Recap / Haven S 2 E 3 Love Machine

At the docks, some fishermen are trying to use a crane to lift their fish-filed net, but it won't start. Captain Robbie berates them. Suddenly, the crane starts on its own. It positions the net over Captain Robbie and drops it on him.

Duke offers Audrey and Audrey II the second floor of The Grey Gull for rent. They look it over. Audrey II talks about putting in wind chimes. They realize the point that their shared memories diverge is the day that Audrey came to Haven, Maine. Audrey II says that she's never heard of Lucy Ripley. Audrey II has found latitude and longitude coordinates in the book Agent Howard left, and they lead to an island called Kick'Em Jenny Neck. Audrey gets a call about the incident at the docks. Audrey II offers to investigate the island.

Nathan and Audrey go to the docks and question the boat's owner, Jimmy Haisley, who is reluctant to talk to them. Suddenly, the boat's anchor swings and falls on a man, killing him.

Haisley insists that it was just a random accident, but Audrey demands the boat's repair records. She tries to ask if a Trouble is involved, but Haisley has apparently never heard of the Troubles. Later, the Teagues look up the records and find that the boat once sank, but was rebuilt by Louis Pufahl. They question him and Louis' girlfriend Marcia walks up and reminds Nathan about a hot stove meeting. Nathan explains to Audrey that the hot stove meeting was a tradition his dad started.

Nathan and Audrey get a call about another crane that dropped a concrete block on the car of a man named Curtis. Curtis explains that he is a union organizer and Haisley was mad at him. They suspect that Haisley has a Trouble that lets him control machinery and confront him. He insists that he has no idea what they are talking about and dismisses the Troubles as nonsense. A forklift starts by itself and drives toward him. Shocked, he backs away... into a boat's propellers, which turn on, slicing his head apart. Nathan notes that they need a new suspect.

Evi visits Duke and asks for a room to rent, but he explains that he already gave it to the Audreys. Audrey II walks up asking for him and he gladly leaves with her.

Audrey and Nathan note that the plague of machines acting on their own is spreading inland. Marcia calls, asking for help.

Audrey II asks Duke to take her to Kick'Em Jenny Neck. When he demands payment, she instead shows him a folder. Shocked, he agrees. As she leaves to get ready, Evi walks up and asks why he agreed, and he explains that the folder has evidence of a crime he did in Bolivar. She offers to steal the folder, but he says he will deal with it.

At the Haven Ice Palace, Marcia explains that the hockey puck machine has gone berserk and is shooting pucks everywhere. Nathan manages to dodge the pucks and unplug the machine. Marcia then shows them a player piano that is playing a song that is not loaded on it. Audrey turns it off, then sits down and plays a beautiful song. Nathan is amazed, but Audrey gets scared and says that she has no memory of ever learning the piano. She wonders if she learned it as Lucy. As they leave, Marcia comments that Louis helped fix the ice rink a few times. They realize that all the machines that have come to life have been repaired by Louis in the past.

As Duke takes Audrey II to the island on his boat, he questions her a bit. She notes that unlike Audrey, she doesn't have any special abilities like Audrey's immunity to most of the Troubles. She has a fiance named Brad, whom she met after Audrey arrived in Haven. They arrive at Kick'Em Jenny Neck.

Nathan tries to use the radio, but it shuts off by itself. They figure that Louis had repaired it at some point.

Audrey II asks Duke to guard the boat while she scouts the island. Coming to an old barn, she draws her gun and enters. She sees something that is not revealed to the audience and screams, "What the hell!?"

Nathan and Audrey enter Louis' workshop. The door closes on its own and all the machines inside turn on. A nail gun opens fire on them and they take cover. A propane tank gets punctured. A blowtorch activates and snakes its flaming nozzle toward the propane stream. The two cops manage to escape before the workshop is blown up. Audrey finds that Nathan's shoulder has several nails in it, which he didn't notice because he has no sense of touch.

At his home, Louis' microwave opens its door on its own, knocking his car keys into the garbage disposal. When he reaches for the keys, the disposal turns on. As Louis tries to get out, all of the machines activate to stop him.

Duke wanders the island calling for Audrey II, saying that she's been gone for over an hour. He finds her walking around in a daze. When he approaches her, she gets scared and pulls her gun on him. He manages to calm her down and get her to put her gun away, but then she asks who he is and where they are. Duke realizes that something is seriously wrong here.

Nathan and Audrey arrive just as Louis escapes from his house. They realize that he isn't controlling the machines. Louis explains that each of the victims had asked him to go on a trip with him; Marcia had wanted a vacation in Florida.

At the ice rink, the Zamboni turns on and drives toward Marcia. Nathan, Audrey, and Louis arrive to find it has pinned her against a wall. When they try to approach, it moves closer, threatening to crush her. Audrey has an epiphany and shoots the Zamboni, then tells Louis to fix it. She explains that his Trouble is that anything he repairs develops a mind of its own, and now the machines don't want him to ever leave them, so they are trying to eliminate anybody who is a potential threat or who would try to get him to leave Haven. He gets on the machine and works on it. The Zamboni backs away from Marcia and Nathan pulls her to safety.

Duke explains to Audrey and Nathan what happened. He's brought Audrey II to the station, and she seems to have total amnesia. Audrey confronts her:
Audrey: Do you know who you are?
Audrey II: Yes. I am... I... am... Oh, god, I...
Audrey: It's okay. I'll tell you. Your name is Audrey Parker. You like—you like matinees in empty theaters. You hate runny eggs.
Audrey II: What else?
Audrey: You're an FBI agent. You became an FBI agent because you felt that if you could help people, help people in trouble, that you could—that you could connect.
Audrey II: I'm sorry, I don't remember any of that.
Audrey: That's okay. That's okay, because I do.
Audrey II: How?
Audrey: (tears flowing) You're my friend. We're like sisters.

Audrey tells Audrey II that her name is also Audrey and that everything will be okay. Audrey asks the others what they should do and Duke gets an idea.

That night, Brad arrives in Haven. Audrey lies and says that they found Audrey II washed up at the beach. Despite her amnesia, Audrey II recognizes him and happily hugs him. Brad offers to take her home. As they leave, Audrey II thanks Audrey for telling her beloved fiance where she was.

The next day, Evi asks Duke how the trip went. He lies and says that he got the file after his service, but Evi reveals that she stole the file from Audrey II's car and berates him for lying to her.

Nathan and Audrey go to Kick'Em Jenny Neck, hoping to find out what happened to Audrey II. Audrey says that Haven is the only link to her true identity. They explore the island only to find nothing. There is an open patch of land where the barn once stood.

Duke studies a map of Haven he found in Audrey II's file. It is an ancient parchment and it has the circular maze symbol on it.

Marcia goes to Louis' workshop. It's marked as closed but she can hear him working inside. She leaves him his lunch and walks away, crying.

Nathan settles into his father's office and prepares for the hot stove meeting.

Audrey settles into the apartment above the Grey Gull and puts up the wind chimes, then sadly plays the piano.