husband. Tommy asks where Audrey is and Nathan explains where she and Duke went. Tommy says he is glad they are finally working on a normal case.

Jordan meets Nathan at his office. She says that one of her best friends and a fellow member of The Guard, Grady, has gone missing, and was last seen around the first time the Bolt Gun Killer struck. She asks to see his notes on the killer. He shows her the footage of the killer killing and scalping the ATM woman (see "Over My Head"). Jordan is appalled, especially when she recognizes the hooded man as Grady, judging by the custom watch he is wearing that she gave to him as a gift. Nathan explains how the killer has been taking body parts from his victims. Jordan requests 24 hours to bring in Grady, warning that he will drop out of sight if the police come after him.

Tommy sees Dan enter the Haven Athletic Center with a briefcase. Tommy reports to Nathan that Dan made a huge withdrawal from his account. Nathan tells Tommy to wait until Dan makes his next move, then they will take him on together.

Audrey and Duke arrive at the Cogan's house. Audrey is nervous, wondering if the Colorado Kid is there and how he would feel if he realized she doesn't remember him when they used to love each other when she was Lucy Ripley. Duke reassures her and they knock on the door. A man named Glen answers and claims he has no idea who the Cogans are. However, when he shuts the door, Duke notices the house has a plaque with the circular maze. They knock again and Duke grabs Glen and demands answers. He admits he is a member of The Guard, and this house is used as a checkpoint when The Troubled are moving cross-country. He explains that June Cogan has been moved to a nursing home.

Dan breaks into the morgue and stops the doctors from performing an autopsy on Rica, holding them hostage with a scalpel. Nathan and Tommy show up and convince him to stand down. The sun goes down and to their amazement, Rica comes back to life, fully healed.

Dan is taken to the station and Tommy interrogates him. As Claire and Nathan watch from the one-way mirror, Claire points out that Audrey took Duke and not him, but Nathan refuses to talk about it. Dan explains that when Lizzie broke her neck falling out of a tree, a stranger called him and promised she would be resurrected at sundown. The stranger called again when Rica died, but this time demanded money.

Officer Stan tells Nathan that the SUV was traced to Sophia and Charlie Carter. He texts the info to Tommy, who asks Dan if he knows them. Dan says they are partners for an organic vegetable farm.

Jordan meets Dwight at the docks and explains how Grady may be the Bolt Gun Killer, then asks for his help in bringing him in. They spot a man named Ray, who explains that Grady helped him immigrate to Haven, but then abandoned him without any cash or lodgings. Jordan gives him The Guard's number so that Ray can contact them and get help.

Audrey and Duke go to the nursing home, where they are warned that June has Alzheimer's. When June sees Audrey, she calls her Sarah, and asks why she dyed her hair blonde when she looked much better as a redhead. June becomes terrified and asks her why she came back. The nurse calls security and Audrey tries to get June to explain, but June lapses into semi-catatonia. Duke urges Audrey to leave before security arrives.

Nathan and Tommy enter the Carter residence and find Sophia standing over Charlie, who is dead with multiple stab wounds. The sun sets but nothing happens. Sophia weeps, screaming that she paid the stranger and wondering why her husband wasn't brought back.

Later, paramedics Joseph and Noelle take Charlie's body away. Nathan and Tommy figure something went wrong with the extortionist. They figure the extortionist knew the Hamiltons and Carters. Tommy checks employee records while Audrey calls Nathan and tells him what they've learned about June. Nathan reports the situation with the extortionist. She asks if he needs any help, and he says no.

Audrey and Duke have checked into a motel room with only one bed. Duke apologizes because people from a lumberjack convention has taken every other room. He reveals that he stole a photo album from June's room. She scolds him, but they look through it. It has several photos of James throughout his childhood and adolescence, and shows that he married a girl named Arla in 1983. Audrey is shocked because it doesn't mention Lucy Ripley at all.

Nathan and Tommy consider a woman named Moira as a suspect because she has worked for both the Hamiltons and Carters as a housekeeper.

Joseph and Noelle drive to a house and meet Moira, Noelle's sister. Joseph isn't happy that Moira has dragged them into her extortion scheme. Noelle explains that she wasn't able to get to Charlie's body before sunset, which is why he didn't come back. Moira says the police are on to them so they should leave town and perform their scheme elsewhere. Joseph says he's had enough. Annoyed, Moira shoots him in the head and orders Noelle to start packing. Instead, Noelle rushes over to her boyfriend's body and touches him. As the sun goes down, Joseph comes back to life and his bullet wound heals, but Noelle screams as the same wound appears on her own head. Moira holds her still until Noelle's bullet wound heals up.

Neighbors report the gunshot and Nathan and Tommy arrive to find Joseph alone. He explains that Noelle's Trouble is that if she touches a dead body before sundown, then it comes back to life at sundown. Moira has been exploiting this for money. The sisters are orphans and have retreated to their dad's old cabin.

In the cabin, Moira looks over her list of old employers trying to decide who to kill next. Noelle reminds her that she can only bring back one person a day without endangering herself, but Moira calls her a whiner. She's angry that Noelle brought back Lizzie for free and still blames Noelle for not using her ability to save their father back in the 1983 Troubles. Moira declares they will keep killing and resurrecting people for money.

Back in Colorado, Audrey and Duke find that Arla supposedly killed herself after her husband disappeared and was never found. Audrey is worried about how everything they thought they knew about her past is different. Duke tries to reassure her that they will figure it out and find out how to stop her from disappearing. They end up kissing and Audrey takes off her shirt, but Audrey stops and tells him they can't.

The next morning, Duke says he booked their flight back to Haven and jokes that he can't imagine her as a redhead. Audrey then gets an idea.

As Nathan and Tommy search the woods for the cabin, Dwight calls Nathan. Dwight reports that he and Jordan have found Grady's corpse in his car by the side of Route 17. His body and car have been burned, and judging by his condition, he's been dead for several weeks.

Moira says she's going out to get food and supplies. She hands Noelle a gun for protection and reminds her that she is the only family she has left.

Audrey visits June wearing a red wig and 1950's clothing, making her look like her past self Sarah. June is terrified, begging her to go away. She says she's done a good job of raising Sarah's son James and begs her not to take him back. Audrey is shocked.

Audrey and Duke fly back to Haven. As they drive, Duke gets a flat tire. As he fixes it, he apologizes for not being able to find out more. Audrey says she's still trying to process how James Cogan was her son, not her former lover. Nathan calls from Tommy's car and asks them to help search for Moira and Noelle. Nathan checks Tommy's GPS and finds Route 17 listed.

Tommy and Nathan arrive at the cabin. Jordan calls Nathan, but he's forced to hang up when Noelle appears and threatens them with her gun. The pair quickly disarms her, but she starts going into shock. Nathan says he will get a blanket from Tommy's car, but Tommy insists he will do it.

The pair put Noelle in the back of the car, then Nathan asks Tommy to check the cabin for clues for Moira's whereabouts. Nathan checks the car's trunk and finds a bolt gun. Tommy walks up and says, "A nice one, I modified it myself." then shoots him in the chest. Nathan doesn't react to the shot because of his inability to feel and asks in horror, "You're the Bolt Gun Killer!?" Meanwhile, Moira, who had been walking back to the cabin with food, stops and hides behind a tree, staring in confusion and horror. Tommy shoots Nathan several more times and he finally falls. Terrified, Noelle gets out of the car and runs. Tommy opens fire on her, hitting her once in the shoulder before she disappears into the woods. Duke and Audrey arrive. Tommy lies and claims that Noelle was the one who shot Nathan. The grief-stricken pair go to Nathan, who is dead.

To Be Continued...