Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 021 Dust Breeding

The Doctor and Ace are admiring the TARDIS art gallery, containing collections from the length and breadth of the universe that the Doctor..."rescued" moments before History indicated they were to be destroyed. But there's just one piece missing; Edward Munch's "The Scream". Hating to have a bare wall, the Doctor decides to pop off to the future colony and shipping hub of Duchamp 331, a Crapsack World full of dust with no real flora or fauna to speak of, where it's scheduled to soon disappear under mysterious circumstances.

Upon arriving, they instantly find themselves answering a Distress Call from one refueling station attendant... who insists his station had been attacked by the dust. They also find Bev — remember Bev? — who's stranded there. The painting also turns out to contain an Eldritch Abomination capable of Mind Rape.

Meanwhile, Madame Elsa Salvadori is preparing to embark on her luxury art and hob-nobbing cruise to Duchamp 331, along with an assortment of similar well-to-dos and nobles... a cruise funded by the mysterious, masked Mr Seta. Since he's played by Geoffrey Beevers, Seta quickly reveals himself to be The Master and starts hypnotising the crew. Meddling with powers beyond his own reverted him from being played by Anthony Ainley to his old crispy self.

The Doctor, Ace and Bev stop him in the end, though the whole planet gets blown up in the process and the Doctor wearily notes the Master's Joker Immunity.

"Dust Breeding" contains examples of: