->''Hahaha I am invincible of death''
-->-- ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Loig3HsUla8&fmt=18 Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid]]''

->''Ah ha ha! I am bulletproof!''
-->-- '''Ubercharged Heavy''', ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2''

->''It took multiple fleets and the Destiny Ascension to bring Sovereign down and that was just ONE [[EldritchAbomination Reaper.]]
-->-- '''Admiral Hackett''', ''VideoGame/MassEffect2''

->''[[WhyWontYouDie Why won't you]] '''[[WhyWontYouDie DIE?!]]'''''
-->-- '''Freddy Krueger''' towards Jason Voorhees after several failed attempts to kill him, ''Film/FreddyVsJason''

->"Maybe direct hit from PlasmaCannon might stun him long enough to..."
-->--'''[[MadScientist Jumba]]''', ''Disney/LiloAndStitch'', referring to Stitch

->'''Integra''': Where the hell is [[VillainProtagonist Alucard]]?
->'''Anderson''': Oh, him? I killed him!
->'''Integra''': Killed him?
->'''Anderson''': Cut off his bloody head!
->'''Integra''': Oh. Well, that's step one. What about two through ten?
->'''Anderson''': [[OhCrap Ah, Christ]]!
->'''Alucard''': [[MemeticMutation You dun goofed]].

->'''Anderson''': And as for that pathetic pet vampire you love to parade around with... You just missed his decapitation.
->'''Integra''': (Unimpressed and grinning) You ''cut his head off?'' Is that ''all''!?
-->-- The actual '''Manga/{{Hellsing}}''' Ultimate's dialogue.

->'''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}:''' What's there to be afraid of? We're invulnerable, aren't we?\\
'''Franchise/{{Superman}}:''' Invulnerability is a relative term, Kara! Aside from Kryptonite and magic, we've never come across anything that could really do us physical harm — but then, we've never come up against anything quite like Warworld! I've got the uncomfortable feelings that this time we may have met our match!\\
'''Supergirl:''' Point well taken — I'll remember that!
-->-- ''Comicbook/WarWorld''

->'''Supergirl:''' Don't worry, Superman! I'm alive without a scratch!\\
'''Superman:''' Great Scott, a young girl, unharmed! But... but that means you're invulnerable like me!
-->-- ''Comicbook/TheSupergirlFromKrypton''

->Such is the force that his invulnerable body smashes through the roof as though it were paper...
-->-- ''Comicbook/KryptoniteNevermore''

->The huge hunk of what was now little more than scrap metal impacted the bottom of a tall stack of junked cars, which began to wobble dangerously. Recovering her balance, Asuka turned around… just in time to see an avalanche of metal and glass come falling down upon her.\\
The cascade of ruined cars soundly buried the Second Child, but the onslaught wasn't quite done yet. The gas tank of every old vehicle that was sent to the dump was supposed to be drained before it was consigned to a place where it could be left to rust until it was sold for scrap or parts. However, the dump happened to employ a few rather lazy individuals who didn't care if gasoline leaked out of corroded tanks and contaminated the land, and who didn't believe anything would ever set off the combustible liquid.\\
A tiny spark from all metal scraping against metal formed and, by sheer misfortune, happened to drift into an open gas tank. An orange fireball leapt up with a great woomph! sound, billowing inky black smoke into the air, and several similar blasts followed, in a cascade effect as explosion begat explosion. In seconds, the fallen stack of cars was a great pile of twisted, burning metal.\\
For several seconds, said pile lay there, smoldering undisturbed and looking about as serene as such a thing could possibly look.\\
Then a car was thrown into the sky as Asuka burst out of the great mess, flying into the air to hover a few feet about the pile of burning cars.\\
"Holy…" she breathed as she looked at the devastation she had emerged from, then looked down at her hands.\\
Despite the amount of punishment her too successful attempt at lifting the heaviest thing in the dump had put her through, there wasn't a scratch or a burn anywhere on her. She'd known she was tougher than normal humans—crashing through a building and not receiving the slightest injury had been enough to prove that to her—but this was beyond the pale. Having a pile of cars fall on top of her and then burst into flame hadn't even hurt in the slightest!\\
Hovering there, Asuka silently began to wonder if perhaps she could have survived if Shinji had never sent Unit One plunging into the molten lava of Mount Asuma.
-->-- ''Fanfic/SOE2LoneHeirOfKrypton''

->It could not be killed, or if it could he did not know how. The witch took a knife to it, but it investigated the blade avidly, only parting and reforming under his efforts. It tried to grip the metal.
->When he bludgeoned it with a flatiron, it recoiled and regrouped its matter, moved over and around the weapon, soiling it with itself and [[AdaptiveAbility making the iron into a skate on which it tried to move]]. Fire only discomfited it, and it sat tranquil in acid. It studied every danger as it had dust, and the echo of that study turned the witch's gut.
-->--''[[Creator/ChinaMieville Familiar]]''

->Thank you, invulnerability. You are my very bestest friend...
-->-- '''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}''', ''ComicBook/SupergirlCosmicAdventuresInThe8thGrade''