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Quotes: Welcome to Corneria
*sigh* "Times are tough."
NPC, RPG World

*sigh* "Times are tough."
NPC, RPG World

"I say to myself, 'Mario! Take it easy!'"
Vercetti Gang, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Oh, come on! All they do is walk back and forth spouting the same moron phrases at anyone stupid enough to bump into them.

"There are many guards in the castle!"
NPC, Adventurers!

"...Spider-Man has about four different witticisms arranged in ascending order of making me want to web at full-speed under the wheels of a heavy goods vehicle—if I weren't paralyzed by the knowledge that he probably has witticisms for that, too."

"It's probably the dream of every open-world developer to make the hundreds of NPCs that the player comes into contact with feel unique. Think of the first time you ran into that dude who said 'In the Navy!' in GTA III. By the twentieth time you heard that Navy bite, it broke the illusion of Liberty City as being ever-changing."

"I can't find where my partner went!"
Burglar Simon, as immortalised by Twitch Plays Pokemon.

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