->[[CatchPhrase I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!]]
-->-- '''WesternAnimation/{{Chowder}}'''

->'''Joy:''' They say when two people fight, they really care about each other!\\
'''Ash/Misty:''' Me care about ''her/him?'' Hmph!
-->-- ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}''

->'''Mara:''' You wanted to know about Lando and me. Right?\\
'''Luke:''' That's all right. It's really none of my business.\\
'''Mara:''' I'm making it your business. What was between Lando and me was… absolutely nothing.\\
'''Luke:''' What do you mean?\\
'''Mara:''' I mean just what I said: ''absolutely nothing''.\\
'''Luke:''' You could have told me.\\
'''Mara:''' You could have ''asked'' me.
-->-- ''Franchise/StarWars: [[Literature/HandOfThrawn Vision of the Future]]''

->'''Warmonga:''' She is the blue impostor's battle mate.
->'''Shego:''' Whoa, time out! Yeah, the two teens are a thing, but there is ''nothing'' going on with me and Dr. D!
->'''Kim:''' Nothing?
->'''Shego:''' ''Nothing''!
->'''Warmonga:''' Then why were you so threatened by my arrival?
->'''Shego:''' I dunno--maybe 'cause you're ''nine feet tall''!
->'''Warhok:''' Denial. It's more than just a river on the planet which we now control.
->''(Drakken and Ron zoom past with an out-of-control jetpack)''
->'''Shego:''' Come on, we'd better help.
->'''Kim:''' See? You do care!
->'''Shego:''' Ugh!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'', "Graduation"

->'''Hughes:''' Is [Winry] your girlfriend?
->'''Ed:''' ''She's my [[WrenchWench mechanic]]!!!''
->'''Hughes:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint So you hooked up with your mechanic? Not bad.]]
-->-- ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist''

->[[RunningGag She is a girl. She is my friend.]] SheIsNotMyGirlfriend.
-->-- '''Sheldon''', about Amy, ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' [[spoiler:(before they become an OfficialCouple)]]

->Oh, I'm not his wife! I just live with him, run his life and raise his kids! (''{{beat}}, [[IResembleThatRemark frowns]]'')
-->-- '''Fran Fine''', ''Series/TheNanny'', to one of Maxwell Sheffield's clients.

->'''Sokka''': Get in. We're gonna go save your boyfriend.
->'''Katara''': He's not my...
->'''Sokka''': Whatever!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''

->You see, Judge Stone and I are sharing quarters. I mean we only share quarters here. I mean, we, we, we don't share quarters in a conjugal sense. I mean, I want to make it perfectly clear that we have never, ever had sex.
-->-- '''Christine''', ''Series/NightCourt''

->'''Jiraiya''': She's a Hyuga? Not bad, kid.
->'''Franchise/{{Naruto}}''': She's not my girlfriend. She's my teammate.
-->-- ''FanFic/{{Team 8}}''

->'''Kung Lao''': I hope your girlfriend [Kitana] is worth Lord Raiden's anger, Liu Kang.
->'''Liu Kang''': Notice that I am ignoring you.
-->-- ''[[VideoGame/MortalKombat9 Mortal Kombat]]'' (2011 version)

->'''Lilly''': You're not ''just'' [[VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo Hanako]]'s publicist, are you [[OriginalCharacter Sho]]?
->'''Hanako''': (''Oh lord, not this again. I'd expect it from Akira, but Lilly, too?'') Come on, Lilly, Akira gave us enough of a hard time in the car.
->'''Lilly''': I'd imagine so.
->'''Hanako''': Okay, he's also a friend. (''pauses and comes to a realization'') Actually, he's the best friend I've got back home.
-->-- ''FanFic/{{Reconciliation}}''

->Ugh, [[YouMonster you are such a depraved monster]]. (''beat'') Insinuating that she's my girlfriend, I mean.
-->-- '''Shadehawk''', ''Webcomic/AntiheroForHire''

->'''Michael Westen:''' She was ''never'' my girlfriend.
->'''Sam Axe:''' Whatever, Mike.
-->-- ''Series/BurnNotice'', "Trust Me"

->'''Anakin Skywalker:''' I'll take care of this, Obi-Wan. You, go find your girlfriend. (''runs off'')
->'''Obi-Wan Kenobi:''' [[DelayedReaction Yes, right... No! Anakin! She's not my...]]
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'', "Voyage of Temptation"

->'''Scowler:''' Patchi's got a girlfriend!\\
'''Patchi:''' She's not my girlfriend!\\
'''Alex:''' [[NotHelpingYourCase Eh, you might be crushing a little.]]\\
'''Patchi:''' Hey, whose side are you on, Alex?\\
'''Alex:''' My side.
-->-- ''Film/WalkingWithDinosaurs 3D''

->'''Bolin''': So, you see, we're together...
->'''Korra''': Well, not together-together, more like friends.
->'''Bolin''': Right, right, ''friends''... no, I didn't mean to imply that...
->'''Korra''': Oh, you implied it.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'', "[[Recap/TheLegendOfKorraS1E2ALeafInTheWind A Leaf In The Wind]]"

->'''Steve Trevor''' (about Superman): Your boyfriend's got a lot of nerve!
->'''Wonder Woman''': He is not my boyfriend! ... And yes, he does.

->'''Ching''': No, I didn’t peek in the window and see you making out with your boyfriend\\
'''Asuka''': He is not my boyfriend! I mean... we haven’t talked about it… I don’t know.
-->--''Fanfic/ACrownOfStars'', ''[[https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/a-crown-of-stars-nge-ou.11766/page-8#post-2468725 chapter 30]]''

->'''Walter:''' Oh, by the way, [[ActionGirl your girlfriend is amazing!]]
->'''Reese:''' Sameen? Not my girlfriend.
->'''Walter:''' ''W-WHY NOT?!!''
-->-- ''Series/PersonOfInterest'', "Pretenders"

->'''Kaji''': ''(in front of Asuka)'' And why not talk about the future, Asuka? Or should I say Ikari Asuka Langley?\\
''Asuka turns a vivid shade of red while Shinji tries to hide himself under the table.''\\
'''Asuka''': Kaji-san, please understand that there's nothing between me and stupid Shinji, okay?\\
''Everyone is grinning and staring at them, not really convinced by Asuka's words.''
-->--''Fanfic/TheChildOfLove'', ''chapter 4''

->'''Canton Delaware:''' So what's going on here?\\
'''The Doctor:''' Ah… nothing; she's just a friend.\\
'''Rory:''' I think he's talking about the possible alien incursion?
-->-- ''Doctor Who''

->'''Robin:''' "SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!"
->'''Starfire:''' "...I am not your friend?"
->'''Robin:''' "Uh..."
->'''Starfire:''' "I am not a girl?"

->'''Lucius Fox:''' (''after Selina rescues them'') I like your new girlfriend, Mr. Wayne.
->'''Selina Kyle/Catwoman:''' He should be so lucky.

->Someone must have picked up on the other side of the line Jade had dialed. "Shelly, Scott's here to see Katy. Can I send him up? He brought a..." -- Jade winked at her and Jean decided right there she was going to like this woman -- "... a female friend with him today. Can I send her up too? Yes, it appears Slim, does indeed have a girlfriend. Some of the older girls around here are going to be heart-broken."\\
"She is not my girlfriend," Scott protested loudly, blushing a little, "She's a close friend, I go to school with."\\
Jade covered the mouthpiece of the telephone and replied, "Shelly said she heard that and you are protesting way too much for her not to be your girlfriend. 'Bout time you got yourself a life." Scott groaned and blushed a little redder. Jade chuckled at that display and took her hand off the mouthpiece. "I'll send them both right up." She hung up the phone, gave Jean a wide grin and offered a hand. "Hi, I'm Jade and regardless of what Shelly might tell you later, I run this nut house."\\
"Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Jean," she responded, shaking the older woman's hand. "Otherwise known as 'not-Scott's-girlfriend.'" That response pulled another groan from Scott.
-->-- ''Fanfic/XMenTheEarlyYears''