Quotes / Nigh-Invulnerability

Hahaha I am invincible of death

Ah ha ha! I am bulletproof!
Ubercharged Heavy, Team Fortress 2

''It took multiple fleets and the Destiny Ascension to bring Sovereign down and that was just ONE Reaper.
Admiral Hackett, Mass Effect 2

"Maybe direct hit from Plasma Cannon might stun him long enough to..."
Jumba, Lilo & Stitch, referring to Stitch

Integra: Where the hell is Alucard?
Anderson: Oh, him? I killed him!
Integra: Killed him?
Anderson: Cut off his bloody head!
Integra: Oh. Well, that's step one. What about two through ten?
Anderson: Ah, Christ!
Anderson: And as for that pathetic pet vampire you love to parade around with... You just missed his decapitation.
Integra: (Unimpressed and grinning) You cut his head off? Is that all!?
— The actual Hellsing Ultimate's dialogue.