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Quotes: She Is Not My Girlfriend
Joy: They say when two people fight, they really care about each other!
Ash/Misty: Me care about her/him? Hmph!

Mara: You wanted to know about Lando and me. Right?
Luke: That's all right. It's really none of my business.
Mara: I'm making it your business. What was between Lando and me was... absolutely nothing.
Luke: What do you mean?
Mara: I mean just what I said: absolutely nothing.
Luke: You could have told me.
Mara: You could have asked me.

Warmonga: She is the blue impostor's battle mate.
Shego: Whoa, time out! Yeah, the two teens are a thing, but there is nothing going on with me and Dr. D!
Kim: Nothing?
Shego: Nothing!
Warmonga: Then why were you so threatened by my arrival?
Shego: I dunno— maybe 'cause you're nine feet tall!
Warhok: Denial. It's more than just a river on the planet that we now control.
(Drakken and Ron zoom past with an out-of-control jetpack)
Shego: Come on, we better go help.
Kim: See? You do care!
Shego: Ugh!
Kim Possible, "Graduation"

Hughes: Is [Winry] your girlfriend?
Ed: She's my mechanic!!!
Hughes: So you hooked up with your mechanic? Not bad.

Oh, I'm not his wife! I just live with him, raise his kids, and run his life! (beat, frowns)
Fran Fine, The Nanny, to one of Maxwell Sheffield's clients.

Sokka: Get in. We're gonna go save your boyfriend.
Katara: He's not my...
Sokka: Whatever!

Jiraiya: She's a Hyuga? Not bad, kid.
Naruto: She's not my girlfriend. She's my teammate.
Team 8

Kung Lao: I hope your girlfriend [Kitana] is worth Lord Raiden's anger, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Notice that I am ignoring you.
Mortal Kombat (2011 version)

Lilly: You're not just Hanako's publicist, are you Sho?
Hanako: (Oh lord, not this again. I'd expect it from Akira, but Lilly, too?) Come on, Lilly, Akira gave us enough of a hard time in the car.
Lilly: I'd imagine so,
Hanako: Okay, he's also a friend. (pauses and comes to a realization) Actually, he's the best friend I've got back home.

Ugh, you are such a depraved monster. (beat) Insinuating that she's my girlfriend, I mean.
Shadehawk, Antihero for Hire

Michael Westen: She was never my girlfriend.
Sam Axe: Whatever, Mike.
Burn Notice, "Trust Me"

Anakin Skywalker: I'll take care of this, Obi-Wan. You, go find your girlfriend. (runs off)
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Yes, right... No! Anakin! She's not my...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Voyage of Temptation"

Scowler: Patchi's got a girlfriend!
Patchi: She's not my girlfriend!
Patchi: Hey, whose side are you on, Alex?
Alex: My side.

Bolin: So, you see, we're together...
Korra: Well, not together-together, more like friends.
Bolin: Right, right, friends... no, I didn't mean to imply that...
Korra: Oh, you implied it.

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