Recap / Haven S 2 E 4 Sparks And Recreation

Audrey and Nathan attend a baseball game between the Haven Sea Dogs and the Cutters. Audrey doesn't really see the appeal of baseball, but Nathan insists it is awesome. They run into Reverend Driscoll, who calls a temporary truce with Nathan, as they're both fans of the Sea Dogs.

Mayor Richard Brody comes to toss out the first ball as the audience wildly applauds him. Nathan, in a daze, calls him a great man. As the game progresses, the umpire, Larry Kunkel, makes a call of safe for the Sea Dogs. The Cutter's coach, Chris Brody the Mayor's son, angrily declares it a bad call. Mayor Brody agrees and calls it a bad call. Everybody in the audience, even fans of the Sea Dogs, chants that it was a bad call. Audrey, the only one not chanting, is confused and wonders what has gotten into everybody. Larry reluctantly reverses his decision. Suddenly, electricity erupts from the stadium's lights as the audience and players scream and run for cover. A boy stares blankly as a lamppost falls toward him. Audrey charges up and saves him in time. The electricity blasts Larry.

Later, a custodian named Dwight Hendrickson examines the stadium and declares that the electrical phenomenon could not have been caused by a device, it must be been caused by a Trouble. Nathan worries that the Rev could use this incident to stir up anti-Troubled sentiment, but Dwight promises to "clean it up". Audrey asks what he means, and Dwight explains that he used to work for The Chief, he "cleans up" evidence of the Troubles to prevent the public from learning about them.

Nathan and Audrey visit Larry in the hospital, figuring that it may be his Trouble that caused it. They question him and realize that he is normal. Mayor Brody comes in to visit, and everyone except Audrey starts fawning over him. He asks Nathan to speak publicly about the incident and he immediately agrees. As the Mayor leaves, Audrey reminds Nathan that he hates public speaking.

As the public announcement begins, Audrey begins to wonder if a mind-controlling Trouble is going on, figuring that her immunity is why she's the only one acting normal. Mayor Brody speaks first, and the crowd goes wild. When he grasps the microphone, it electrocutes him to death. Nathan attempts CPR, but he sadly realizes that it's no good. Chris gets upset at the loss of his dad, but suddenly, everyone but Audrey starts fawning over him.

Meanwhile, Duke follows the trail from Audrey II's map into the woods until he finds where X marks the spot. Evi pops up and admits that she made a copy of the map, thinking that the X is the location of buried treasure. Duke says that he does not intent to find treasure, but a clue about the circular maze tattoo and a way to beat the prophecy of a man with the tattoo killing him.

Nathan and Audrey go to visit Chris, who is a marine biologist. Nathan explains that Mayor Brody had once remarried and Chris has a strained relationship with his stepmother. Chris is at the beach testing equipment and surrounded by admirers who won't leave. Chris finds his new popularity annoying, as he prefers peace and solitude. When Nathan touches his equipment, he gets zapped. Audrey takes Chris to the station for questioning. Chris insists that he has nothing to do with the electricity incidents. His father's Trouble was to be supernaturally popular, and Chris got it when he became upset over his death. He asks Audrey why she isn't fawning over him like the rest. Nathan calls Audrey away, so she asks Officer Stan to guard him.

After some digging, Duke and Evi find a wooden box. Inside is a wooden board that says Rasmussen House.

Nathan tells Audrey that he found eight cellphones registered to Mayor Brody, and he has made several calls to the same number. Stan, unable to resist Chris' charm, allowed him to leave for his father's wake.

Duke and Evi come to the wake to ask the Teagues about the Rasmussen House. Nathan offers condolences to Felicia, the Mayor's wife. The Rev warns Nathan that he knows that Mayor Brody was killed by a Trouble. Duke approaches Dave and offers him food while Evi approaches Vince and flirts with him, claiming to be a graduate student doing a paper on Haven. Audrey finds old scorch marks in the Mayor's study.

As the Rev begins the service, Chris flirts with Audrey, glad that she isn't affected by his Trouble as this means that anything she feels for him is genuine. Suddenly, people start getting zapped with electricity. Felicia, Chris, and Evi get hit by very big bolts and collapse.

Nathan and Audrey visit Chris in the hospital. Audrey thinks he is a suspect. Duke visits Evi in the hospital. He admits that Dave didn't tell him anything. Evi admits that Vince didn't tell her anything, and he easily saw through her lie as she is now too old to pass for a student. She acts like she is in pain, and when Duke leaves to find a nurse, she immediately gets up, gets dressed, and leaves.

Nathan talks to Felicia, who says that she was never allowed in her husband's study. She knows that Mayor Brody was Troubled, but that she considered it a gift. When Nathan brings up Mayor Brody's philandering, Felicia explains that she was the other woman 28 years ago when the Mayor cheated on his first wife.

Audrey enters Chris' room to find a nurse fawning over him. Audrey notices the nurse's watch is broken and tells her to check Chris' blood pressure. When she tries, the machine goes haywire and Chris screams in pain as the cuff squeezes his arm too tight. She gets upset and the machine short circuits. She runs out of the room crying and bumps into Nathan. Audrey warns him that the nurse is the one causing the electrical incidents. They try to apprehend her, but she knocks them back with a massive electrical field, which also shorts out the hospital's power, then escapes.

Dwight arrives and restores power to the building. He's doing everything he can to keep the regular workers away. They discover that the nurse, Lori Futcher, was having an affair with Mayor Brody; she was the person he's been calling constantly. They find on a security camera Felicia driving Lori away from the hospital in a van.

The next day, Evi breaks into Foggy Grog, a wine shop, and finds Duke there. It turns out that Vince and Dave had indeed told them that this place used to be Rasmussen House, and Duke and Evi had lied to each other. They decide to work together.

Nathan and Audrey try to figure out why Felicia and Lori are working together. They find that the van belongs to the Rev.

Inside the shop, Duke finds a hidden panel. Inside is a small jewelry box with nothing inside. The inside of the lid says "Amor Vincit Omnia". When Evi asks what that means, he says that it is "Love Conquers All" in Latin. They leave.

Audrey and Nathan go to the church but it is empty. The lab calls in that Mayor Brody's microphone had been sabotaged. They spot electrical discharges coming from the basement and call Chris for help. When he arrives, Nathan avoids looking directly at him, which prevents him from being affected by Chris' Trouble.

Inside the basement, Felicia sits Lori in a chair and tries to keep her calm as she keeps discharging electricity. Audrey, Nathan, and Chris come in and the lights start to flicker. Lori admits that she killed Mayor Brody and that she's a monster, but Audrey says that she can help. Her discharges get bigger and bigger and Chris warns that at this rate she will blow the church up. Nathan volunteers to run a cable from the church's lightning rod to Lori and leaves the room. Audrey asks Chris to keep Lori focused on him, a relatively simple task thanks to Chris' Trouble.

Chris holds Lori enthralled by talking about his father, while Nathan sneaks up behind her and connects the wire to her chair. The electricity starts flowing to the lightning rod, but Chris realizes that she still has way too much power inside her. Audrey asks Lori about her affair with the Mayor. Felicia had known about it. Audrey tells Lori that she didn't kill the Mayor, the microphone had been sabotaged. Everyone realizes that Felicia did it, and was pretending to be Lori's ally so she could eventually set Lori up for the murder or convince her to commit suicide out of guilt. Enraged, Lori tries to blast Felicia, but the wire absorbs all the voltage, and the lightning rod sends it into the sky spectacularly.

Dwight arrives to clean up the mess. The Rev arrives and complains, but Nathan points out that the girls had used his van, so he is a suspect and liable to be arrested as well as Felicia. He backs off. Lori is taken away by EMTs, and Audrey says that she needs to be kept calm and grounded at all times to keep her Trouble under control. Chris invites Audrey for a drink and a walk on the beach and she accepts.

At another baseball game, Audrey cheers this time. Chris gets frustrated because everybody won't stop fawning over him, disrupting the game. Meanwhile, Dwight compliments Nathan on how he got the Rev to back off. He says that the Troubled need people fighting for them and Nathan agrees.

Evi says she's sorry that they didn't find the answers Duke wanted. He wonders if he should just let it go. They start having sex. A UV lamp gets knocked near the box. "Crocker" glows on the lid briefly.