Recap / Haven S 3 E 10 Burned

Duke as a pirate.
Audrey and Nathan are called to a scene where a burned corpse was found, similar to how Roslyn Toomey and Grady's bodies were found. Audrey figures that the body was another of Tommy's victims. The coroner says Tommy is dead, but Audrey points out that they never found his body when the boat exploded. Nathan says Jordan confirmed that Tommy definitely wasn't a member of The Guard, and they're still trying to figure out how Grady fits in with this.

A florist van drives down the highway when the driver and shotgun passenger suddenly leap out of it while it is still in motion. The van skids to a stop as the pair runs into the woods. The van is discovered and a girl named Ginger Danvers is found in the back seat. All she gives is her name and her father's name, Martin, and she won't talk after that. Nathan confirms that The Guard sometimes smuggles Troubled people into Haven and wonders why Ginger was left behind.

Back at the station, Claire and Audrey try to question Ginger, but she just scowls at them. Duke stops by for lunch. The coroner calls in about the burned body so Claire and Audrey go down to the morgue. Duke starts telling jokes. Eventually, Ginger laughs and the pair start talking.

Nathan meets Jordan at the Guns 'n' Roses Diner. She tries to flirt, but he says this is serious and tells her about the van. She says she didn't know about it and doesn't know why Martin Danvers would abandon his nine-year-old daughter. She adds that she hasn't found anything about Audrey's disappearances. Once Nathan leaves, Jordan goes in the back and meets with one of The Guard members, Lance. He complains that she's spending time with Nathan but Jordan complains that she had to lie to Nathan and that they have bigger things to worry about.

The coroner tells Audrey and Claire that the burned body was shot in the back of the head with a bolt gun and has been dead for about five weeks. According to dental records, he was Tommy Bowen! Audrey and Claire are shocked and wonder who the heck the man who was revealed to have been the Bolt Gun Killer was.

Duke tells Ginger that he lives on a boat most of the time and that he has a daughter named Jean (see "Ball and Chain") who doesn't live with him. Ginger says she's hungry and asks Duke to get her ice cream. He agrees and leads her out of the station.

At the park, Duke complains to an ice cream vendor about giving him the wrong favor. He turns around and finds Ginger gone. The vendor says she was walking away with someone who he assumed was her father. Duke frantically searches for her and calls Audrey. Nathan and Audrey arrive and start looking for Ginger, and Audrey tells Nathan what she found out about the fake Tommy Bowen. Nathan tells Audrey to find the killer while he looks for Ginger.

Lance carries Ginger to Jordan, who's waiting in her truck. Ginger angrily says she hates his guts and Lance abruptly puts her down. Ginger runs away. Despite Jordan's pleas, Lance kneels and commits seppuku.

Jordan calls the police about Lance's death, but claims that she just witnessed the event instead of being involved in it. Nathan and Audrey figure that Ginger can control people with her spoken words. This is why Duke so readily took her out for ice cream. Lance eviscerated himself because he took "I hate your guts." literally. They call Duke, but Ginger is with him and orders him hang up and play with her. He obeys.

Outside The Grey Gull, Ginger watches entertained as Duke, dressed in pirate grab and talking like a pirate, acts out a pirate battle. He trips and impales his hand on a piece of broken glass, but he pulls it out and ignores the wound. He fights imaginary enemies with incredible agility, but when Audrey and Nathan arrive, he falls from the second floor to the ground. Audrey grabs Ginger, who orders her to let go, but Audrey doesn't. Ginger orders Duke to get up and defend her. He rises, but then passes out from the pain.

Later, Ginger tells Audrey that in the van, her father kept talking about how she would love it in Haven. She got so annoyed that she said, "Leave me alone!" and with that, Martin and the driver jumped out of the van. Ginger asks why her Trouble doesn't work on Audrey, and she explains that she is immune to Troubles. The girl thinks that her father was bringing her to Haven to get rid of her. When her mother died, Martin started treating her differently and Ginger figures that he doesn't like her anymore. Audrey says that's not the case and that her father would come back if he could. She tells Ginger that sometimes people have to go away even when they don't want to, and then goes over to talk to Nathan. Nathan wonders why Martin hasn't come back, as Duke has gone back to normal. They ask her what happened with Lance, and she says that Lance was taking her to Jordan.

Nathan meets Jordan and demands to know why she lied to him. She says The Guard has their own way of doing things and wants to find Martin. She says Ginger's uncle Henry could help.

Nathan goes to Henry's home and calls to update Audrey. She thanks him for his help and warns her to be careful. Henry comes out and Nathan shows him his Guard tattoo. Henry explains that he was the one who put Martin in contact with the Guard after Ginger started manifesting her ability, but he hasn't heard from his brother since.

Audrey looks after Ginger in The Grey Gull. The coroner calls and says Tommy's corpse had wood cellulose in his lungs. She goes outside to hear him better, and with that, Jordan sneaks in and tells Ginger she will take her to her father. When Ginger says that Audrey promised to do that, Jordan says that Audrey is lying and asks Ginger to come with her.

Audrey comes back and finds Jordan dragging a gagged Ginger to her truck. Nathan shows up and stops Jordan from escaping. He handcuffs her and takes her inside, while she insists she's doing it for him.

Duke returns and says that he's recovered from his ordeal. The trio tries to interrogate Jordan but she won't talk. Ginger offers to use her Trouble. Audrey is reluctant but Duke says they need every break they can get, and makes Ginger promise not to take it too far. Ginger orders Jordan to reveal where her father is. Crying, Jordan gives the address but begs Nathan not to go, saying Martin is being guarded by people who are trained killers.

Ginger asks why The Guard wants her, and Jordan says because The Guard wants to control Audrey. Confused, Nathan points out, "Audrey's immune to the Troubles, Ginger couldn't make her do anything. How was Ginger going to help you?" Her answer? "You're not immune to Ginger, Nathan. If we had Ginger, we'd have you. If we had you, we'd be able to control Audrey." There is a barn that materializes during The Hunter. When Audrey goes inside, she and it will disappear for 27 years and the Troubles will stop. Back when she was Lucy Ripley, she refused to go into The Barn, but The Guard caught her and forced her to go in. This is why The Guard wanted to control Audrey, because they want her to disappear and end the Troubles. Nathan and Duke declare they will not let that happen.

At the house where Martin is being held, a guard hears someone outside and draws his gun. Ginger calls his cellphone and orders him to go to sleep. He smashes the phone, but falls asleep. The heroes find Martin and untie him. Father and daughter reunite and tearfully hug.

Another Guard member comes in and threatens them with his gun. Ginger orders him to stand down, but the man laughs and says that unlike most Troubles, Ginger's deactivates when she is happy and loved. Nathan offers to trade Jordan's freedom for Ginger's. The man is unhappy that Nathan is against The Guard despite wearing their symbol but agrees, and leaves with his sleeping comrade.

Duke prepares to drive Ginger and Martin somewhere outside Haven where they will hopefully be safe from The Guard. He assures Ginger that she'll find new friends but promises to visit her from time to time. She suggests that he bring Jean so they can play. Duke is saddened (remember, because of Jean's Trouble, Duke can't come near her or else he will die), but says he might someday. Duke asks Audrey and Nathan to keep Haven intact until he gets back.

According to the coroner, the cellulose in Tommy's lungs came from inhaling smoke from a specific type of factory. Audrey shows Claire the list of such factories in Haven and they find one closed factory that is still receiving electricity.

Nathan honors the bargain made with The Guard and releases Jordan. He coldly informs her that their affair is over.

Nathan and Audrey go to the factory and break in. They find a workstation with many glass tanks. The tanks are filled with a green preservative fluid and floating inside are human skins! They find Tommy's, Grady's, and many more. They realize the Bolt Gun Killer burned the victims so that the police wouldn't know that they were skinned. Nathan explains a Native American legend about the Skinwalker, a being who could wear other people's skin to transform into them. He suggests that the legend was based on a Trouble; the Bolt Gun Killer has it and wields a bolt gun because it makes a tiny, barely noticeable wound. Audrey realizes that if Tommy's skin is here then the Bolt Gun Killer survived the explosion... and is out there in another skin.