Recap / Haven S 3 E 8 Magic Hour Part 2

Continuing where "Magic Hour Part 1" left off, Audrey and Duke ask Tommy why he shot at Noelle, as they could use her Trouble to bring Nathan back to life. Tommy lies and claims it was self-defense. The trio follow Noelle's trail, but it stops at the road and they figure that her boyfriend Joseph picked her up with his truck. Audrey calls the station and asks to set up roadblocks. Tommy asks them to keep Nathan's death secret, so they don't have to answer any awkward questions if they manage to revive him. Duke warns that sunset is in a few hours.

Vince and Dave figure that Audrey has learned by now that The Colorado Kid, James Cogan, is her son. Vince says she deserved to know, but Dave is worried. They check the file cabinet the Bolt Gun Killer broke into (see "Stay") and find that nothing was taken. The brothers realize that it was a distraction from what the Killer really stole.

Once he's alone, Tommy calls the officers patrolling the roadblocks and claims that Joseph and Noelle are to be considered armed and dangerous: shoot on sight. Tommy hangs up and smiles.

The trio converge on the empty house where Joseph and Noelle are hiding and capture Joseph. They split up to look for Noelle. Tommy finds Noelle in the basement, in bad shape from her bullet wound. Tommy apologizes and says that he can't afford to let Nathan come back to life and expose him, then smothers her with a pillow. Noelle struggles, and Tommy says, "Hush." over and over again until she dies. Audrey and Duke arrive and Tommy claims that she died of her bullet wound. They put Noelle's body in the trunk of their car along with Nathan's body. Audrey gets an idea, since Moira is Noelle's sister and Troubles are hereditary, they can make her bring Nathan back. Tommy points out that Moira needed Noelle to revive people, but Audrey says a Trouble can be activated through strong emotions or stress. They find that list of Moira's past employers and figure she's hiding in a house whose family has gone on vacation. Tommy and Duke go to one house while Audrey goes to another.

Dwight buries Grady's body in the woods. He takes off his shirt to beat the heat, and is revealed to have a massive circular maze tattoo on his back. Audrey calls him and asks him to watch over Joseph and he agrees. Jordan calls Nathan's cellphone and Audrey answers it. Jordan asks where Nathan is, but Audrey hangs up on her. Audrey asks Joseph about Noelle. He explains that her Trouble activated when Joseph was clipped by a car and killed. She took on his injury and the two of them healed together. Audrey notices the scar on Joseph's head and he explains that Moira shot him and Noelle brought him back again. When Audrey wonders why Noelle is helping Moira with her extortion scheme, Joseph says that the two sisters share a bond because they're orphans. Their mother died of cancer and their father died in a car accident. He checked the police report and discovered that Moira and Noelle were thrown from the car and survived unharmed.

Vince and Dave discover that the Bolt Gun Killer stole the key to their fishing shack.

Audrey goes to one of the houses, finds Moira, and ties her to a chair. Audrey tells her about Noelle killing Nathan based on what Tommy told her, but Moira says that Tommy was the one who killed him. Audrey thinks she's lying, but she gives a detailed description and Audrey believes her. She calls Duke and warns him about Tommy. Duke acts casually and tells Tommy that Audrey didn't find anything. They prepare to search a house.

Jordan uses a locator app to track Nathan's phone to the house where Audrey has Moira. She asks to see Nathan and Audrey shows her Nathan's corpse. She tells Nathan's girlfriend that Moira can raise the dead but they have to activate her Trouble and get her to bring Nathan back before sunset. When Jordan points out that it takes a trauma, Audrey says that she plans to traumatize Moira.

Duke goes to the backyard and picks up a hatchet. Tommy pokes fun at him and loans him his spare gun.

Audrey and Jordan show Moira Noelle's corpse, but she is completely unmoved and mocks her sister. Audrey and Jordan note that they don't have much time before sunset. They should get Duke here so he can use his Trouble to test if Moira's Trouble has activated. Audrey says the problem is getting Duke here without Tommy.

While searching the other house, Tommy asks Duke if they found out anything on their trip to Colorado. Duke says no, and Tommy calls him a liar. Duke points his gun at him and says he knows that Tommy killed Nathan and is the Bolt Gun Killer. Tommy says he doesn't like that nickname. Duke demands to know why he's killing and skinning women, and Tommy cryptically says, "It is my turn." Tommy demands to know what they learned about the Colorado Kid. Duke says James Cogan's father was dead and his mother had Alzheimer's. Tommy becomes sad, and Duke asks him why he wants to know about the Colorado Kid, but Tommy becomes enraged and orders him to shut up. Tommy tells him to surrender, as the gun he give him isn't loaded. Duke says he saw that coming and draws the hatchet from his jacket. They fight and the hatchet and Tommy's gun end up knocked across the room. One of Duke's punches makes Tommy bleed, and Duke's skin absorbs the blood. His eyes turn silver and he asks in confusion how Tommy can have a Trouble. Tommy lunges, but Duke catches him and throws him across the room just as his super strength fades and his eyes return to normal. Tommy lands near his gun and picks it up, but Jordan arrives and grabs Tommy, sending him to his knees with pain. Unfortunately, Tommy manages to throw her into Duke, and then escapes in Jordan's car, as she left her keys in the ignition. Jordan says they can't worry about that now, as they need him to save Nathan.

Audrey brings in Nathan's body and says she wants Moira to bring him back. Moira isn't interested. She talks about how during the 1983 Troubles, Noelle used her ability to bring back animals, but refused to bring back their father.

Vince and Dave arrive at their fishing shack and find it has been broken into.

Running out of options, Audrey threatens to shoot Moira, hoping to scare her into activating her Trouble, but Moira calls her bluff. Audrey fires, but misses. Jordan and Duke arrive. Duke cuts Moira and covers his hand with her blood, but nothing happens. Her Trouble hasn't activated.

Tommy ambushes Vince and Dave at the shack.

Audrey declares that she will shoot Moira for real. Moira says she understands how Audrey feels about Nathan's death, as she felt the same way when her father died. She was knocked unconscious from the car crash and woke up with Noelle saying she couldn't bring him back. Audrey realizes something and finds that Moira and Noelle have identical scars on the backs on their heads. She says Moira wasn't knocked out, she was killed and Noelle brought her back.

Moira starts crying as she finally realizes why Noelle didn't bring their father back, as she had already used up her one person a day limit to save her. The sun is going down and they untie her as she frantically touches both Nathan and Noelle. Nothing happens, and Audrey cries and tells Nathan she loves him.

Suddenly, Duke absorbs the blood on his hand and his eyes glow silver. Moira's Trouble has activated. Moira collapses in pain as Nathan's bullet wounds appear on her, and Nathan revives. Moira then starts choking as Noelle revives. Noelle assesses the situation and realizes that Moira resurrected two people. Moira says she's sorry for making her sister's life hell and passes out.

Nathan wonders where Tommy is and explains that he figured out that Tommy was the Bolt Gun Killer when he saw his GPS history. They drive off to check all of the addresses that Tommy visited.

Tommy has tied Vince and Dave up in the shack and is interrogating them. He demands to know where the Colorado Kid is. They say they don't know. Next, he demands to know where The Barn is. They say only Audrey can find it. He angrily hits them in the legs with a sledgehammer. The brothers grunt in pain and swear to kill him when they get out of this. Audrey and Nathan arrive. Tommy jumps into a motorboat and tries to escape. They try to shoot his engine, but the boat inexplicably explodes in a massive fireball.

Later, Dwight prepares to drive Moira, Noelle, and Joseph to a safe place outside of town. He stops at the Grey Gull, where Duke is throwing a Taco Tuesday party. Audrey gets them some food for the road and tells them that they can come back safely when the Troubles are over. Audrey asks Duke if he's okay after what happened between them in Colorado, and he says he is. Audrey tells Claire that James Cogan is her son from when she was Sarah. Claire is surprised and points out that she has three weeks before she disappears. Audrey says then she will be very busy.

Once they're alone, Nathan asks Audrey how things went in Colorado but she ducks the question. Nathan wonders who the killer at the ATM was since it wasn't Grady and clearly wasn't Tommy. Tommy's body wasn't found in the water and they still have no idea what his Trouble was and what his connection to the Colorado Kid was. Audrey offers to tell him everything she learned in Colorado, but Jordan walks up and Audrey says maybe now isn't a good time. Nathan goes to the party with Jordan.

Vince limps out with a cane and apologizes for lying to Audrey all this time. She asks him about Sarah and he says that she was tough and independent, just like her. She asks who the Colorado Kid's father is, but he says he has no idea. Vince then looks up in horror as he sees The Barn in the distance. By the time Audrey turns around, it is gone. Vince says everything is just how it's supposed to be and lets Audrey escort him inside.