Quotes / Nigh-Invulnerability

Hahaha I am invincible of death

Ah ha ha! I am bulletproof!
Ubercharged Heavy, Team Fortress 2

''It took multiple fleets and the Destiny Ascension to bring Sovereign down and that was just ONE Reaper.
Admiral Hackett, Mass Effect 2

Why won't you DIE?!
Freddy Krueger towards Jason Voorhees after several failed attempts to kill him, Freddy vs. Jason

"Maybe direct hit from Plasma Cannon might stun him long enough to..."
Jumba, Lilo & Stitch, referring to Stitch

Integra: Where the hell is Alucard?
Anderson: Oh, him? I killed him!
Integra: Killed him?
Anderson: Cut off his bloody head!
Integra: Oh. Well, that's step one. What about two through ten?
Anderson: Ah, Christ!
Anderson: And as for that pathetic pet vampire you love to parade around with... You just missed his decapitation.
Integra: (Unimpressed and grinning) You cut his head off? Is that all!?
— The actual Hellsing Ultimate's dialogue.

Supergirl: What's there to be afraid of? We're invulnerable, aren't we?
Superman: Invulnerability is a relative term, Kara! Aside from Kryptonite and magic, we've never come across anything that could really do us physical harm but then, we've never come up against anything quite like Warworld! I've got the uncomfortable feelings that this time we may have met our match!
Supergirl: Point well taken I'll remember that!

Supergirl: Don't worry, Superman! I'm alive without a scratch!
Superman: Great Scott, a young girl, unharmed! But... but that means you're invulnerable like me!

Such is the force that his invulnerable body smashes through the roof as though it were paper...